Is There Any OnlyFans App Available for Users? How to get OnlyFans App on android and iOS

January 1, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for How to get OnlyFans App on android and iOS? then you are at right place

In the age of digital media, people are found using more of their phones rather than their laptops or desktops. 

This is because phones are relatively cheaper than other big screen devices. Moreover, in comparison to websites, apps offer additional features of personalization, notifications, easy navigation and so on. So, if your clients are on their phones all the time, it makes sense to launch an app designed for both android and iOS devices. 

But the critical question users of OnlyFans are currently is ‘Does OnlyFans have an app’? Wait and scroll down to know more about it.

How to get an OnlyFans Apps on Android and iOS [2024]? OFTV explained

1.    Is there any OnlyFans App?

Bloomberg reports OnlyFans app was in the phase of development for a long time, but the platform has only recently started promoting it.

Moreover, it had to work around a lot of guidelines in the Appstore and Playstore to finally get the app rolling.

But better late than never, the app came in and took the market like a storm. It was introduced as OFTV or OnlyFans TV. 

OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokley has remarked "OFTV provides a super convenient way for fans to watch content from favourite creators,"

This launch of OFTV has a hidden intention and purpose behind it. It is part of Company’s efforts of expansion. As a result, it wants to change its image as an “amateur porn site” and portray itself as a safe platform for other content creators, similar to Patreon

The app currently hosts a vast library of 800 videos including the ‘Unlocked’ series. It features conversations with popular content creators and porn stars like Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne, Holly Madison, and so on.

The App is also being liked by its users for many videos from fitness instructors, musicians, chefs, podcasters, musicians, and many more.

 2.    Is there any OnlyFans app for iOS?

Despite launching OFTV, if someone asks the question that if there is an OnlyFans app for iOS, we will still consider saying No as the answer. This is because there is no OnlyFans app that has the same content as its website.

You have the option of using OnlyFans on the browser (Safari) through their website ( Other websites like Reddit are floating in these legal infirmities because they post content for general audience, even if the content have slight sexual connotations.

Despite this, Onlyfans launched its app OFTV by tagging its content as SFW to bypass the restrictive guidelines of app stores.Users can watch free SFW content of their favourite celebrity stars.

a.    How to get an OnlyFans App? Using Safari  

The browser Safari is an easy-to-use option to create a custom icon on your phone’s screen for using Onlyfans website. 

This essentially means that whenever you click on the icon, it will redirect you to the website’s homepage without any hassle of entering username and password multiple times on each visit.

Hence, this setup will give you a similar feeling of using an Onlyfans app.

The only issue with this option is that it will not allow you to post pictures and videos on your OnlyFans account. You can do it by a computer only. But this option is more problematic for content creators. If you are a regular user who just wants to enjoy the naked content of your favorite porn star, then this option won’t create troubles for you.

Now, you need to follow the below mentioned steps in order to get Onlyfans app using safari-

  • The first step is quite simple. You need to visit the OnlyFans website, which goes by the URL of ‘’.

    It should be noted that you can’t use OnlyFans on your homepage if you are using Chrome. Since chrome is supported on majorly all android devices, this option of creating an icon of OnlyFans won’t be available on devices like Samsung,Oneplus, or Google Pixel phones. This trick is only available for Safari browser and therefore for iPhone users.
  • Second Step: After opening the website, you’ll see the ‘share’ icon at the bottom of the navigation bar. 

    Click on the share button and a Navigation bar would pop up in front of you. It will showcase a variety of options like Copy, Add to Reading List, and various other features.

    Now, in order to add OnlyFans on your home screen, you have to open the safari browser and click on the “Add to Home Screen” option. Through this feature, any website can be added as a home screen icon on the mobile. This makes visiting any website very simple just like opening an App.
  • Third step: The final step to getting an alternative Onlyfans app is not very hard either. You need to rename your application and click on “Add” at the bottom of the page to complete this procedure.

    However, it should be noted that renaming the app is not a necessary option. It is just a bonus function of the “Add to Home screen” feature that you can take advantage of.

When you add anything from the web to your home screen, it usually shows the full title in its name. That is quite annoying and disturbing for the eyes to navigate all the icons. SIncle Onlyfans has a short title, this problem won’t come, and you can easily change the name of the icon.

After you have selected ‘Add”, you can exit Safari. Go to your home screen to find your website icon waiting there for your use.

3.    Is there any OnlyFans app for android? 

Currently, there is no app of OnlyFans for android devices on Google Play store. Since, Google play store doesn't permit adult content and its maximum age rating is 16, the OnlyFans platform gets short on these requirements.

Onlyfans requires its users to be at least 18 years above.

