What are the Best OnlyFans Management Agencies and what do they do?

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As being one of the most widely used platforms on the internet for content making and sharing, there is a need for the promotion of the accounts which will reach more people and there will be more followers.

For the accounts which are only subscription based accounts the difference between followers and subscribers is basically none but for the open accounts anyone who follows you for free is a follower and they can look at the content that you are sharing but you can sell them PPV and get the tips from them earning yourself money.

 There are many management companies which manage the OnlyFans accounts to get more followers and subscribers.

OnlyFans Management Companies /Agnecies: Their working and who are they?

1. What is OnlyFans management?

OnlyFans management is a term used when someone who is not the part of the primary content creator team manages the account of the content creator on the OnlyFans.

This is done by the approval of the content creator and they also pay them for the work they do.

OnlyFans management also includes the promotion of the account on the different platforms like reddit, Instagram, TikTok and others to gain more followers and subscribers.

2. What Is An OnlyFans Manager?

OnlyFans manager can be a single person in charge of an OnlyFans account on behalf of the content creator of that account. They are in charge of running, designing the account as well as can manage PPV content and Direct Messages that you receive on their accounts.

They are also responsible for the promotion of the account on different platforms on the internet like reddit, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others to gain more followers and subscribers.

They can be responsible for everything from the account behind the scenes from the main person who is the face of that account.

3. What Is An OnlyFans Agency

An OnlyFans agency is a team of the experts in digital marketing and different aspects of internet promotion which will run and handle all of the things related to an OnlyFans model from managing her account to promotion her content and account on different platforms on the internet like reddit, Instagram, twitter and many more.

They work in creating an image of the model which makes her/him be more known and popular on the OnlyFans and making them a top content creator on the platform.

4. Top Five Best OnlyFans Management Firms: 

1. Unruly Agency: 

Unruly agency is a new agency which manages the OnlyFans models and creators. They have been working with top OnlyFans models like Tana Mongeau and Daisy Keech by offering them overall services on their OnlyFans account. Their main services include 

  • Helping their clients in scheduling their shoots and posting.

  • Helping clients with integrative marketing of their products.

  • Connecting influencers with brands for the partnership programs. 

  • They believe in listening to the ideas of the influencers and turning them into the production to bring them to reality.

  • They think of themselves as a concierge service for the clients.

2.Doss Agency: 

Doss agency is an agency that works with the influencers to make them successful in the market. They believe in taking clients who have figured out the content that they want to share and help them to grow rapidly on the platform. Their main points include: 

  • On average their clients make at least $3000 per month without promoting the page by themselves.

  • All the management of the account and the promotion is done by the agency itself.

  • They only let influencers create the content at home, all the other work is done by the agency itself.

3. Presence media: 

They are another one of the top agencies that works with the OnlyFans models and help them create a big fanbase to earn more money from the platform. Their main points include: 

  • They provide professional OnlyFans management.

  • Helping in marketing and fan engagement for the clients.

  • Helping to earn money for the models and make it easier for them.

  • They let their model only stress out for the content ideas and creating content other than that all the work is done by the agency itself.

  • They also take care of posting the content for their clients and have a team of copywriters and content managers to handle everything.

4. Bunny agency: 

They have an experience in managing the models and have been really great with the increasing demands and workload of the OnlyFans models. They believe in creating a bigger platform for the models to show their content and earn more money. Their main points include: 

  • Experienced agency knowing what they are doing.

  • This is a German based agency helping the models to be in the top 0.5% creators on the OnlyFans.

  • They believe in helping every model with whom they work no matter from where they are and how successful they are.

  • They have a team of social media managers and copywriters to keep the content of the creators safe and help them achieve more success with their content.

5. EMA: 

EMA is an agency which really believes in making their clients more successful even from the starting phase of their account creation. 

They have helped hundreds of clients and is a trustworthy agency to boost their track record. Their main points include: 
  • They are a data smart management company giving creators overall service.
  • They help them with the onboarding process, tools, a team for the individual creator which is dedicated, specialized oversight to the model.
  • They are many in one agency helping the clients with strategizing the content, marketing expert, as well as consulting firm.
5. What Are The Benefits Of Having A Better OnlyFans Agency?

1. Content Optimization:

An OnlyFans agency helps the clients mainly with the promotion and marketing of their accounts to gain more subscribers and followers but having a better agency with you has other benefits like content optimization.

 They are a team of strategists that helps in creating and posting the content which is best for the account of the model and each content they post help in attracting more followers by providing the best content out of the bunch.

They analyze the date and the current trends on the platform and ask their model to get the content that the audience is liking and viewing the most.

