How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans and make an extra income of 200$ per day?

January 2, 2024 in How To

Onlyfans is the greatest place for offering foot images. It enables producers to quickly create an account and generate income through photos and videos. 

There are other monetizing techniques available, including monthly memberships, tips, and contributions. Onlyfans is by far the most profitable site to sell photos since when you have a few loyal clients, people will frequently desire special material.

Probably among the really prominent passions in the universe is the foot obsession. One out of every four persons, as per Healthline, does have a foot obsession. 

With over 90K people searching for "foot images" each month, there is no denying that the desire for feet photographs is bigger than ever. When fetishes became more openly discussed and acknowledged, the industry exploded, with several artists earning hundreds of dollars each month without removing their clothing or disclosing their identities.

Onlyfans offers premium subscriptions that enable customers to contact with artists more directly, providing it a unique atmosphere. The service is also a superior alternative for offering foot films, which may sell for far more than simple foot images to the proper demographic.

Onlyfans is an excellent money-maker in terms of internet companies. Because of the simple payment method, authors may spend all of their time creating work and earning revenues at any moment.

This article will go through methods to sell foot photographs on Onlyfans, which sorts of feet pictures are popular, and a few more other tips so anyone can actually make a profit over the internet.

How to sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans and make money? Detailed Guide for Selling Feet pics [2024]

Can you make money selling feet pics?

Anyone could make big money offering foot pictures, and it's quite simple to get begun. You only need a smartphone or a PC with a web camera to participate. Making an Onlyfans profile is the ideal technique to get going with offering foot photos. Following that, you must advertise your material on additional social networking sites like Insta, Fb, Youtube, Quora, Reddit, Snap, and Tumblr.

But the unfortunate thing would be that the segment is so overcrowded that it would be tough to fight for customers when you decide to enter the sector. Before opting to create foot obsession material, it is critical to identify the segment and be able to develop anything really unique in order to get noticed.

When things are in place, one can easily publish the advertising messages via any multitude of systems. Make certain to post frequently and communicate with the followers. When the memberships grow, upgrade the equipment and production tools, and sit by and enjoy the money come in.

Most of the leading foot models of Onlyfans have a basic profile wherein individuals market themselves with teaser material. It is very advised that one follows many of these artists in order to discover what the majority of clients desire and how to advertise oneself.

Why choose Onlyfans for selling your feet pics? 

Onlyfans is among the top platforms for making money offering any sort of stuff. When seen on Insta, they closed the moderating gap. This article will go through ways one might earn profit by offering the foot photos on Onlyfans.

There are many individuals who could really gladly pay for such Feet photos; all we should do is locate a suitable market. We don't have to display the identity to sell photos of your feet. For authentication, certain people would inquire regarding the photo but the majority just might not.

Onlyfans is among the greatest networks, although it has a disadvantage: and does not provide you with visibility. In order to generate profits, you must introduce a client to the site.

One must create a profile on Insta and create a Subreddit in order to attract a following for the feet images account over Onlyfans. You must submit your Feet photos for free on each of these networks. Yes, absolutely free.

Build an Onlyfans account and submit a bunch of Feet photos if you've established popularity on this network. Now, share it with all Insta and Twitter fans.

Step-by-step guide for selling feet pics on Onlyfans?

All social media network has their own approaches for each user to produce outcomes, and Onlyfans isn't any different, because these are numerous techniques which one must implement in order to prosper on this site.

Some expose various portions of their physique, while others reveal their whole nakedness in order to gain attention and make money, but because the emphasis of this post is about how to promote feet images over Onlyfans, the conversation will be limited to the selling of feet photographs.

For getting a start offering your foot photographs, keep the below ideas in mind:

1. Open an Onlyfans Account and select your Name

When you intend to generate money utilizing the Onlyfans service, this may be the initial move. The e-mail address and passwords, as well as an additional characteristic that would effectively distinguish the profile from several other members, would be required to register the Onlyfans profile.

Following that, one must choose a name that best reflects what you should be doing or that best describes your own persona or whatever you do.

This indicates that you may not need to provide the actual identity, particularly if users would not desire to be quickly identifiable by relatives and acquaintances. However, celeb's true identities can assist to boost purchases, therefore when you are someone, you might have to utilise your own identity to your advantage.

While deciding on a username, you must make the profile live by posting or updating your status to capture the interest of your admirers.

2. Determine your subscription charges

One thing to keep in mind while thinking about ways to sell foot photos on Onlyfans would be to propose monetizing, which would assist in determining the package price once granted.

Creating an enticing membership pricing for prospective followers can aid you in advance quicker in the foot photo industry. As a result, setting the pricing under $10 is recommended for beginners, and it may be adjusted as days passes by.

