How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy?

January 2, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for how to make money on OnlyFans as a guy? then you are at right place.

Onlyfans has become quite a popular subscription-based site among all types of content creators. It gives an excellent opportunity to creators for showcasing their talents and monetizing their content. 

Every now and then, a question arises in most of the guys’ minds: Is it possible to make money on Onlyfans as a guy content creator? This is a very important question to ask if you are a guy thinking of creating an account on Onlyfans as most of the successful content creators on the platforms are girls.

Fortunately, this is not the case, there are many male creators on Onlyfans who are successful and earning good money by selling their content. It is just a little difficult for guys. But do not worry, in this article, we will take you through some effective techniques and strategies to help you earn good money on Onlyfans as a guy creator. 

How to Make money on Onlyfans as a Guy: Tested ways to earn more money

What is Onlyfans and why it is so trending for making money online?

Onlyfans is a subscription-based social media platform that was launched in 2016. The site got its major popularity in 2020, after the COVID breakdown when people were under lockdown and desperately looking for sources of income. 

In that desperate time, many people content creators turned to Onlyfans for earning some extra money by selling their content. There are all types of creators on the platform including fitness experts, cooks, dancers, musicians, photographers, models, and even adult workers. Yes, there are a lot of sex workers on the platform selling explicit and adult content in exchange for money. 

In just a short span of time, Onlyfans has now become the major social media platform for all lots of content creators to monetize their content. This is one such platform that allows creators to post adult content and make money online. 

Although, the platform is dominated by women creators, however, there are many guy content creators who are quite successful on Onlyfans. I know the competition is quite tough for male content creators on a platform like Onlyfans where women are ruling, but it is not impossible. In this article, we are going to discuss how can you make money as a guy creator on Onlyfans. 

How much do male OnlyFans creators make?

There are many male Onlyfans creators who are making good money by selling their content through the platform. However, if we look at the average earnings of the majority of male content creators on Onlyfans, then it is around $80 to $150 from subscriptions, and this is the case when they actively post content on their fan page. 

Even after this, we have some very popular and famous male content creators on Onlyfans. Tyga aka Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson, a famous hip-hop artist, has a massive fan following on his Onlyfans page and earns a whopping amount of money by a steady release of his exclusive content which includes scantily clad women. The monthly earnings Tyga gets from his Onlyfans page are estimated at $7.69 million. 

Then, there is Safaree Samuels who is also a hip-hop star and married to the top Onlyfans earner Erica Mena. his estimated earnings from Onlyfans are $1.91 million a month and his page costs a monthly subscription fee of $15 per month

Aaron Carter, a singer, rapper, and dancer who got famous during the late 90s boy band era, now, gets a whopping $100 for a picture on its Onlyfans page. You can subscribe to his Onlyfans page to see some of his nudes by paying a monthly subscription of $11.25. 

Rounding on some successful male creators on Onlyfans, we have Caswell Senior, who is popularly known as Casanova. He is a famous rapper and a self-proclaimed “nympho”. His Onlyfans page has quite the hype as it is available on a monthly subscription of $25. 

How to make money on Onlyfans as Guy?

Who does not love an extra source of income?

If you are a guy and want to earn some extra cash, especially on a social media platform like Onlyfans, then this can be useful for you. Here are some easy steps to make money on Onlyfans as a guy:

Optimize your Onlyfans Profile

1. Create two accounts and set a subscription rate

This is a great way to promote your Onlyfans page for free. Creating two accounts on the Onlyfans as a creator is the best trick to attract more subscribers to your main account. 

As a content creator, you must make one account free on Onlyfans and the other for paid subscriptions. You can post regular content on your free account to attract more followers and fans.

When you have built a good fan following on your free account, you can direct your followers to your paid account where you will post your exclusive and premium content.

As a beginner, try to set your subscription charge to a minimum and as your followers increase, you can subsequently raise your subscription fee.  

2. Pick a Niche

The most essential thing to do before creating an account on the Onlyfans platform is to choose a niche. Make sure you choose your niche after thorough research and homework. The more your account is niche-oriented, the more you will get rewarded by your fans.

Here are some niches, you can target on your Onlyfans account:

Being a Gay :

There are a lot of successful content creators on Onlyfans who are gay.

