How To Use Reddit and Promote OnlyFans On Reddit? [Beginners Guide]

January 5, 2024 in How To

Reddit is among the best platforms and one of the best platforms for the OnlyFans content creators to promote their content on.

Reddit has more than 1.8 billion visitors every month making it one of the biggest platforms and around half of them are from the US and the other half is from all over the world.

It is also newer and better than other platforms like Facebook and Twitter and the audience is more educated and younger than others. 

There are several subreddits dedicated to OnlyFans and their models where the fans talk about them and share their views.

How to Promote Onlyfans on Reddit? Detailed Guide for Onlyfans promotions on Reddit [2024]

1. Why should you use Reddit to promote OnlyFans?

Reddit has a more educated audience and they are younger than the average audience of Facebook and twitter. The viewership of reddit is also in billions per month and also the way reddit allows the OnlyFans content and make it all easy for the creators to reach larger audiences and future subscribers.

Reddit does not ban or prohibit the adult content like Facebook and Tumblr and there are designated communities and subreddits which have adult content as NSFW (Not Safe for Work). Reddit also refers millions of users to OnlyFans pages every month.

2. How does Reddit help to boost your OnlyFans content?

Users on Reddit love NSFW content and it is proven through research and that is all because the reddit content is of good quality and they do not prohibit the NSFW content. Other social media platforms do not do that.

Reddit also has several subreddits which are communities dedicated to special topics and many of them are for NSFW content and anyone can make or create a subreddit like for their OnlyFans page and talk about the topic making it a safer environment than other social media platforms.

Reddit also refers millions of visitors and users to the OnlyFans pages and it is the biggest referrer among the social media platforms.

3. How to choose the right subreddit to promote your OnlyFans?

There are thousands of subreddits which are NSFW but you want to make sure that the subreddit that you choose is relevant to your content as well as friendly to the OnlyFans creators.

There are many subreddits that prohibit the posts which sell any type of content so it is necessary to choose the right subreddit. Now to choose the best subreddit for your content you can refer to the Reading list which is a great tool to find the best subreddit for yourself.

4. Step by Step guide to promote OnlyFans through subreddit

This guide can help you to promote your OnlyFans on reddit through the various steps that you need to follow. The first thing which is the most important to promote on reddit is “content”, if you do not have any content that you can post on a daily basis then it becomes really difficult to promote on reddit. 

If you have a partner who is willing to make content with you or if you can do it by yourself that is good too so you can post content on a daily basis on the platform to grow in the community.

A. Getting verified: 

First step is to get verified on reddit. When you start a subreddit they ask you to verify yourself through the photo and will provide you with a badge that the content you are posting is you and not anyone else.

A verified badge really helps a lot in gaining more followers on reddit and the users will be able to send you messages without any hesitation. Verification also helps as in the content that you are posting will not be restricted or deleted by the moderator. There are really some good benefits of having a verified badge on reddit.

B. Be consistent on NSFW subreddits:

To increase the reach of the content that you are uploading on the OnlyFans you can cut a piece of that content and post it on several of the NSFW subreddits and adult subreddits.

These subreddits have users interested in categories of the adult content. Consistently posting on these subreddits can ensure that your reach is more than ever before and there will be many new users who will be willing to subscribe to your OnlyFans page after watching the content on these subreddits which makes it a good promotion.

C. Try to interactive with your viewers:

If a user posts a comment on your content try to reply to them and make them humorous or interesting enough that will keep the interaction going on.

With this you can make a loyal and huge fanbase and these fans will upvote your content or they can even check out your OnlyFans account making them a future subscriber. Interacting with the users and fans will create an illusion that you are in contact with them and care for their thoughts and feedback which will eventually make them a loyal fan of yours.

D. Market your OnlyFans page as much as possible:

Do not let go of any opportunity to market your page or content by putting down the link to your OnlyFans page in bio or directly ask the fans to subscribe to your OnlyFans page if they want to see the full content or more content.

Marketing is necessary to promote any content if you want more of the followers and subscribers and leaving any chance of marketing can be a loss of potential subscribers.

Do the marketing on most of the content that you share and leave the comments which will provide the link to your OnlyFans page so that they can view the content that you are sharing on your page.

5. What are a few best subreddits to promote your OnlyFans?

1. r/OnlyFansgirls101:

This subreddit is one of the most popular and followed OnlyFans promotion subreddit.

This is also one of the oldest pages so it has made a loyal following on the basis that it provides videos and posts of the OnlyFans pages rather than trying to take money out of the users like some other promo pages.

It is the best subreddit to follow for updates about hottest Onlyfans girls.

2. r/OnlyFans101: 

It is one of the most followed OnlyFans subreddit.

As it is one of the oldest pages it has issues like the number of users online is much less than the number of followers of this subreddit.

But it makes up for that by attracting new people almost every day.

3. r/OnlyFansPromotions:

It is also another of the common subreddit where people can post about their OnlyFans page.

It is run by mods and they have an understanding of the internet industry and the OnlyFans creators.

This results in an organized promotion and a high level of engagement.

4. r/onlyfanschicks:

The name explains the page itself as it focuses on the promotions of the OnlyFans female creators.

This subreddit does not require verification and anybody can post on it for the promotion of their OnlyFans page. It is also not good for the male users of the OnlyFans platform as it is for the female only.

5. r/Onlyfans_Promo/:

This is also an older page on reddit for the promotion of the OnlyFans creators. There is no verification required on this page either. This is a general subreddit so anyone can promote their page here with posts.

The only negative about this page is that the number of viewers of this page is lesser than the number of followers as it is an older page.