2. Schedule management of Posts: 

Posting at anytime that you are free or convenient is good for the models but it may not be good for the audience as most of them are working class and not present on the platform 24*7.

The agency which is better with the work they do helps in scheduling the post by analyzing the data trends and providing the time at which most of the followers are active on the platform.

By posting at a time when more numbers of people are present on the platform helps in making the reach much higher for the post and the chances of gaining more followers increases.

3. Page Conversion improvement: 

Page conversion is a term which shows the data of an account that shows how many people have visited the page of the model from the posts and out of them how many have liked or subscribed to the model.

A good agency helps in increasing this rate by attracting more viewers and providing them with the content that they are looking for which makes them stay on that page by subscribing or following the page of the influencer.

4. Keeping your page up to date: 

A model themselves does not have that much time on their hands to manage the whole page as per the trends as they are busy in creating the content for their page. The agency helps in keeping the account with recent trends by analyzing multiple accounts and the ever changing interests of the public.

The agency manages the page in overall aspects and helps the page to keep with the trends and making the content and the account up to date with all the recent changes so the client does not have to stress out for this.

 5. Timely Response to DMs

A model or influencer can respond to the DMs that they get to a certain extent but if the number of DMs increased to more than hundreds or thousands it becomes impossible and a lack of response to the DMs from the subscribers can be a lost subscriber.

The agency helps in responding to the DMs that the model gets on their account and helps in maintaining the interactive part of the account of the model which puts a trust on the model from the subscribers and they tend to stick with them.

6. Responding to Fans: 

Fan management is an important part of being a celebrity and by either not responding or responding in a bad way can be a loss of fans. The agency covers that too by responding to the fan feedback or suggestions as well as their messages, comments and other thing.

It is good to respond to the fans and interact with them so that they feel attached to the model which helps in maintaining a trust with the fans and celebrity and makes them feel important in their life which in return helps in maintaining the subscribers and followers.

6. What Are The Demerits Of Having OnlyFans MAnagement Firm?

Having an OnlyFans management firm is mostly good if they have integrity and loyalty otherwise there are sure demerits to this work. It basically means that you are giving your online identity and content to someone else they can misbehave with if they do not have integrity. This business is for sure of morality and integrity believe it or not. 

There are some agencies which have been even in the news who do not believe in integrity and have misused the identity of the model.

If you are an explicit content creator then these agencies treat you like a runaway model or an adult model and they are not experts in online marketing and only look for maximum profits that can hurt your account in the long term. They treat your brand not as a fan celebrity interaction but a commodity that needs to be sold.

Also, there is a trust issue with these kinds of agencies with the private content that you are sharing as there are many fans who want it to be leaked and do not protect the copyright of the material. 

Hence, for the OnlyFans management you need to make sure to choose an agency which has morality and integrity as well as an understanding of what is your work and what needs you have.

7. How Much Should An OnlyFans Agency Get?

First thing that you need to make sure of is what you are getting from the agency, not what it costs. Most of the companies ask for the 10%-30% of the earning from the platform. OnlyFans in itself take 20% of the earnings from you and if you give 30% to the agency for the work that you are doing is a bad deal.

But if you do not want to do anything with your account except creating the content then it is not a bad deal of 30%.

There are many which ask for a proper monthly charge like other social media platforms and it is a standard in internet marketing to ask for a flat monthly charge then taking a given share of the earning from the platform. 

An agency looks for growing your account outside the platform mostly but selling to the people who are already buying from you is also important for the work of an agency.

If you are not that big of a creator on the platform and new to the platform then it is necessary to get someone experienced to manage your account as they can help grow and it is good to give them a monthly charge rather than giving them a fixed percent of your earnings.


After reading all the above information the conclusion is that if you are a new creator who is earning less now than it is an advice that you do not get an agency to work with you but if you have become successful and earns in thousands of dollars each month then it is really good to have an agency back you up and earn in multiple folds of that.

  • How much do OnlyFans managers take?

Typically, OnlyFans managers take 10%-30% of the earnings that you make from the platform and there are many agencies which take a flat monthly charge from their models.

  • Are OnlyFans Agencies worth it?

If you are a successful model and has more subscribers then it become hectic to have fan interaction 24*7, and there is also market growth and promotions which are hard to handle by yourself so it is worth having an OnlyFans agency.

  • Who is the OnlyFans manager?

An OnlyFans manager is someone who handles all the aspects of your OnlyFans account except creating content from promotion, marketing, fan interaction to many other things.

  • Can a company have an OnlyFans account?

Yes, a company can have an OnlyFans account as there are many business and model agencies who have OnlyFans accounts and search and connect with the models on the platform for their agencies and companies.

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