3. Publish attractive feet pics

When you've successfully attracted followers to the Onlyfans profile, remember that you should always have original, quality photographs because then the fans would be interested and willing to spend on them.

Furthermore, people will enjoy visiting the profile and will encourage others linked with them to check the profile for excellent and fantastic foot photos.

4. Promote your account on other social media accounts

You must advertise the product in order to create your place among multiple existing profiles.

Several efficient techniques to market the product involve:

a) Instagram and Twitter

This is yet another common way to promote the Onlyfans profile. One may advertise the Onlyfans profile to any existing admirers on some other social networking sites such as Twitter or Insta.

b) Reddit

This is just as powerful (if not better so) than traditional social media sites. Reddit is a fantastic representation of a chat platform. Attempt to find communities that discuss stuff related to your expertise, and you'll be capable of connecting with devoted followers in no time.

c) Cross collaboration

Producing content alongside an Onlyfan producer in the very same field will assist you to develop your profile quickly. The co-content producer will flourish as well since the distinctiveness you will provide is probably to be appealing to his audience.

d) Blog/websites

You may advertise your Onlyfans profile by including a link to it on any blog/site so that the fans may get connected to it.

5. Be consistent in delivery

You will surely have to be very consistent with posting the photographs. When you are in frequent, the followers will lose interest or they might find someone who would meet their expectations and desires.

6. Make connections with your buyers

Making personal bonds or connections with your followers would be very beneficial in spiking your sales. These people would feel special and they would buy your Pay Per View content easily.

7. Provide exclusive and customized content for earning more money 

You can try sending personalized DMs to the subscribers. These personalized messages will create a bond with the subscriber and would feel a better connection to you. The subscriber would be much more likely to buy photographs once they feel like you care about them.

What are the requirements before selling feets pics on Onlyfans?

Here on the network, you may use one-of-a-kind ways to generate revenue through the purchase of the images. Whenever anyone begins selling foot photos on Onlyfans, they would need the aforementioned:

Good Camera

A decent camera will produce high-quality photographs. Nice photographs will attract high-paying buyers, resulting in an attractive income for yourself.

A smartphone

It is nearly hard to do any internet company without the Mobile or desktop, thus maintaining a decent Mobile is critical in the foot photos service.

You must download the Onlyfans application on the mobile and check that it is obtained through a safe source like Play Store.

Making an Onlyfans account

This is the first and most important element in accomplishing success using the Onlyfans site. Here, you may get anonymous photographs or hire associated folks with great feet, but you need to let people be aware of whatever you plan to do with the photos of their feet.

The photographs you post or the stuff you put on your profile will be used to assess the brand.

Other dedicated social media accounts

Possessing additional social networking profiles will assist you to gain followers to the Onlyfans profile very rapidly since they can advertise the Onlyfans profile and post the links from your existing profiles. Social networks such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Quora might boost the profile expansion significantly.

Setting up Payment options

There are different payment options available in different countries, the option you should select must be that which is accepted and accessible in your country.

Making the right choice is very important here since that is the sole purpose of monetizing your account.

What are the different types of Feet pics that can be sold on OnlyFans

Attractive or adorable girl's feet have always sold the best. A big audience enjoys shots in expensive stiletto or full-body pictures with an emphasis on the legs. The finest foot stances emphasise the arches, soles, or toenails. 

Whether you are fresh to the profession, a good way to begin is by exploring Insta foot modelling and replicating their aesthetic and postures.

The following are the most prevalent foot obsession groupings:

Tattooed Feet

Slender Feet

Little Feet

High Heels


Male Feet



Nail Polish



Dirty Feet

Granny Feet

Milf Feet

Another trick to capturing photographs is to leave things simple. Do not however invest days attempting to get every aspect quite right. Simply try out several themes unless you find something that fits you.

What are the other Onlyfans alternatives for selling feet pics?

Options other than OnlyFans exist wherein you may make a profit selling images of your feet. The most well-known are:


Feetsfinder, which has remained active since 2013, is among the major markets for buying and selling foot photos.

There are zero subscription costs, however, there is a tiny compensation charge when a user purchases anything from the website.

The major advantage is that all purchases are handled directly over email, thus you shouldn't have to fear regarding compromised credit card details. is a great place to monetize any foot photos. They provide premium membership which enables users to quickly build accounts and post material. 

The ability to add different tags to your photos so purchasers know precisely what sort of foot they desire  before buying is one of the advantages.

The members get the exclusive access to ebooks related to selling feet online. The medium is best suited to individuals with a specialised specialization, such as shoeplay and stiletto heels.