Gay Content creators are more often seen making videos related to gay world since it is quite trendy and popular culture now.

It includes posting nudes, collaborating with other male performers for semi-adult and adult fun. You can also sell ppv and other stuff like male underwears and jockstraps.

There are various niches like Gay teen, Femboy, top or bottom gays which can be explored as well. 

Being a Bull/Hunk:

Being a bull and selling your skills on the Onlyfans platform is a very good way to earn money and become popular.

The trend of introducing a third wheel into the sexual life of a couple is getting very trendy and it is called Hotwife Lifestyle, where a man loves to see his wife getting banged by another man.

If you get the consent, you can shoot some awesome videos and sell them on your Onlyfans account.  

Pick your own niche: 

This is so true that onlyfans has garnered its following through the adult content but there are some creators over the platform who are not engaging them in any adult format.

There are guys from every field like DJ, Chefs, Musicians, actors, sports, gym enthusiast and other creatives fields 

Even some popular names in the industries are there on Onlyfans including Tyga, Michael B Jordan, Tyler Posey, Aaron Carter etc.

3. Use a Good username and cover picture

A good username and cover picture can make your Onlyfans account popular. There are the two first things that any person will see on your account. This means that they are the first impressions of your Onlyfans profile, hence they must be good. 

Make sure your username is the same as that on your other social media accounts that you are using to promote your Onlyfans profile.

Your cover picture should be related to your niche and what other people can expect from your account. You must put your maximum energy into creating an impressive cover picture as it would help you attract more people to your Onlyfans profile.

4. Set up a Welcome message

A welcome message on the Onlyfans is an integrated feature and it is used to send an automated message to every new fan who subscribes to your page.

A customized welcome message can be a great way to build a good rapport with your new fans. 

Here are some simple steps to set up a welcome message:

  • Click on “Settings and then select “Chats”

  • Enable the toggle switch labeled as “Welcome message”

5. Follow other content creators

If you are struggling with choosing a niche for your Onlyfans page, you can follow other popular guy content creators on Onlyfan to get an idea.

As a beginner, the best way to learn content creation is to follow a content creator.

For example, if you are a dancer, you should follow other dancers on Onlyfans to learn their ways of content creation to earn money. 

Plan your Content

After optimizing your Onlyfans profile, it is important to work on your content as it is the next thing people will focus on. The quality of your content is an important aspect of your account that will attract people to subscribe to your page.

1. Create high-quality content and make longer videos

Giving value to your audience through high-quality content is a great way to build a rapport with them.

Always use a good camera to create high-quality pictures and videos with excellent clarity. If you want to increase your subscriber count, you should definitely make videos of a longer duration.

This will give you an edge over other lazy and regular content creators. Viewers find these long videos worth the money they are spending on your page. 

2. Create exclusive and personalized content

Who does not love something exclusive and personalized?

Make sure you create some exclusive and personalized content along with your regular content as a bonus for your audience. You can send these exclusive photos or videos as a direct message or as an unseen reward to your subscribers. 

This will help you build a connection with your fanbase. Just keep in mind you must not share this exclusive and personalized content on other social media sites as you have labelled it unique.

This will affect your relationship with your fans negatively.

3. Create content with other creators

Creating content or collaborating with other content creators on Onlyfans is a great way to promote your page.

This is the best strategy to attract more subscribers. Creating content with other creators is getting quite popular among adult content creators.

Just contact a creator who is in the same niche as yours and discuss with them in detail all the terms and conditions.

If they agree, tag all the parties involved to get more engagement and cross-promotion.

4. Post Consistently

How often should I post on my Onlyfans page to get more subscribers?

This is one such question that most content creators ask. The frequency of your Onlyfans posts shows your value as a creator.

If you want more engagement and want your fans to visit your page frequently, then you should post at least once daily.

Make sure your posts are unique and interesting enough to attract people.

5. Be Descriptive with your Captions

It does not matter how much effort you put into your photos and videos, if they do not have a good descriptive caption, they won’t sell.

The more descriptive you can get with your photos and videos, the more earnings you will have on your Onlyfans page.

Captions are the details that intrigue your fanbase. Make sure you do not use very complicated language in your caption.

