Fancentro Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

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OnlyFans as you know is a subscription-based online platform that allows content creators to post their content, consolidate their fans and monetize their influence through this platform. 

It has grown so much so fast, especially since the beginning of COVID lockdowns that it helped the economy of the countries to get back on track. 

The kind of content on OnlyFans can vary from cooking, styling, inspiring, and music to adult. Widely, it is famous for its adult content and is considered one of the best sites that allow adult content and is competing against the  Patreon, which is the biggest name when it comes to paid- content platforms. 

But as there are pros and cons to everything, so has OnlyFans. There is uncertainty about whether adult content will be allowed in the future as was stopped in October 2021. Also, there are various features in other sites that OnlyFans lack that allows fans to feel safer while using them. 

To name of the fastest growing site is FanCentro. Without any further ado, let's compare and find the two in detail. 

Fancentro Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans was invented in the year 2016 by Timothy Stokely. It is used by the creators to share audio, videos, and text with their fans or subscribers and generate money through it.

They can also make money through PPV sending individual or mass messages to their audience.

One as a creator can most any kind of content, be it explicit or not, it is a place you can go as basic to just connecting with your fanbase and expanding your audience to promoting lewd, raunchy, and steamy content and hence the popularity. The subscription here is monthly based so a viewer or audience, will need to subscribe to a person in order to watch his/ her content.

The reason it is so popular is that it allows adult content to be posted there and it has been used by various famous celebrities like Cardi B, Bella Thorne, DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna.

In August 2021 the company announced its ban on adult content on the platform. But there was a backlash and opposition from a wide range of sex workers and people who used to make their living out of it. So, the OnlyFans had to take down the policy. There are many porn stars, escorts, and models that have used these platforms and made their livelihood through the earnings. 

What is FanCentro?

FanCentro again is a subscription-based online platform that was invented in the year 2017 by Stan Fiskin and Alan Hall.

This platform allows the fans and influence to connect with each other. Here you can find a wide range of models depending on your taste and likes. 

If you are a newbie to the adult industry, it opens up a world where you can make your own fanbase, connect with them on a personal level, share your content and make money very fast through the means of it.

Here, you can customize the subscriptions for your fans by creating tiers. You can post uncensored content and connect with your audience and expand your reach by creating a loyal fanbase.

The invention of sites like OnlyFans, and FanCentro have helped a great deal in making a huge shift for people who are associated with the porn industry in making money and promoting their work which has eventually helped them to better their lives financially.

Features for content creators

OnlyFans Features

  • Whether you are an influencer or fan, it helps you make money through subscriptions and various other methods on the OnlyFans
  • There is a referral feature through which you can get a commission. OnlyFans gives a 5% commission for every referral. 
  • As a creator you can protect your content through DMCA so that there is no copyright infringement. If still, unfortunately, you find out that your content is being used by someone. OnlyFans support will assist you to take down your content. 
  • In OnlyFans, there is a feature of Geoblocking. Through this feature, you can block certain people, areas, countries, or even IP addresses if do not want your content to be watched by them.

FanCentro Features

  • FanCentro- Through this platform also, you can earn money by the means of subscriptions and other monetization methods. 
  • As a content creator, you can earn money, by Pay-Per-View and clip sales on your page. 
  • Primary way to earn money here is via monthly subscriptions. There is a monthly subscription attached to your page as a creator, and your fans or audience will be able to access your content only by subscribing to your page which has a price attached to it. 
  • The pay-out to their content creators is faster than OnlyFans. In FanCentro, the creators are paid weekly. The minimum payout is $20 in the case of OnlyFans and in FanCentro it varies from $50-$300. 
  • It has a great homepage featuring the top models. You will also find filters to search for the newest models on the homepage itself.

Difference & Who is better?

Before finding the difference, let’s find out the pros and cons of OnlyFans and FanCentro which will give you a clear vision as to which is better. 

Merits of OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans is very popular in terms of premium content website
  • It offers a great payout. The rate is 80%
  • The minimum payout on OnlyFans is $20
  • You will find the support team very helpful in assisting you professionally.

Demerits of OnlyFans

  • It is great for the creators that are already established as it does not allow organic traffic on the creator’s page.
  • One can find the platform less reliable as there was a legal action taken in August 2021 putting a ban on adult content which was taken back later after the backlash from creators.

