JustForFans Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

January 5, 2024 in How To

Are you not able to decide which fans platform to use? Read this Justforfans Vs OnlyFans article; and at the end of the read, you will find your best platform.

When you think from the content creator perspective related to subscriber based social media websites, then the first name which will pop-up is of Only fans. It is one of the famous platforms on which adult content is mainstream and also it is famous for good quality content. But yes, it is not only the platform available.

There are many other options which are available if you want to have a look with unique features or something more unique. After that there is also a famous competitor named Justforfans who does not have a specific strong niche but gives a strong competition to Only Fans.

The question is, will you go with Justforfans or OnlyFans? To find out this go through the article.

JustForFans Vs OnlyFans? (2024) Which Platform is Better for Content Creator?

What is an OnlyFans?

It can sound weird calling the website which is set up as “established” but in the present era, it is one of the largest subscribers based adult content.

This platform has millions of content creators and it is a platform where creators of all kinds can start up their account as OnlyFans has a high success rate in the adult market

What is JustForFans?

JustForFans (JFF) is the famous subscription-based content sharing platform for content creators who focus towards selling the content directly to their own followers. JFF is considered as the platform which is specially for the sex workers and also the individual who are known as the sex performers.

The site is known as the porn site and has no motive now to bring any changes in it. JFF was introduced in Feb 2018 just after 8 years he started Porn Guardian that secures the online sex workers and also the performers.

Features for Content Creators

Onlyfans Features

JustForFans Features

  • It has been noticed that Only fans do not have different unique features that are exclusive to this platform in comparison to Justforfans. The more rely is on the brand success for the overall growth. But on the other hand, some of the features it is important for you to know as this gives advantage to the content creators.
  • The features which are seen on Onlyfans platform are linked with tipping and PPV messaging. On Onlyfans platform, the content creator can easily tip on streams through posts and DM's.
  • It is an additional income source and also provides fans to show that they care for it. On OnlyFans platform, it is easy for you to send Pay Per View messages to the people and also you can increase the followers.
  • Go live is also the feature which is offered by OnlyFans and this allows you to stream your video to your followers and upload the content work as normal video after the streaming is completed.
  • If some of your followers want to see the video, they have the choice to catch it later. So, this is one of the best features for both content creators and followers as they have an option of watching it afterwards.
  • This platform provides features linked with exclusive pay till 85% and the overall website standard pay out rate nowadays is 80%.
  • It is considered as the competitive rate and 70% is the rate which content creators get but now there are different advantages which are offered apart from competitive pay out rate.
  • This platform always focuses towards supporting the adult content creators and there are different advantages which are offered to them. If you are a content creator, you have the benefit linked with health insurance and different allowances.
  • Through this platform, you can easily make money. The team of this platform is always there to help you and is very helpful in resolving your issues or the concerns.
  • The support team is available for you 24/7. The best thing related to JFF is that they assist in making payments through Cryptocurrency as well!
  • They also accept payments through Visa or Mastercard. These are the options which are offered on this platform as it is beneficial for content creators and for their followers.

Difference & Who is better?

Monthly subscriptions are considered as one of the essential factors linked with earning money. The second option which is available with the content creator is by selling the content through PPV. 

The best content creator will also be rewarded for their efforts or for their unique content provided to their followers. The other methods of payment are linked with paid messages and live streams.

But on the other hand, on Justforfans platform, tips are the best way for the content creator as it helps them to make more money. The maximum amount received by the content creator is from the tips which they get from their followers.

As per my opinion, JFF is better if comparison is done with Onlyfans as through JFF content creators have the chance to get discovered. The features linked with filters are good enough and also the followers have the chance to filter gender orientation. Apart from this, the content creator gets health insurance or the allowances.

Traffic and Promotion:

With Onlyfans

With Onlyfans, you have the chance to promote your content or you can also offer a free preview as a good exposure to the site. You can also promote outside the social media site as it is the best way of promoting the account or the profile.

With JustForFans

On Justforfans platform, you can get the traffic when you offer the affiliate link. This also consists of sales which are generated outside your account or the page. When a sale is made, they can have more chances to earn money. You have to promote your page to earn more then there is an affiliate link which is beneficial for you!

Difference & Who is better?

On onlyfans platform, there is no affiliate link provided for the followers in comparison with Justforfans platform. But Onlyfans can promote their profile on social media and by other options such as tips.

