How to Promote Onlyfans On Instagram in 2024? Detailed Guide

January 5, 2024 in How To

Are you looking for ways to promote your Onlyfans on Instagram? Instagram seems like the natural choice to promote one’s OnlyFans account. This is because the app provides the avenue for pictures, videos, reels, stories that all have a visually-appealing effect on the eyes. 

And OnlyFans also thrives on that appealing factor to gain its subscribers. Instagram is currently one the top 10 social media platforms, which should provide enough reason to consider it in your next promotion strategies. 

The platform is so booming that some artists like Bella Thorne started out on Instagram and as she switched to OnlyFans, she instantly grabbed $1 million on the first day itself.

In this article, I will handhold you to the promotional journey on Instagram and answer all relevant questions to clear out the confusion. Meanwhile, grab a cup of coffee as this one’s going to be detailed for all its worth.

How to promote your OnlyFans on Instagram? A Compreensive Guide for OnlyFans Promotion [2024]

How to Promote Your Onlyfans?

Tired of posting content on your OnlyFans profile but still without followers, views, likes, comments or haven’t even earned your desired set of money? Just like in the real world, fans need PR specialists, promotion in the virtual world also needs to be looked upon in quite some detail.  

Studies show that the top 1% of OnlyFans creators are already popular on some platform or another. Or they started out on some other platform and then climbed the ladder on OnlyFans popularity. 

Hence, a time tested strategy to promote your OnlyFans is to distribute your content over other popular social media handles.It is important that you use the funneling effect to grow your business. This means your growth on other social media handles like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc should be redirected to OnlyFans account.This will eventually drive traffic from these other sites towards your Onlyfans account

Hence, you need to put your profile links of different social media handles, particularly Instagram as it is visually appealing, on your OnlyFans bio. Moreover, in the age of so many fake accounts on OnlyFAns, adding these different links will enhance the legitimacy of your profile.

How to promote your OnlyFans using Instagram? 

a.    Don’t post anything that violates the Instagram

Instagram has a set of community guidelines which need to be taken into account before posting any sort of adult-oriented content on Instagram. You are not allowed to post disturbing and explicitly sexual content like hate speech, nudity, graphic violence, pictures promoted child sexual abuse, and so on.

If by any chance you start posting such type of content, Instagram reserves the right to suspend or  ban your account. If done repeatedly after many warnings, your account may be permanently closed down.In any case, you don’t want to drag your hard work to such a scenario.

b.    Add your OnlyFans link in your Bio

The most immediate way of attracting OnlyFans followers is by adding your OnlyFans bio link to your Instagram bio. But, Instagram is getting all the more stricter with its policies, so adding a stand-alone OnlyFans link might lead to suspension of account. 

That’s why to escape this issue, you’ll need to make use of an all-in-one link tool like or Allmylinks.This enables you to hide and add all your social media links at one place. This tool is particularly useful to have an all in-in-one link tool which will combine all the links of relevant accounts at one place. This will remove the problems associated with having one link per page.

c.    Grow your followers

The most crucial question that is coming right now is how to grow your Instagram followers from 0 to 1000 in the fastest way possible? After all, we all get slightly demotivated if even after many efforts , we don't get to see the results. 

Hence, the number one priority right now should be about growing one’s instagram followers as more the followers, more will be the account views, more will be the traffic on your OnlyFans account, and ultimately more will be your subscription earning. This may sound like a hell lot of big loop but every great success comes with small baby steps.

Some time-tested tips in this activity include using the right hashtags, posting timely content at the peak time, looking at competitors' content game and upgrading your own etc.

d.    Be consistent in your content

After establishing the follower base on Instagram, it is time for you to keep up the momentum by posting content regularly. This will help people to engage more with your content and you will consistently show up in their feed in situations when they are following hundreds of accounts on Instagram.

Some additional tips for this activity are you need to create your posting schedule as neither too much nor too less content posting proves to be useful for the business. Multiple posts tend to get muted thereby affecting your engagement rate negatively.

