AVN Stars Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Best for Content Creation and Why?

January 5, 2024 in How To

Are you here to find out the difference between AVN stars vs OnlyFans platform? then we have got you covered.

There are several social media channels out there that have a subscription-based model. You can use these platforms to generate money via sharing images and videos.

OnlyFans is a popular platform where you can share nude videos and pictures to generate money. But OnlyFans is not the only platform where you can share nude pictures and earn money. There are several other platforms as well. 

The other website is AVN stars. It is a new platform that does not have such massive subscribers, yet the platform has started to impact OnlyFans.The features that AVN stars have over OnlyFans have definitely helped it to come such a long way in a short span. Read this article to know more about the platform!

AVN Stars vs OnlyFans: Which is better for models? [2024]

What is an OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is just like a social media platform that was launched in the year 2016. The platform gives liberty to its people to share their videos and pictures.

Despite being the new platform, OnlyFans has become popular among people worldwide. The platform has more than 50 million users, and more than 7000 to 8000 join the platform every day. 

OnlyFans has creators from a wide multitude of niches such as fashion, food, and travel, but majorly, you will find adult profiles where both boys and girls share nude pictures and videos. The pictures vary from semi-nudity to complete nudity, and you can even talk with the models over the platform.

What is AVN stars? 

AVN star is a part of AVN Media Network, a world renowned adult entertainment media.AVN Media Network also runs the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and several adult shows and publications.

The platform was launched much after OnlyFans, and there are no clear statistics about the fan base this platform has gathered. Though, the fan base is much smaller than the OnlyFans.

The platform is suitable for creators who want to showcase their talent, and anyone can easily sign up for it easily and quickly.

Features for Content Creators  

OnlyFans and AVN stars are both popular platforms. Let's look at the features and differences of both platforms!

OnlyFans Features

  • You need an application to access the content
  • You can interact with anyone on the platform
  • You can share any pictures and videos on the platform
  • It supports Geo-Blocking, which helps in blocking people from a particular geography
  • The platform has subreddits that allow the creator to promote their content and helps in reaching the potential subscriber

AVN Stars Features

  • It allows you to put the cover page of any scene from the video.
  • You can create a Clip Store that helps you to sell your video. 
  • AVN Stars helps users with your pictures and videos and even talks to them.
  • It has a "Explore all Page" through which users can see the latest content shared on the platform. 
  • AVN Stars allows you to post some free pictures and images for the subscriber, which are visible in the explore tab so that subscribers can discover your account. 

Difference & Who is better?

When we compare on the platform, ANV stars outperform OnlyFans as OnlyFans has the application required access. In contrast, ANV stars need Open Broadcast Software to access the website, making accessing the adult content easier.

On top of it, OnlyFans does not show any analytics about the users on the account. It shows the number of lies while, on the other hand, AVM stars assist in understanding the users that come on the website by providing proper analytics that helps understand the user and know about their likes and dislikes.

Ease of access

The ease of accessibility of the website is an important aspect that you should consider while choosing a website. The major comparison between the platform are as follows:                  

  • OnlyFans

OnlyFans has a simple design, yet users find it difficult to navigate the website due to the massive number of accounts on the platform. OnlyFans has outgrown in a short span, and keeping that in mind, the website needs improvement. 

  • AVN Stars

AVN stars have a much smoother and straightforward design, making it easier for users to locate options and functions on the website. It has a professional design, and the website has better graphics and pictures even after zooming them. 

  • Difference & Who is better?

OnlyFans has poor quality graphics with several formatting issues due to which several images are not visible clearly or are a blur. The creator's bio is hidden under the "More Info" button, making it difficult for people to see the website where ANV stars show the whole profile completely. Another difference is that OnlyFans has several glitches, due to which people cannot delete the posts and messages. Moreover, the troubleshooting process is not simple. 

ANV stars are different as it does not have such issues, and one can easily find the required account and videos. The platform has no technical glitches. Therefore, ANV stars is a clear winner here!


The greater the traffic on the website, the greater the money the creator can earn. Therefore, traffic is an important aspect from the creator's point of view:

  • OnlyFans

The OnlyFans is a popular website with more than 50 million users worldwide. The website requires an account to access it. Moreover, the website requires the creators to link your profile with your other social media profile; otherwise, one cannot build their presence on the website. Therefore, the major traffic driver is the social media account and the search viability on the search engine. 

  • AVN Stars 

ANV stars have put several efforts into generating onsite traffic and increasing the website's organic visibility. It is just like a social media platform, and the website is easily visible in the search engine result, making it the major source of traffic for the website. 

  • Difference & Who is better?

