Manyvids Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

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Which is better Onlyfans or Manyvids? It is hard to find because they work similarly with some different utilities. 

So, we will discuss it below. We all know before doing or starting some work we should know about it completely in every manner. Manyvids and the Onlyfans are similar platforms which help you to make money by selling your content to the audience.

They both allow the platform with a wide audience and diversity to their users. The user can earn a good amount through both the platforms but might have some different payout modules.

So here we will discuss some features, payout modules and about the working criteria of the onlyfans app.

Manyvids Vs OnlyFans? Which Platform is Better for Content Creator and Why?

What is an OnlyFans? 

This is one of the top most sites which is mostly used by models or famous personalities.

The personalities involved in the sexual contents are making a handsome amount through this platform. This is also used by the influencers and the models to upload their content. Basically, this platform is famous for the adult industry and the webcam models. They upload their content without any privacy issues.

It is a UK based company and was launched in 2016. It is available with the simple plan and the monthly packages. It works on the basis of the followers and the viewers. the more the followers and the views you will get the range of your income will increase according to that

What is ManyVids?

It is just a similar platform like onlyfans which allows you to upload your content on its platform and similarly helps you to sell your content and make some handsome amount.

It was launched in the year 2014. It is basically used for online streaming. It was basically launched for the adult industry or the models. Manyvids is a popular site with a good ranking. It ranked in the top 400 sites. you can sell any type of content related to adult industries like  adult videos, nude videos whatever like this you want.

Manyvids is so popular that it attracts the visitors upto 10 million per month. It was also awarded with the three xbiz awards in 2018.

Features for Content Creators

Onlyfans Features

  • Onlyfans is not just a pornographic as you think. The regular contents are being posted and updated by the site itself which helps the viewers to get entertained.
  • Onlyfans provides many features which are easy to use. The site is just similar to social media platforms. You can keep in touch with the updates of your favourite personalities.
  • You can upload your content here secretly. You can also promote your page on onlyfans with or without social media. They also provide security to your privacy.
  • Onlyfans is very hard on its privacy rules for their creators and the users. They look after the privacy and security of every source.
  • You can also take the screenshots on the only fans but you are not allowed to share it on any social media platform.
  • It is available with the geo blocking feature also. When you are promoting the content or the page secretly, you can turn off the geoblocking. This feature helps you to keep your location private. You can turn on the location when you upload the content.

Manyvids Features

  • Manyvids is available with many features somewhat like social media platforms.
  • It helps you to boost your content sale efficiency. You can build better engagements with the communities and the viewers and the followers or subscribers.
  • The payouts on the Manyvids are beneficial for the first year as compared to the onlyfans. Where onlyfans offer you the 80% of the revenue, Manyvids offers you the 90% in the first year. It also offers you cash prizes. It will also offer you the extra 5% on the referrals. 
  • You can change your rate of the content according to you on your own. You can also offer the free content of your choice if you are wishing to. You can do it for the promotions.
  • Manyvids is a feature rich platform. You can create better communication and relations with your followers with its features. It is originally designed for the adult industry and the adult stars.
  • It allows its users to sell any type of content without restrictions. Manyvids works quite differently with the wide diversity to the users where they can easily earn a good amount and can also promote the content or the page much faster.
  • Their payout schemes attract the users as it provides the commission and the sort of incentives. It keeps giving some prizes to its users which makes it more demanding.
  • The payout on this platform varies from features to features. The schemes are different according to the features.

Difference & Who is better?

OnlyFans is considered as only the platform which helps to post the pictures or videos but on the other hand, Manyvids assist in boosting the sales efficiency of the content through which you can also maintain the overall engagement level with the followers.

The payment given by Manyvids is also good as the profit margin is 90% and on the other hand, OnlyFans offer a profit margin of 80%. So, it can be said that Manyvids should be taken into consideration as it is also beneficial for both followers and for the content creator.

If a platform offers you the chance to enhance the overall content sales efficiency then we can say that it is better for the content creator to consider the same platform so that their profit margin can be enhanced. 

Traffic and Promotion

With Onlyfans

  • Onlyfans provides the offers to pay and promote your profile. The content creators have the choice to promote their profile by paying. 
  • Also, this platform offers discounts to the content creator which they can offer to their followers or the fans at the time of connecting with them.
  • The content creator has the chance to give a 100% discount at the time of offering a subscription for 30 days.
  • So, by offering discounts on subscriptions the content creator enhances the demand of their page.

