Loyalfans Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

January 5, 2024 in How To

Are you confused in choosing Loyalfans over OnlyFans? Read this Loyalfans vs OnlyFans review and you will get your answer definitely

In recent years, subscription based platforms have seen a huge response from all over the world. Especially during the period of pandemic, people started using these platforms as a source of some additional income.

Some of the famous platforms are Onlyfans, Fancentro, Loyalfans, LiveJasmine etc. Out of these, the top two rival platforms are Onlyfans and Loyalfans.

 In this article, we will compare the similarities, differences and newly updated features in  both of these platforms. Grab a cup of coffee and sit comfortably on your couch, you are going to get some serious knowledge ahead! 

Loyalfans Vs OnlyFans? Which site is Better for Adult Content Creator [2024]?

What is an OnlyFans?

Onlyfans is a subscription based online platform where various content creators can earn money directly from their fans. As a fan, you have to pay the subscription fees of your favourite creator/creators and you can access their content as well as interact with them.

Onlyfans was started in 2016 and since then it has been the most favourite platform for subscription based things. It is popularly famous for its adult content.

There are some of the hottest chicks/hunks who are better than pornstars. I’m sure you won’t miss a chance to look into their personal lives by subscribing to them. You can see millions of people opening profiles on Onlyfans to interact with their fans and make some money while doing it.   

What is LoyalFans? 

Loyalfans is another trending platform for content creators to help them earn easy money. Loyalfans is probably the best rival to Onlyfans providing some unique and up-to-date features.

The basic structure of Loyalfans is somewhat similar to Onlyfans i.e.  you need to subscribe to your favourite creators and pay their subscription money to get access to their private content.

Loyalfans is mostly used for adult content creation. Thousands of amateurs as well as professional porn stars open their account on Loyalfans to showcase their hot talent and to impress their fans.

Features for Content Creators

OnlyFans Features

Being one of the most favourite platforms, Onlyfans come with a variety of features to keep their users hooked on forever. 

  1. Users can sell their subscriptions to fan pages.
  2. Users can get tips from their fans for their various content like videos, photos etc.
  3. Users can make huge money using pay-per-view based videos.
  4. Users can interact with their fans by sending them messages, audios or photographs.
  5. Users can host a live stream for their subscribers or they can also keep some entry fees for users who wish to join their live stream.
  6. Users can have regular weekly payment.

LoyalFans Features

Loyalfans, a trending place for young content creators, comes with some unique and user friendly features like

  1. Users can get tips from their fans for the content
  2. Users can get paid for sharing a single picture or multiple pictures.
  3. Users can get paid even for audio calls.
  4. Users can sell their private video clips to interested fans.
  5. Users can get paid for a single message.
  6. Users can merge their existing Instagram and Twitter fans to Loyalfans.
  7. Users can use the video store option to set prices for their videos and to let their fans have an option to download the video.
  8. Users can let someone else manage their account.
  9. Users can charge for shoutouts requested by their fans.

Difference & Who is better?

Onlyfans being the older one offers some less features whereas the recently trending Loyalfans offers some personalised features like getting paid for DMs, audio messages, promoting the account from other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter which lack in Onlyfans. 

The most interesting feature of Loyalfans is the video store option. Using this option, users can upload a video, set a title and fix a price for the same. Whenever a fan visits a user's profile then they get the option to pay the price and download the video which lets users earn money without staying online on the platform.

Onlyfans gets the upper hand in having a user-friendly website and ease of opening accounts. Opening an account on Onlyfans is very easy whereas the process is a bit complex and tedious in case of Loyalfans. Also, Onlyfans offers their users regular weekly payments whereas Loyalfans offers to withdraw money twice a month

Coming to conclusion, although Onlyfans is a popular option, Loyalfan is offering many useful features that Onlyfans lack in Onlyfans. 

Traffic and Promotion

With Onlyfans 

Onlyfans doesn’t offer on-site traffic which makes it lagging behind Loyalfans but since Onlyfans is heavily used by users from all over the world, it has an advantage of no competition. So if you refer someone to your page on social media then they will surely end up on your page.

There is no chance that they will be directed to some other model’s page. But that still doesn’t make it look cool for not having the advantage of traffic.  

With LoyalFans

Loyalfans does offer on site traffic for its users and your fans can reach your profile in various ways. For example, your fans can find your profile on live stream page when you are doing a live stream, on shoutout page when you are doing a shoutout or when you open your profile newly, they can reach to you from new profiles.

If you upload new videos using video store options then your fans can find you on new videos or trending videos pages.

They can reach you from the ranking page if you have a good ranking, by recently updated page if you have updated your profile recently and by calls page if you are on a video call.

Difference & Who is better?

Surely if we compare Onlyfans and Loyalfans on the basis of traffic, Loyalfans takes the trophy since it supports the on-site traffic. On site traffic enables fans to reach their favourite creators easily. It also gives motivation to creators by various ways of listing them on ranking pages etc.