It should be very simple and easy to understand. You can also add some emojis to make your caption more interesting.

Focus on Promotion 

Now, when your profile is optimized and you have planned your content, it is time for promoting your Onlyfans page. Promoting your Onlyfans page will get you more traffic and help you attract more people to your account.

Here are some effective ways to promote your Onlyfans account:

1. Cross-Promote your Onlyfans account

One thing that is an advantage for content creators is that there is no algorithm on the Onlyfans. This means it works best when the traffic reaches your Onlyfans page via a URL link.

If your audience is coming through a direct link and there is no algorithm present then they will directly land on your page unlike, in other cases, when people get distracted with endless ads. Cross-promoting your Onlyfans account will maximize the traffic to your page. 

2. Sell Merchandise

If you want to increase the profits from your Onlyfans page, then selling merchandise is the right way to do it.

If your fans love your content, they would be more than willing to buy your merchandise and you will receive your payment directly into your bank account.

Other than regular merchandise, if you can sell something different like clothing items you have worn, it could set you apart from the competition.

3. Ask subscribers to share your profile and give feedback

One of the best promotions you can get for your Onlyfans page is when your subscribers will promote and share your profile with their friends and family.

You can also make a video message for your fans requesting them to promote your content and you can offer some discounts on their next subscription in return for the favour.

If you are really for the growth of your Onlyfans account in the long run, then you should ask your subscribers for their feedback.

In this way, you will also get to know if your content is up to the mark and what extra you can do to add value to your page. 

4. Join the community of Onlyfans Content creators

Joining the community of Onlyfans content creators is a great way to build connections with other fellow creators and get some useful ideas.

You can also get some useful information from these communities and groups that may open future business opportunities. You can find hundreds of groups and communities on Reddit and Facebook dedicated to Onlyfans content creators.

Another thing you can do is create your own subforum where you can market your Onlyfans page. 

5. Use social media for promotion

Social media is the best tool for promotions these days as everyone is using the internet. There are some well-established and popular social media sites that can be used for promoting your Onlyfans account.

Use Instagram for promotion: Promotions on Instagram need more caution as it does not allow anyone to post any type of explicit content on its platform. 

Just make sure you do not overly sexualize the caption of your photos. Add the link to your Onlyfans page to your Instagram bio.

Use Reddit to share free photos: Reddit is a well-established social media platform that allows NSFW content on its platform.

You just need to make the settings on your Reddit account to make your NSFW content visible to other people. You can join different subreddits that allow adult content and share your photos there to get more followers.

Use Twitter and Facebook for promotion: You can use Twitter and Facebook for promoting your Onlyfans page and attract more people to your profile. Out of all the social media sites, Twitter is one such platform that allows you to post nudity without any repercussions. It is also very easy to interact with people on this platform so you can lure others to your Onlyfans page. 

Use vlogging on YouTube for promotion: There is a very fair chance that something you produce on YouTube might go viral as it is the second-largest search engine in the world.

If your YouTube channel builds organically, you can potentially make thousands of dollars per month. Vlogging on YouTube is a great way to connect to your fans and show them some insights into your everyday life. This way you can also direct your fans to your Onlyfans page.

Follow fans on social media platforms: Following your top fans on social media platforms is a grassroots approach to getting more subscribers. Through this, you can build loyalty and trust with your top fans. Following your fans on their social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook will show them how much you value your fans. It will build a deeper connection between you and your fans. This will also help you in promotions of your Onlyfans page as these top fans will more likely share your posts on other platforms or retweet.

Reply to Direct messages: This is one of the best strategies used by many successful male content creators to make good money on Onlyfans. There is a great scope of earning from direct tips you get on direct messages. Replying to direct messages is the easiest way to earn more money on Onlyfans. People would love to have conversations on a one-on-one basis. Along with that, you do not have to be hesitant to be the first to send your fans a seductive message.

Reward the big tippers: Big tippers are the ones who help you make more money on Onlyfans. There are many people who tip other content creators online to show their affection to them and get noticed for that. If you have a huge fanbase, there will surely be some people out them who will be die-hard fans of your content and purchase every single post. These people are more likely to be loyal to your Onlyfans page as they have made an investment in your brand.