Model Mayhem

ModelMayhem is comparable to Instafeet in that users may upload photos of their feet straight to this platform.

Apart from the reality that there are zero costs, there is nothing special about the site. But, in order to join as a user, one must first complete a photo-shooting form.

This implies that there are fewer scammers and 3rd merchants than on other services. 


Another platform wherein you may sell your Foot photographs is Craigslist. Several artists make thousands of dollars offering foot photos on Craigslist.

Etsy and eBay

eBay and Etsy seem to be two places in which you might sell creative artwork or electronically made images.

Modelling agencies

Modeling agencies always would choose to deal with experienced photographers over inexperienced ones. However, many may indeed allow entries from inexperienced foot models.

This is lesser sexual compared to the other options and entails capturing photos in different footwear for use in publications or e-commerce platforms.

The main disadvantage is that operating for somebody else's foot modelling while steady is often less profitable.

Who buys the feet pictures?

Foot photos are popular as they depict stuff incredibly private and sensitive. They're frequently considered forbidden, yet when done correctly, they can be quite seductive. The easiest approach to figure out if folks will pay for photos of the feet is to test it themselves. You may start off small and gauge the response without devoting effort to creating a comprehensive showcase.

Men between 25 to 50 make up the majority of those who purchase foot photographs. Having said this, there has recently been a spike in revenue from ladies, partners, and nudists. Many individuals utilise feet pictures to increase excitement in their sex lives. Others simply love staring at another person's feet. In any case, foot photos are a common and increasing craze.

How much money can you make selling feet pictures?

Most novices or folks who wish to sell foot photos on Onlyfans are concerned about the quantity of money that can be generated from the selling of foot pictures via Onlyfans.

Sadly, the sum can't be established quickly since several elements are linked, such as how the images are displayed, the appeal of the business, the rights provided to the potential customer, and so on. But, selling foot photos on Onlyfans might earn you anything from $5 and $500.

Popular models usually make $5000 - $10,000 per month offering foot photos. To do this, one will require to distribute approximately 500 photographs every month at a rate of $10 apiece. Onlyfans additionally permits users to generate money by subscribing to premium accounts and here you can make the followers buy higher-priced foot fetish films.

Industry professionals and frequent sellers earn more than six digits per year selling foot photos over the internet. Although taking images and videos is reasonably simple, the time necessary to market the product on numerous social media is the most challenging aspect of the strategy.

How much one should charge for feet pictures and videos?

Because of the cutthroat condition of the market, it is advisable that you price $5 and under for the foot photos if you just begin.

It really is a strategy used to attract prospective clients who are unwilling to pay market standard prices for an unfamiliar model.

When the customer base and social media following grow, you may raise your pricing to $10-$20 for every picture and demand more than that for clips and specialized requests.


Onlyfans is among the finest places for anyone looking to generate revenue selling images of his foot. You shouldn't have to display your identity to promote your foot photos at Onlyfans.

It is essential to note that money may be earned on Onlyfans since its community is recognized to be interested in sexual material. So, whoever is on Onlyfans is going to be fascinated by the information that shows portions of the physique, especially photos of the foot.

Onlyfans is just a website wherein you may share intimate photos with just fans that paid you to see your material. There are many ladies that just post their images and get compensated for it, however when you are hesitant to show your face, you may simply snap photos of your toes and you should be set.

Allow your admirers to have a good time subscribing to the profile by guaranteeing that the contents meet or exceed their hopes, or, in other terms, fulfil the urge since it would be the hook that will automatically retain them.

Then you may join the ranks of other creators and begin earning right away.


  • Is it legal to sell feet pictures?

Yes, selling your foot images is entirely legal as you simply are posting your personal photographs so there is absolutely no wrong with that.

As soon as you seem to be of consenting age, distributing foot images online is entirely allowed in the U. S. and numerous other nations. When you sell foot photos on Onlyfans, you keep complete control of the photographs.

  • Do people really buy feet pictures?

They do, indeed. You may sell the foot images on Onlyfans whether you be a guy, a lady, or any other gender you wish to identify with. There is really no improper about selling images of your feet, however, you must be persistent and enthusiastic with the feet in order to make them more appealing to your paying viewers.

  • Is it difficult to sell feet pictures on Onlyfans?

It might be difficult to get buyers for your feet photos at first when you don’t have much of a fan base. But once you gather a bunch of admirers, the sales would pick up like most of those buyers would be recurring customers.

  • Can anyone sell their feet pictures even if they don't have beautiful feet?

Although attractive feet tend to sell well, there seems to be a market for ugly feet. Beauty is subjective to the observer, so simple as you believe your feet to be ugly will not really mean they are really not something anyone else wants.

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