In response, OFTv was launched. But it is not really an alternative to the features and content provided on the Onlyfans website.

It doesn’t showcase adult content and there is no option to advertise the content for monetary benefits.

Content creators can promote their content on OFTV but it's a duplication of efforts since the same can be done on OnlyFans website also. Hence, there is no real in-app substitute for the advantages that OnlyFans offer as a website. To save time to access the website, you can install an exclusive browser for OnlyFans website.

4.    What is an OFTV and what kind of content does it offer?  

OFTV is the app created by the popular social media platform OnlyFans.

Blomberg has highlighted that even after promise of hosting porn-free content, OFTV has used the hack of projecting its sexual content in a less revealing way. For instance, there are podcasts like Coffee and Cleavage with implicit sexual intentions. But this practice is not done by OnlyFans alone. Others in the adult industry like Twitch have been doing this for a long time to stay afloat their adult content in the non-adult zone.

Similarly, in its efforts to hold its position in the App industry, OFTV is based on a different model with respect to Onlyfans website. It is not based on pay per view model. Tim Stokley has confirmed that the OFTV will not host adult content as well as videos of porn stars. Rather, it has decided to feature its content creators and have become a lifestyle application.

Moreover, the app is a way of boosting the popularity of the platform among non-adult content users. Hence, OnlyFans is offering free content on the app to attract these users. Since it is not being monetized currently, the OFTV app won’t directly impact the content curator’ earnings.

OFTV showcases content like-

  • Real-life: Here model / content creator does interesting real-life activities like going to the beach, pub etc
  • Unlocked: This feature of OFTV allows its users to witness one day in the life of their favorite celebs. Recently Bella Thorne has used this feature to increase the popularity of the app.
  • Fitness Instructor videos: This option allows former porn stars to share their tips and experience in getting the perfect body shape. After all, a 24x36 body shape is the desire of every woman on the planet.
  • Podcasts: This option allows to build a personal relationship between different content creators on the app. It involves building conversations between one creator and the other. Moreover, the chat happens on a variety of topics to build the interest of the user.
  • Diet videos: Even if the content creator shows how to do exercises, there still remain a lot of other things to lose weight and get the desired body shape. Hence, OFTV provides its users various diet plans of celebs and other porn stars. Every diet plan can work differently for others. You just need to get a rough idea and identify what suits your body type.

5.    Why is the OnlyFans app not available on Playstore or Appstore?

OnlyFans app is not available on Playstore or Appstore because of its stringent and tough guidelines. 

Every app which wants to get a presence on the Appstore needs to be manually reviewed by the respective Appstore team. Hence, if OnlyFans wants to go full out with its adult content, it will violate Section 1.1.4 of the guidelines.

Similar is the case of Google Play store. Just like other the Appstore, it vouches as a safe and reputable platform which won’t tolerate any inappropriate content. As OnlyFans thrives on adult content, which is inappropriate for many age groups., it also has high chances of facing rejection by the review team.

Hence, if the OnlyFans platform wants to take entry into the app world, it would have to let go of its adult content, if not on its website, definitely for its app. With the most popular site tag in 2020 and 192 million+ viewers visiting, OnlyFans was not mindful of its presence in the app industry. It was more than satisfied with its growth on the website.

If we take the case of other social media networking sites like Reddit and Twitter, even if they have inappropriate content, they are allowed on the App Stores because they are not chiefly adult oriented.

Similarly, Twitter has made sure to place safeguards if it wants to have content for a diverse audience base. It gives users the option of marking their posts as sensitive or NSFW to alert the audience. Hence, in recognition of these hacks, OnlyFans launched its app OFTV.

Despite attracting 130 million users per month, OnlyFans has still not found its website’s alternative in its app. Hence, the app is a great way to boost the popularity in the market, but the website is where the real grill is taking place in terms of adult content.


● What apps are replacing OnlyFans?

As of now, there are no apps in line to replace OnlyFans. However, market competitors like Patreon and BuyMeACoffee are trying to snatch its users.

But it should be known that anyone is free to subscribe to the service they wish to view. Whether on OnlyFans or some other app. But OnlyFans is the best among all of its competitors.

● Is it illegal to watch OnlyFans?

No, it is not illegal to watch content on OnlyFans. Since it is based on a pay-per-view model, only people who sign in for the service would be able to watch it. This is unlike other social media platforms like Twitter who provide free of cost content.

However, it should be noted that you must be of the right age to view such content.

● Can you screenshot OnlyFans?

Yes, you can take screenshots of Onlyfans content as long as you are paying its subscription charges. And the best part is the content creator won’t be notified about this, thereby giving the option of saving content anonymously.

But it is generally not considered wise in the community to share premium content of users freely. This affects the livelihood of content creators.

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