Hence, the solution to this is to post not more than once in the day. Immediately after your post, you can notify your users indirectly by sharing the post in your stories while using gifs that hide the content. Hence, people will be prompted to open the story and land on your post. To do this, you need to follow 2 simple steps-

  • Tap on the arrow icon just below your post
  • Click on ‘Add Post to story’ button. Voila, Your post is now promoted to your story. Moreover, you can add discounts, promotions, freebies in your captions to grab user’s attention.

e.    Share your Instagram link on follow-for-follow pages

This strategy does wonders for your promotional campaigns. It is not only specific to Instagram, but can also be used on other platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, Discord, or Facebook.Let’s see how to go about it.

   i.        Instagram follow for follow pages

Follow for follow groups are an unconventional yet effective way to gain followers. This is because you rarely find them in online discussions.

Follow-for follow groups are essentially places where you are self-promoting your own page on some other’s creator posts. But keep in mind, this strategy requires you to follow back the same account in order for it to work and give results. 

   ii.        Reddit follow for follow pages

Reddit is another popular platform to employ the follow-for-follow feature of digital marketing. Follow the below steps to know how it is done-

  • Visit the website/app of Reddit and create your account for free.
  • Then verify your email address by clicking on the Reddit links received on your email account. Make sure to check your junk//spam folder if you didn't receive the mail.
  • Once you reach the front page of Reddit, you will find hundreds of Reddit users who are sharing their Instagram usernames and a short description of themselves.
  • You need to copy them and share your Instagram user as well as description on Reddit.
  • Make sure to add relevant descriptions because it will help you to make connections in your niche.
  • A ready template for your reference can be -

“Hi, my name is [name]. Here’s my Instagram: [link]. [Introduction]. I’ll follow back!”

  •  Finally, click on the post button to make yourself visible to other Reddit users. And don;t forget to follow them back for building long lasting relationships.

f.     Add Niche Hashtags

You need to ensure that you find the right type of hashtags which targets the users in your niche. Any marketing strategy is a total failure if it doesnt know its target population.

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags in your posts. But make sure that you don’t use banned hashtags as your account might get shadowIf You’ll see this pop-up message on top of the page if your account is banned:

“Recent posts from #hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines”.

But a way to  bypass this legal rule is to use synonyms of the banned keyword. For example, if you’re planning to use the (banned) hashtag #alone, you can use a similar hashtag like #solo instead.

g.    Follow Similar Profiles and like similar profile pictures

To stay in the promotion game on Instagram, it is of significance that you keep a tab on similar profiles like yours. This will help you to gauge your competition and what others are liking that might be missing in your page.

Even when you are liking posts, make sure to like those which are similar to your niche. Instagram algorithm keeps a note of it and gives you l=suggestions of profiles which are similar to you. Hence, you will be less grilled in finding your competitors' profiles

h.    Pick several themes to post

Instagram algorithm takes note of various things ranging from your interests, freshness of the post, who you are tagging in your photos, to the amount of time that people are looking at your posts and your recent and last visits to locations. 

As a result, it forms data on your activities and provides people with suggestions to follow pages with similar interests. Hence, you as a content creator need to study these factors and decide which all themes are suiting your campaign. More the themes, more will be the diversity and more types of followers you will attract.

i.      Follow the Newest followers on competitors' page

It is essential that you thoroughly study your competitor’s page in order to stay ahead in the game. This also includes the detailed observation on his/her newest followers. It gives you an idea of what people recently liked in your competitor’s page that made them hit the follow button.

You can also connect with these new followers to engage with them and provide an alternative to their current liking.

j.      Interact under your pictures

Pictures have a key feature of telling the story that you want it to be. Plain, bland pictures would be less likely engaging for your followers and make them lose interest in you.

On the other hand, interactive pictures full of graphics, emoji, captions, puns, unexplored locations generate user’s interests and provide fodder for following you.

What are Instagram OnlyFans Scam promos and why do they exist? 

With the growing popularity of Instagram as a promotion space for OnlyFans creators, apart from them, scammers seem to have taken advantage of this opportunity as well.

Instagram OnlyFans scam promos are nothing but a simple delusion created by scammers to nudge OnlyFans creators to pay them for promoting their OnlyFans account.

