How Can You Unsubscribe OnlyFans? An Easy Guide 2024

January 5, 2024 in How To

The days of watching porn from a website whose roots are traced deep inside the dark web are gone. Illegal streaming platforms like Torrent became an option some 20 years ago but the concept of social media platforms has been bringing the sizzle to these spicy contents.

Yes, we are talking of OnlyFans, a social media platform for perverts alike to jerk and cum their fantasies in front of a porn actor. Though it covers a good collection of slutty videos for many of us. To be honest it is tiring and expensive after a point.

So, unsubscribing is better than anything else. But we often find that people get confused about how to unsubscribe Therefore, in this article, we have brought a full-proof guide for you to make the unsubscription easier. 

How to Cancel Subscription on OnlyFans? How to stop Onlyfans Subscription: 2024

What is OnlyFans and who uses it?

OnlyFans is a paid social media platform that brings pornographic content right to the perverts. There is a constant about what it is as you can stumble upon ladies dancing naked and see artists painting a bold canvas with a strong message.

In a plain and layman's language, this is a platform that can be accessed only after you wire some money to the creator's account. 

So we can reach a conclusion that the OnlyFans is used by both implicit and explicit content creators. You can avail the service of these creators after you pass through the cash wall to a world of paradise. 

Is OnlyFans free? How to get OnlyFans for free?

The doors of OnlyFans are open for all who want to log in to create an account. This means it is free for creators who want to open an account and set the path for some credible content. You don't have to worry about some written contracts from the designers and founders of OnlyFans.

They will do nothing like that at all! It remains free until you become a verified account holder of OnlyFans and start making some money from there. After this shift in the size of your account, the platform will charge an amount based on the subscribers you have. 

It is free only for the creators until they grow to be famous there. This is not what happens with the consumers at all. You can get free access to the account of a creator only if they want to. You can get certain discounts and offers if you increase the search radius. This way it will cost a little less than the usual amount you pay all the time. 

How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscriptions using a PC?

The use of a personal computer either desktop or laptop is the best way to feel the heat of OnlyFans. This is better because the screen is bigger than any other portable devices. It is not a walk through the muck and mutt to unsubscribe from your OnlyFans account a few steps is all you need. 

  1. Search the official site of OnlyFans upon which you have to place the credentials and open the doors to the platform. 

  2. Search for the account on the search bar. 

  3. Turn the switch to the off mode when you find the auto-renew sigil. 

  4. Select the reason to unsubscribe from the account. 

  5. Disable or deactivate the option of renewed billing. 

  6. Hit the button saying YES to confirm the actions mentioned above. 

How to Cancel OnlyFans Subscriptions using an iPhone?

The steps are mentioned below: 

  1. Surf your way to the official site of OnlyFans. 

  2. You have to put down your username and password to log inside the account. 

  3. In the search bar you have to type the user ID or the name of the account owner you plan to unsubscribe. 

  4. The appearance of an option to renew this current subscription plan will be visible in the account info tab. You have to click on that button. 

  5. After this step, you have to deactivate the billing option and unfollow the account holder. 

  6. Once you do this, give a reason to unsubscribe from the pop-up list that appears after "Step 5."

  7. Click on the button of unsubscribe and finalize your wish to cancel the subscription. 

How to Cancel Subscription using an Android phone?

You can unsubscribe from an android phone in a few steps - 

  1. Look for the site of OnlyFans from any browsing platform. 

  2. Put your password and ID to log in to your account as usual. 

  3. Hunt down the profile from where you want to unsubscribe. 

  4. Click on the unsubscribe button that is right there sitting next to other features. 

  5. Hit the button that reads "Auto-Renew" to deactivate the billing process. 

  6. A menu will roll over the screen to a halt with a  list of reasons to unsubscribe. 

  7. Once you select the reason, find the button to unsubscribe from the account. 

How to Delete your Account on OnlyFans?

  1. Use any browsers of your own choice to search for the official site of OnlyFans. 

  2. Once the site comes to your page results click on the first link to land on the log-in page. 

  3. Enter the log-in credentials to get the keys of your account. 

  4. There is an icon that reads out your information on the profile of OnlyFans. It is at the upper right side of the page. Click on that! 

  5. A menu button will appear on the screen click on it to see the Settings tab that has a subcategory of your Account. 

  6. Once inside the tab that says Account look for the button that says "Delete Account." 

  7. A pop-up will appear asking you to prove you are human by entering a code. 

  8. Once you put the code accordingly, hit the button that says "Delete Account." 

  9. Click on the button that reads "Yes Delete" to settle down with the account once and for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a refund if I fail to cancel the subscription?

It is sad to say that the possibilities to get a refund is not high. You will not get a refund in this part as it is a contract that is signed by creators and consumers alike. Hence the hope to get the refund policies in your favour is absurdly futile. 

What is the difference between Unfollowing and Disabling re-billing?

The two methods of unsubscription are either the road to highway or the stairwell. When you disable the automatic billing system the subscription is cancelled only after the loop is stopped at the end of a year or a month. This process of unfollowing will make it longer for the subscription to get cancelled. This old method takes a large amount of time for the loop to get complete. 

The method of unfollowing is the fastest method of doing the job. You can cancel your subscription at the moment. Therefore, you end up surrendering all the access you had to your content. 

Why does OnlyFans ask for a reason when I try to unsubscribe?

After you place an order to cancel your subscription from the platform of OnoyFans the response comes with a series of reasons asking you why you want to cancel. The reasons are mainly involved with the analytical perspective of collecting data and overseeing any activity that breaches the law stated by the OnlyFans community. 

If I remove my profile from OnlyFans, will my subscriptions be deleted as well?

After you decide on removing the name from your profile all the content you have made and saved will be incinerated for reasons of safety and data privacy. All of your virtual proceedings on OnlyFans will be deleted with immediate effect. 


In the part to conclude, I would say take the steps under your consideration as it will help you unsubscribe faster than any other twisted methods that seem complicated. The final remark is to keep yourself from third-party applications that are on the prowl to get your data. 

This feature of safety will keep you protected and anonymous while you go out to surf the Internet and find more ways to cancel your contract subscription with the social media platform known as OnlyFans. It will help and assist in cancelling the subscription fee without any problem posed by the platform of OnlyFans.

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