With ManyVids

  • They provide the best feature to their content creator to sell their horny and lusty pictures or the videos to their followers. 
  • The users have the chance to sell their nude pictures or the videos and also the panties if they want to sell.
  • They are free to promote their profile through different options linked with selling the content or the panties which are used by them.
  • Through this activities or the things considered by the Manyvids users, the traffic can be easily enhanced which will directly increase the earning of the content creator.

Difference & Who is better?

The major difference is that through Manyvids the content creator has the chance to sell their videos and pictures to their followers. On the other hand, OnlyFans provides the platform on which the content creator can post their videos and pictures. So, it is recommended that Manyvids is the best option in terms of traffic and promotions.

The content creators on Manyvids have the chance to see their panties also through this platform but on Onlyfans there is no such option offered to the content creators. Thus, it is recommended that Manyvids should be taken into consideration for traffic and promotion. 

Payout and Its frequency and Payment percentage

With Onlyfans

  • Basically, OnlyFans charge 20% of the sale of your content. Whatever it is you will be charged 20% of the sale accordingly which will include your subscription charges. 
  • Every service provided by the platform has some cyst which they cover in their commission. Obviously, they will cover the costing in some sense.
  • The cost of processing and the hosting gets covered under it. After excluding the costing or the sale commission of the onlyfans, the performer or the content creators remains with the 80% of the revenue with him or her.

With ManyVids

  • Manyvids benefits you for the first year of your account. In the first year you are about to get 90% of the revenue with you excluding all the costs and the commissions.
  • The basic payout that Manyvids gives to the performer is 80% of the total sale generated by its different features including make it rain, custom vids, STORE ITEMS, TEXT ME, PHONE ME, FUND ME.
  • Rather than the other payout schemes these features have some different criteria. The payout for VID SALES, MEMBERSHI[PS, PAY TO OPEN IN THE INBOX, MV FLYER IS 60%of the sale
  • You can earn an extra 5% with the referrals. There are many other cash prizes offered by the site for the popular model.

Difference & Who is better?

Winner in context to payout is Manyvids as the profit margin is high as compared to OnlyFans platform and also the best feature is that it provides the sales efficiency in reference to the content posted on the profile.

So, it is recommended to go with Manyvids as the best platform in the adult industry. 

Content and User Interface

For Onlyfans

  • Onlyfans is popular and the most used platform by the adult stars and the models of porn industry. Users are allowed to promote their content without any restrictions. 
  • They can promote the page and the content with and without social media with wide followers. They can also promote their content secretly.
  • Onlyfans are followed and used by the influencers and the bloggers from different contents and subjects.
  • Users can promote the content much faster on onlyfans but with the limited followers only of onlyfans.

For ManyVids

  • Manyvids is much similar to the onlyfans site in many ways apart from the payout solutions. 
  • Users can also promote their page or content faster here. Manyvids provides diversity to their users to promote their content.
  • It is mostly used by the porn stars and the porn industry as there is no restriction to the users on their content. The payout on the content is much better on Manyvids as it gives cash prizes separately and the 5% extra on the referral.
  • There are many features on the Manyvids for the users. It comes in the top 400 rankings.

Difference & Who is better?

It is recommended to go with Manyvids as this platform is famous and comes under the category of 400 rankings. Through this platform, people can also earn a good profit margin by posting their adult or explicit content. 

Final Word and the winner is

Onlyfans and thye Manyvids are the [platform which gives the track to the porn industry beyond their limitations. If we talk traditionally, the limitations of the porn industry are not so wide. There are many restrictions they need to face.

The free uploading of the porn sites also triggered their income source and limited it to a small amount. There on this platform they can upload their exclusive content on the site which helps them to earn a really good amount.

They can upload the nude content or the adult content without any restriction. This helps their followers or the audience to enjoy their videos or clips or content. Therefore, the adult stars are now themselves becoming adaptive to this platform because of the good income.

The best of both the platforms depends on your utility. They both have a huge fan following in the adult industry.

Onlyfans is the platform which works with the large efficiency of the audience whereas if we talk about the manyvids, it works with the diversity when it comes to sale.

If we talk about the final winner then it's difficult because both the platforms work on different audiences, so both are somewhere similar to each other. You can only differ them according to your utility.

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