These scam pages boast of high followership which makes it an attractive point , especially for new OnlyFans creators who have begun their Instagram promotional journey. These Scam promos have go unnoticed by Instagram community because of following reasons-

  • Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it doesn’t allow OnlyFans links to be displayed on profiles and removes them most of the time.
  • Instagram is flooded with millions of fake accounts. This makes OnlyFans scammers just like a small rabbit who is escaping through the loophole of the system by promoting their fake followership.
  • Scammers can easily target the profiles of OnlyFans creators through the mechanism of rampant use of ‘bot commenting’, popular hashtags, or even if the creator mentions OnlyFans for a single time.
  • Instagram itself has a slow and delayed procedure to take stringent actions against just fake accounts. It doesn;t care much for the idiom ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’.
  • Instagram is primarily popular among new-age models who have just begun their entry into the complex world of digital marketing and promotions.
  • There is not in place a well established community of trustable onlyFas creators who can warn the newer and naive ones about these scam promos accounts.

In order to understand the whys and hows of the Instagram scam promos account, I can make a separate tutorial for it because of its sheer complex nature. But let's try to give you a brief idea about how these scammers are actually doing it.

  • The tough way: You can start by creating different Instagram accounts with pictures of scarcely clad women. After all, people are more attracted to boobs and pussies than dicks.
    You need to name these pages on the basis of specific model type and start puffing them with loads of hashtags as if there is no tomorrow.
    This is useful in highlighting your page in countries like India where adult content is outlawed. Out of the humongous population of 1.4 billion, even if you garner 10k followers, your purpose would be achieved.As the pages grow, you can present them as a ‘network of sites’.
  • The lucid way: Inorder to reduce your starting efforts, you can broker with random Instagram pages that are being sold on the marketplace with an inbuilt count of followers.
    Buy them and use these followers to highlight the OnlyFans content. You can also rename the account for your ends. This will portray them as authentic promo pages. Then use bots and automated DM messages to reach out to these followers in the hope that someone will eventually buy your package.

Is Instagram the first choice for promoting your Onlyfans? 

Instagram is visually appealing but it is wrought with its own set of challenges which need to be considered before choosing Instagram as your first social media handle for promotional tactics. 

Instagram is not particularly welcoming for Onlyfans creators when it randomly bans their pages, not permitting links of OnlyFans, and not taking due action on Instagram scam promos.

 All of this acts as a deterrent to not engage in Instagram as compared to other handles. Moreover, unlike most other sites, women’s craze with photos makes Instagram popular among this specific demographic only.

On the other hand, other sites such as TikTok, Reddit, Twitter are also posed with some shortcomings. But when compared to Instagram, pros are more than their cons. Since most buyers of adult content are men who usually hang out on these platforms, it is wiser to allocate more time for these rather than Instagram.

As the popular saying goes, Risk takers are money gainers. Despite the risks that Instagram poses, Instagram receives half a billion unique users every day and is still growing. Hence, despite the challenges, it still is an alluring way to gain followers as long as you can steer away from scammers.


Can I promote my OnlyFans on Instagram?

Yes, you can promote your OnlyFans account on Instagram. Pictures used on Instagram will act as trailers for more scintillating and revealing pictures/videos available on OnlyFans. You can also use the funneling effect to drive followers on OnlyFans.

How do I promote OnlyFans secretly?

The strategy  to secretly promote your content on OnlyFans is based on having two accounts- one free and other one paid. You can use the free account to gain followers and post exclusive content on it as your introduction.

 For the paid account, you can post priced content whose content is visible after subscribing to the account. In this way, you will gain followers as well as money.

What hashtags does OnlyFans use on Instagram?

Hashtags are simply the # sign plus a keyword. Some of the popular ones for OnlyFans available on Instagram include  #sexycosplay ,#cute,    #footfetishnation,   #bestofinsta,       #selfies,   #tbt,    #mfc,  #procontent,  #wolfie,   #cosplays   #translove etc.

How do I promote my OnlyFans?

There can be a variety of ways to promote OnlyFans. You can create promotional ads highlighting your limited time period offers and broadcast them all over the internet. Apart from this, you can use hashtags, newsletters, promo pages, collabs with other popular creators etc. Any promotional strategy will ultimately depend on how much budget you are coming for it.

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Matt Swindler is a successful businessman who owns an OnlyFans agency. Matt's agency helps individuals and businesses create and manage their OnlyFans accounts. This involves providing support in areas such as content creation, marketing, and technical issues. Matt has extensive experience in the industry and has helped many people achieve success on the platform. KinkyCreators is an authority site focusing on finding the top onlyfans creators and also helping them educate on how to make more money from the platform.

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