6. r/Adorable Onlyfans:

This subreddit has more than 120k followers and there is no verification required to post on this page.

The name explains itself as it is a page for the creators who can look cute and adorable in their photos which is a subjective concept in general. The photos which are most adorable will get the most upvotes on this page.

7. r/HotOnlyfans/: 

This subreddit has more than 100k followers and there is no verification required to be able to post on this page and the name itself explains the workings of this page as most hot photos and posts will get the most upvotes on this page.

The people who follow this page are looking for the hottest creator on this page.

8. r/OnlyFansBusty:

This subreddit has more than 150k followers and there is no verification required to post on this page.

This page is all about the busty models on the OnlyFans and the busty models get more upvotes on this page. So, it is common to say that this page is not for the male creators on the OnlyFans. 

9. r/OnlyFansAsstastic: 

This subreddit has more than 180k followers and there is no verification required on this page.

This subreddit is all about the models who have the best ass on the platform. This page is all about the butts and booties and it is safe to say that it is only for the female content creators of the platform.

10. r/Slutsofonlyfans:

This subreddit has more than 200k followers and there is no verification required for the people to post on this page.

This page is more hardcore than other pages on this list and has content more towards the adult content of the OnlyFans. You can find a bit more than a preview of the content here. It is a good place to promote NSFW content of the OnlyFans.

6. What is the difference between NSFW and FSW reddit?

As Reddit is a more liberal platform than other social media there is no restriction and prohibition on the adult content on this platform. The NSFW (Not Safe for Work) reddit has more followers than the SFW (Safe for Work) reddit.

There are more users on the NSFW reddit than the SFW reddit. 

The OnlyFans creators who are among the top 0.03% on the OnlyFans tend to post on the NSFW reddit and get more views and reach which in turn comes with being consistent, in good shape and marketing strategies of the creators.

7. Few things one must need to understand about reddit before promoting OnlyFans 

Here are some things that you need to understand before promoting your OnlyFans: 

1. Karma:  Post and comment are two types of Karmas on reddit. You need karma to post on subreddits. There are many new NSFW creators who just open their account on reddit and start posting their adult content on it which gets them banned.

First observe the reddit for a few days and let your account get some age on the platform then only start posting the content on the subreddits.

2. Subreddits: It is like a community with similar interests and has the same workings as a Facebook group but it is open for everyone without any review process from their part.

3. Account age and Karma: There are many subreddits which let you post on their pages if you fulfil their criteria of account aging and karma.

These settings are automatic in the parts of the subreddits so that more people can engage in the community without any restriction and the number of bots and unwanted people can get scrutinized through this.

4. Account Verification: Account verification is an important part of the posting on the subreddits which makes your account seem like more confident and with integrity.

You can get verified on reddit with a little bit of process by posting your photo where they ask in the verification process and you will get a verified badge which increases the credibility of your account.

8. How can you build up your Reddit profile for promotions?

To build up your profile for the promotions on reddit there are some things that you can do and one of them is to make your account look like an interesting one by leaving the witty and humorous comments on the posts and replies.

You need to wait for a few weeks before posting the NSFW content on these subreddits. 

When you become able to post on these pages try to post similar things on multiple subreddits which will help in increasing the reach of your post so add a link to your OnlyFans page in your profile so that when people visit your account they can go to your OnlyFans page. 

9. How to promote your OnlyFans on reddit successfully?
There are some steps that you can follow like:

Impacts of early posts:

On smaller subreddits the good content can allow you to get lucky and reach the front page but on the bigger subreddits it is important that your post does well otherwise it will be lost among the thousands of posts.

So, it is important to understand that your post does well early on so schedule the posting at a time when most of the people will get to see the content. 

When to post on Reddit?

It is important to maximise the audience for your post so it should be made sure that the posting is scheduled at a time when it is likely to reach most of the people.

For this work you can use the tools like Laterforreddit which lets you see at what time the more posts get more upvotes. 

Boosting your reddit posts early on: 

It is important to boost your post early on so that it can get more reach till it gets lost among other thousands of posts. To make sure that you need to buy the upvotes early on so that it can have more reach.

For smaller subreddits around 25 upvotes are enough and for the bigger ones as many as a few hundred can help you. 

Getting your upvotes on your post early on: 

There are many online reddit organizations from which you can buy the upvotes and schedule your posting.

There are different packages which are sold on these platforms from where you can buy the upvotes to increase your reach for the post. These packages start at minimum around $5.99 and you can buy the reddit upvotes from them.


Now that we have discussed different aspects of promoting OnlyFans on reddit, anybody can follow these little steps and can easily get more reach on reddit and there is no downside for reddit as it is safe for adult content unlike other social media platforms.

Now to get more subscribers on your OnlyFans page start promoting on reddit and get more followers.


Why does my post cannot rank on OnlyFans?
There are reasons like people do not like the content that you are posting, choosing the wrong subreddit or intentional downvotes on your posts.

For this the easiest solution is to buy the reddit upvotes which makes it easier to get rank on your posts.

Tips and tricks to get more engagements on your reddit posts: 

a. Followers and karma are the most important thing: A new follower is a potential subscriber and a marketing tool whom you can inspire.

There are many followers on reddit for the OnlyFans creators who have subscribed their OnlyFans accounts.

b. Do not overshare: Sharing the same content on more than 10-15 subreddits can make your account on the reddit look like an overshared and attention seeking one.

So mind that to only share on around 4-5 subreddits so that a visitor to your account can make give attention to other posts rather than sticking to same one for more than a minute.

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