So, it can be said that there is no winner in reference to traffic and promotion. Both have unique features when it comes to the category of traffic and promotion. We cannot compare and give more ratings as both are best in their own way!

 Payout and Its frequency and Payment percentage

With Onlyfans

The minimum payout in Onlyfans is approximately $20. Also, the frequency of payment on OnlyFans is done on demand as there is no set duration for the same! In terms of cash out options ACH and Paxum are considered.

The process of payment is clear and transparent which boost the content creator interest towards this platform.

With JustForFans

Justforfans platform considered the minimum payout for almost $50 with the support of both ACH and Paxum pay out methods.

The frequency of this is usually every week. This platform has the option of offering the best payment option which is beneficial for the content creators and it is amazing for them to use this platform.

Difference & Who is better?

In terms of difference, the only difference is the frequency as on Onlyfans, the pay out is done on demand and there is no fixed duration for the same but on the other hand, Justforfans have the frequency of payment on the weekly basis.

 So, considering both the pay-out and its frequency, Justforfans in my opinion is the best platform as payment is done on a weekly basis which is good and convenient for everyone who is using this platform or as a content creator.

Hence, if OnlyFans and Justforfans is considered, then it is suggested to consider Justforfans platform in terms of pay-out option due to its frequency.

Affiliate and Referral

For Onlyfans

On this platform, you can consider the Onlyfans referral link to earn more money. To promote your account, you have the option of using the referral link and by using this the followers can easily connect with you.

 For 1 year, you have the option of earning 5% from models’ earnings.

For JustForFans

Justforfans is a platform that provides affiliate and referral programs. This is the platform that offers performer and creator programs linked with referral and this is also linked with pay out of 5% lifetime revenue share.

The referral program which is offered by Justforfans is semi- exclusive. Hence, it can be said that this platform is good for creators and also for the followers. The followers or the content creator will only consider a semi exclusive platform.

Difference & Who is better?

In affiliate and referral features, it can be said that there is not a major difference in reference to the percentage of rev share. So, there are few differences linked with these two platforms.

OnlyFans has a creator referral program which can be considered by everyone and specially by the people who create good content through this platform.

It is examined that Justforfans has a referral and affiliate program which is semi exclusive for the people who are on the platform. But on the other hand, Onlyfans gets the competitive advantage considering that their program is more interesting and good as compared to other platforms.

 So, in relation to both of the platforms OnlyFans is considered as the best platform in terms of referral and affiliate program. If you want to recommend other people regarding the best platform then you can go with OnlyFans as it is the best platform in terms of the features given in affiliate and referral features.

Final Word and the winner is

It can be said that both the platforms which are Onlyfans and Justforfans are giving a tough competition to each other but there are many different factors which create the demand of the platform.

 If you are a new content creator then Onlyfans is considered as the platform which should be considered as nowadays it is one of the famous platforms among the content creators and also, they are offering quality content to their followers.

Considering the goodwill, it will be easy for you to enhance the followers or we can say organic traffic. If you have proper knowledge of promoting your OnlyFans page then you are in the direction of achieving success.

But the final winner will be OnlyFans just because of some aspects. The first one is that you can earn more money through this platform.

Secondly, it will be easy for you to go live on your page so that it will be beneficial for you to connect with the audience in the real phase. If you go with OnlyFans platform, then return on investment will be better and also the earning will be high and speedy.

 So, why do you have to work hard if OnlyFans platform is offering you a good chance to earn money?

Why is OnlyFans app more profitable than Just for Fans?

OnlyFan platform has already maintained its position as a market leader. The market for this is open and also the overall timing is good. OnlyFans app helps in generating revenue.

100% profitable business model

OnlyFan is considered as the subscription-based platform with a share of 64% of the revenue. PPV commercials account for 36% of the earnings.

Unique concept

In the present era, the entertainment industry has been on a boom. The best part is that Onlyfans has a unique concept which has helped to achieve success and also by creating good content the content creators are able to earn good money on an immediate basis.

Revenue model is linked with subscription based

Depending on the features which are offered, you can charge different charges for the subscriptions which are offered. Best example is offering bronze, silver and gold plans. The overall subscription fee can be managed on a monthly or annual basis.

So, due to these reasons it can be stated that Onlyfans app is more profitable if comparison is made with Justforfans platform in the present business environment. It is also suggested that people should give first preference to OnlyFans platform.

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