Merits of FanCentro

  • You can find that FanCentro is a similar platform providing the content, just that you will see that it is a bit advanced when it comes to features
  • It is a user-friendly website. There is a discoverability feature that will help the booming creators to be discovered here
  • The referral feature is great offering a 30% commission for each referral 
  • There is an affiliate program through which both influencer and audience can make money.

Demerits of FanCentro

  • The payout rate is 75% which is around 5-6% less than the OnlyFans platform.

To answer which is better, the FanCentro is better as the website is more user-friendly and has no lags. So, the news creators or influencers will find it easy to operate while the OnlyFans may land them confused at places.

Both are great in terms of making money but when it comes to choosing one, in comparison, it is obviously, FanCentro. The features are amazing and user-friendly.

The prime reason is the discoverability feature which will help even the new creators to flourish and there will be no need for them to bring their own traffic which is not the case with OnlyFans.

Traffic and Promotion

With OnlyFans

It does provide the content creators to get organic traffic on their page. It is beneficial to the content creators and influencers that are already established and popular for the content.

Here, you can give referrals to your friends and relatives but the commission that you will get is 5% for a term of 1 year and there is a limit of $50,000 commission for each referral. 

With FanCentro

FanCentro has an exciting discoverability feature that will help new content creators to be seen on the website. It will benefit them a great deal. The website itself is very user-friendly and the new users will find it very easy to utilize all the features. 

Talking about the referral, FanCentro offers a 10% commission for each referral and is unlimited in this case. 

Difference & who is better?

It is very clear, that FanCentro is better in terms of traffic because of its discoverability feature and user-friendly website which is not the case with OnlyFans. One might find the platform confusing. So, for new creators, FanCentro takes the case when it comes to traffic.

Now, let's talk about the referral point of view. See, a referral is a kind of a means by which one can increase or decrease their earnings on the platforms. 

With OnlyFans, when you refer a model, the referral payout is 5% for each model for the initial one year they are there on OnlyFans. 

With FanCentro, the referral payout is 10% for every model you refer and this is not limited to the initial first year but here it is for the lifetime that model is there on the platform. So, the earnings with referrals are twice on FanCentro in comparison to OnlyFans. 

So, FanCentro is a clear winner in both cases!

Payout and its frequency and Payment percentage

With OnlyFans

As far as payout is concerned, OnlyFans pays 80% to the content creators and the rest 20% is reserved for referrals, suppose, website needs, and hostings. Content creators can withdraw this money every day manually or can wait for automatic withdrawal every Monday or the 1st of every month. 

So, you get 7 days to cover any chargebacks as there are 7 days period from the time you earn and until you can withdraw. For some models, it is 21 days period but then they can switch to  7 day period which will be four months after 1 st withdrawal. 

With FanCentro

Here, the payout is 75% to its content creators and the rest 25% will go to referral payments, website maintenance, support, and other regular expenses. 

After the third week on FanCentro, the models are made payments weekly every Tuesday. 

There is an added advantage with FanCentro- it will give you access to ModelCentro through which you can have a website dedicated to you as a content creator or influencer on the platform. 

Difference & who is better?

So, here OnlyFans wins the case. The payment rate is 80% and the waiting period is only 7 days in case of OnlyFans unlike three weeks for FanCentro. 

Content and User Interface

For OnlyFans 

As far as the content part is concerned, OnlyFans offers you automatic watermarking on your every content so that there is no copyright infringement. If any such case is found, you can always take the support of their dedicated team which will help you take it down. 

If you are a new influencer who wants to grow and make it big in this world, you may find OnlyFans a bit confusing and the user interface pretty average. You might find it tough if you want to search for a particular profile. 

For FanCentro

FanCentro too has watermarking features same like OnlyFans which will make your content identified. Here also, you can take the support if you find any infringement issues and take the content down if you will. 

Difference & who is better?

From the above-stated differences, it is pretty clear that the winner here is FanCentro. It has a better user interface where new content creators can easily sign up, search and do a lot more with the kind of features it provides. 

The final word and the winner is

 OnlyFans has been there in the business since 2016 and FanCentro came in the year 2017. OnlyFans is a big name and a brand that is widely recognized and controversial at the same time.

FanCentro might not be a brand so big as OnlyFans but has some great tools and features that will definitely help the influencer grow at a faster pace.

See, if you are a beginner in this world, FanCentro might be a better option because of its easy accessibility and user interface. Even if you are an existing account holder in OnlyFans, you can choose to move to FanCentro with little to no effort at all. 

There are customized subscription tiers, easier browser options, better discoverability tools, and the best support features, FanCentro makes its stand pretty clear for you to choose among the two! 

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