OnlyFans is much better as it is an older website with a huge customer base, leading to massive traffic on the website.

Ways to make money

How you can make money on the platform is an important factor to consider while choosing the platform. Although the major ways are the same here is, a comparison between the payout frequency and ways to make money from both the platform is as follows:


  • You can charge the cost of your monthly subscription from $4.99 to $50.
  • You can earn 3 dollars for every message you revert to on this platform. 
  • You can share customised content and charge the subscriber for the same.
  • You can get tips ranging from $3 to $200 if they like you.
  • You can earn a 5% return on every referral you refer. 

AVN Stars

  • You can place the monthly subscription cost from $2 to $50 per month.
  • You earn money for every message you revert to in private chat.
  • You can earn tips starting from $2.
  • You have the option of live streaming, and you can earn a decent amount with it
  • There is a referral program on the platform
  • You earn money if you outshine the other model and get a chance to be the star performer of the month.

Difference & Who is better?

Despite having the same features, the AVN Stars outshine OnlyFans as it is a bit cheaper when compared to OnlyFans, and therefore it is pocket friendly for the subscriber.

Another thing about AVN stars is that anyone can sell pictures, videos, amd audio clips from their clip store. If that is not, AVN stars allow you to interact with your subscribers directly, and this helps you to make a personal connection with them. Therefore, ANV Stars is better than OnlyFans.

Payout frequency

Payout is another aspect that every creator must consider while choosing any platform, as it will help sustain the creators' day-to-day activities. Here is a comparison between the payment frequency of the platform:

  • Onlyfans

The creators on the OInlyFans get the money after 21 days once paid by the subscriber. Once it is credited to their OnlyFans account, you can withdraw the money at their convenience. The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your account is $20.

  • AVN Stars

ANV stars also follow a fixed payment cycle, but the cycle is much smaller. The creator receives the money within seven days from the date the subscriber made the payment. Moreover, once the money is credited to your ANV stars account, then you can withdraw money as per your requirement. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $25. 

  • Difference & Who is better?

Both platforms have a prompt payout cycle, and the only difference is the duration of the payment cycle. ANV star is a clear winner. Despite the higher threshold amount, the payment cycle is much smaller, making it a better choice.

Affiliate/Referral and Support 

A comparison between the affiliate/referral and the support offered by both the platform is as follow:


  • The OnlyFans platform offers a 5% earning upto 12 months in case you refer to a model on the model. 
  • The maximum earning from this referral is capped at $50,000. 
  • OnlyFans claims to have efficient customer support, but several people have complained about the poor services provided by OnlyFans. 
  • The platform takes a week to revert over your mail, and in many cases, automatic emails are sent, which does not help solve the problem. So, be sure while investing money in the platform. 

AVN Stars

  • The AVN offers a better return in case you refer to a model. You get a 5% earning on the earning of the model you referred to for the lifetime. 
  • Moreover, there is no cap on the maximum earnings.
  • The ANV stars have efficient customer support, which helps solve the problem of the subscriber in the lowest time. 
  • The platform usually responds to all the emails within a 24-hour window. They are there to assist you in everything from login issues to payments.

Difference & Who is better?

No doubt, when we talk about the referral, there is no comparison between then ANV stars and OnlyFans. You can earn much more money from ANV stars as compared with OnlyFans. 

Also, OnlyFans and ANV stars have a customer support team to help people solve their problems, but the AVN stars team is prompt and easy to reach out to. Therefore AVN stars are the winner.

Final Words

If you are an adult performer, both the platform OnlyFans and AVN stars are the best platforms to showcase your nude pictures and videos and earn money. The only difference in both platforms is that OnlyFans has a huge following compared to AVN stars. Still, at the same, it makes the job of new creators more challenging as the competition is saturated, and it will take a much longer time to establish yourself.

While on the other hand, if you are using AVN stars is winning people as the platform is new and not many people are aware of it. The platform is simple and has a nice design. AVN stars offer more flexibility in payment, and they are done in a shorter span when compared with OnlyFans. It has better features when compared to OnlyFans and thus does not have any shortcomings you might face on OnlyFans.

Therefore, if you are the new creator or looking for an alternative to OnlyFans, then AVN stars are your choice. Therefore, the winner is AVN stars.

About the author 


Matt Swindler is a successful businessman who owns an OnlyFans agency. Matt's agency helps individuals and businesses create and manage their OnlyFans accounts. This involves providing support in areas such as content creation, marketing, and technical issues. Matt has extensive experience in the industry and has helped many people achieve success on the platform. KinkyCreators is an authority site focusing on finding the top onlyfans creators and also helping them educate on how to make more money from the platform.

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