Rewarding these types of super tippers will make you earn more money. Especially for them, you can post exclusive photos that you generally do not show, use a lot of fun emojis in your direct messages to them, or, you can also offer them free gifts and services.

What are the content ideas which can help you to become a successful Onlyfan Guy creator? 

Become an adult fitness trainer

Fitness is a very highly paid niche online and you can earn millions of dollars if you are a fitness trainer. Create an account on Onlyfans and teach people how to get a sexy body and they will pay. Fitness is a good option to post about on Onlyfans as people today, are really serious about their health and looking for fitness trainers online.

Organize pool party

Organizing a pool party and inviting other famous models and pornstars from the industry is the best technique to create some sensational content and make money. Make sure all your gadgets like cameras, mics, lights, and other tools are working properly to capture all the moments of the party

Post BTS (behind the scenes)

If you are into modelling or working in the adult industry, you can post content about that. Footage from behind the scenes can be like a sneak peek for your followers to your actual shoot. This way you can also promote your upcoming project and build more followers on your Onlyfans account. 

Review products from the Amazon Wishlist

Reviewing products from your Amazon Wishlist is another way to create content that is also useful for other people. You get also paid for all the sales that are made by your affiliate links.

Interview your friends from the same industry

Interviewing other fellow Onlyfans creators from the same niche is also a great way to make your content more interesting and valuable. It will be like collaborating, all the followers of your friend who you will be interviewing might also subscribe to your account.

Share your story as an adult creator

On top of all this, you can create content on your life, as an adult content creator on Onlyfans. You can teach other people through your posts about all the tricks and tips to be a good adult creator on Onlyfans and how to go about it. 

What are the other potential Onlyfans alternatives for male content creators?

1. Just for Fans

When it comes to premium and personalized content, Onlyfans is not the only option for creators and people. Justforfans may not have the popularity like Onlyfans does, but if you are looking for the best subscription-based site to monetize your content and build a huge fan following, then Justforfans is the place. Unlike Onlyfans, Justforfans is specifically for sex workers and adult performers.

2. Fanvue

Another subscription-based platform, Fanvue has the policy of putting the creators first. It allows you to earn, connect, and share in simple steps. This is one of the best platforms for adult creators, athletes, artists, influencers, and dancers to monetize their content and build their fanbase. This platform lets you make an account in less than 5 minutes, all you need to do is pass their instant ID verification process.

3. FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is quite similar to Onlyfans, a subscription-based platform that majorly focuses on adult content. As a guy content creator, you can earn money on FriendsOnly also by creating vertical videos. You get paid by your subscribers, selling videos on a pay-per-view basis, and getting tips from your viewers. Monetizing content on this platform is super easy as you only have to add at least two posts per month to maintain the lowest commission rate of 20%. Unlike Onlyfans, you do not need to post regularly on this platform to earn money.

Do straight guys make money on Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is a platform that gives all of its creators an equal opportunity to earn money by selling their content. It does not matter whether you are straight, gay, female, male, or transgender, your success is completely dependent on your talent and skills. 

Other than this, you need not be an adult worker to earn money on Onlyfans. You can earn a lot of money on Onlyfans even if you are a fitness expert, dancer, photographer, or musician. 


You might find it difficult to get success and earn money as a guy creator on Onlyfans, but let me tell you, it is not impossible. All the things we have discussed above in this article will help you make money on Onlyfans as a guy creator. You just have to be consistent in posting high-quality content on your page and you are good to go. 


Can guys be successful on OnlyFans?

Yes, guys can be very successful on Onlyfans. In fact, there are many successful content creators on Onlyfans who guys are, like Aaron Fowkes, Papi, Cormac Murphy, Daniel Stevens, and many more. You just have to follow some tips discussed above in the article. 

How much does the average guy on OnlyFans make?

An average guy creator on Onlyfans can make anywhere between $80 and $150 from monthly subscriptions to his Onlyfans page. This condition states true until and unless the creator is posting actively on his Onlyfans account. 

How much does the top guy on OnlyFans make?

The highest-earning male creator on Onlyfans is the famous hip-hop artist and TV personality, Tyga aka Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson. He makes an estimated amount of $7.69 million a month through his Onlyfans account. 

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