If creators update their profile regularly and keep being active on live stream sessions then they will surely get a good ranking and a good ranking directs huge traffic towards their profile thereby increasing their income.

However, gaining popularity requires serious efforts and time. Once your profile gets established then there is no stopping by! 

Payout, Its frequency and Referral program: 

With Onlyfans

Onlyfans payout 80% to their creators but the best thing is they have a 204 minimum payout system. And users can withdraw their payments daily if they achieve this minimum limit.

Otherwise they can choose to get paid weekly or monthly in an automatic way. There could be a maximum 21 day delay in withdrawals until 4 months after the first withdrawal for which they are subjected to a 7 days delay.

Onlyfans used to provide a 5% referral fee for each new model you will refer to Onlyfans. In 2020, they modified this policy as you can get a 5% referral fee for a period of only 12 months up to $50000 per model.

This policy made many of the users sad because people used to earn a lot of money through Onlyfans just by referring new models.

With LoyalFans

Loyal fans pay out 80% to their customers twice a month. Their payment period ranges from 1st to 15th and 16th to the end of month.

Loyalfans referral policy is that you will get a lifetime 5% referral bonus on every model you provide to them. 

And the interesting thing is this money doesn’t come from the creator's account, it rather comes from the platform itself.  This policy of Loyalfans has helped it earn new models everyday since its launch. 

Difference & Who is better?

In conclusion, the battle of payout and referral programs is won by Onlyfans. Both of the platforms provide 80% of funds earned to their creators. Onlyfans get an upper edge  since its users can withdraw money everyday without any upper limit.

 Also for the referral programs, although the two have almost similar policies, Onlyfans is very popular and is used by creators from all over the world thus referral becomes easy.

Content and User Interface

For Onlyfans

Being the first of its kind, Onlyfans is highly popular. It showcases the entire adult industry models as well as other content creators. 

It has millions of users from all over the world. It has an easy to use interface with attractive design. However one major setback of Onlyfans is that you can’t find models unless someone shares them with you.

For LoyalFans

Loyalfans is on its path to be Onlyfans greatest rival. With some very unique and interesting features, many people have started using this platform for earning easy money. 

Loyalfans showcases adult content in prime focus. It has a bit of a complex interface and users might require some time to accustom to this new interface. There is surely a scope for design improvement. 

Difference & Who is better?

Based on content and user interface, Onlyfans beats Loyalfans with a great surplus. Onlyfans as elegant and easy to use interface which is one of the primary reasons to keep their users hooked on to it forever.

Loyalfans on the other hand should improve their user interface to make users stick to it. Although it has unique features, users won’t be able to use them if they are set with a complex interface.


For Onlyfans

Users of Onlyfans have been constantly complaining about its support. When it comes to handling this huge number of users, a platform is expected to solve their queries. Whether they be regarding payments, content submission, fan misbehavior or anything.

It should be a platform's top priority to keep its users happy. And to keep the users happy, it should respond to their queries not only precisely but also quickly. Many users of onlyfans said that they do not respond timely and when they do they do not address the issue properly.

For LoyalFans

Loyalfans offer quick and reliable support 24/7 which is why its user count is increasing day by day. They seem to have a very efficient team which resolves any query within minutes.

 Thus the battle of support is clearly won by Loyalfans. Onlyfans need to seriously improve their support otherwise it won’t be long before its competitors beat it to the ground. 


We have seen all the features, pros and cons of both these popular platforms and now its time to decide the final verdict. This decision should be based on how the platform treats its users, how much it pays, how it handles their queries, what are its policies and how easy and comfortable it feels to use. 

Based on these, the final winner is Loyalfans. That’s right. Even though Onlyfans started way before and has a huge popularity amongst creators from all over the world, it lacks new features. It has not updated its feature with time which resulted in fierce competition from other platforms like Loyalfans.

Loyalfans offer a plethora of new and interesting features like video store options and make money for a single message option. Onlyfans also has a poor support which makes the users feel distrustful.

Even though Onlyfans have its major share coming from the adult industry, it announced a total porn ban without even sending a prior notice to adult content creators. Which disappointed many pornstars and created an issue of distrust amongst them. Loyalfans on the other hand takes the crown because it really values its creators and users. It provides the creators with all the assurance and care through the form of a quick and precise support team. 

It solves their queries and constantly keeps adding new features to accommodate the change. After all, the one who changes with time survives better and Loyalfans has proved it.

About the author 


Matt Swindler is a successful businessman who owns an OnlyFans agency. Matt's agency helps individuals and businesses create and manage their OnlyFans accounts. This involves providing support in areas such as content creation, marketing, and technical issues. Matt has extensive experience in the industry and has helped many people achieve success on the platform. KinkyCreators is an authority site focusing on finding the top onlyfans creators and also helping them educate on how to make more money from the platform.

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