OnlyFans Price plans: Guide on what to charge and how can you earn

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Hey, are you looking for OnlyFans Price plans: Guide on what to charge and how can you earn, then you are at right place.

Only Fans is a content-based subscription service for all types of content. Majorly adult content. The creators can post anything on the Only Fans account without much restriction and this feature has made Only Fans a big name in the industry.

There is no fixed set of rules on how much you should charge as a creator and how much you can earn on Only Fans but there are few things to know before starting an Only Fans account which would help you get more subscribers and eventually more money. 

OnlyFans Price plans: Detailed Guide on what to charge and how can you earn

Who uses OnlyFans?

You might think that OnlyFans is used by adult content creators only, but this is not the case at all.

All types of content creators use OnlyFans to promote their content and gain more popularity and fame, be it Hollywood stars, models or common people. Many fitness trainers, fashion models and Hollywood celebrities post the exclusive content on Only Fans account. Blac Chyna and Bella Thorne are famous for their activity and content on Only Fans.

But the fact remains that OnlyFans is mostly used by porn stars, sex workers and NFSW content creators to earn money. The adult content creators create exclusive content on their OnlyFans account which is protected by a firewall. You will not find this exclusive content on any other platform, and this makes the user even more interested in watching that content.

To access the exclusive content, you have to pay the subscriptions fees and sign up on your favourite creator’s account. The creators also give paid premium services on OnlyFans which is hard to find on other platforms.

These services and subscription fees help the OnlyFans creators to monetize their content and earn well through their fanbase. 

How much can you earn on OnlyFans?

You must have seen the outrageous headlines of OnlyFans news about the creators making an insane amount of money on OnlyFans but these are not necessarily wrong. People do actually make a lot of money on OnlyFans but this does not mean that everyone can make that much.

You have to be very active on your account and post high quality content including videos and pictures so that your fans keep on buying the subscriptions repeatedly. So, now the main question that comes to mind is- How much can you earn on OnlyFans? 

The answer is variable, and it depends on how well you monetize your content. 

The minimum subscription on OnlyFans account is nearly $49.99 per month and it can go as high as you want if you have built a loyal fan base who would pay anything to see your content. So, to earn more, it is very important to engage with the fans and build a strong base.

One of the top creators on OnlyFans known as Miss Swedish Bella has the subscription fees of only $6 but she earns an insane amount of money from the private live shows she organizes for her fans and all customized content that her fans ask for. She has revealed in an interview that she has a massive following on Instagram as well but that did not result in good earnings. But when she joined Onlyfans, it changed the game for her forever.

In other words, the earning forecast depends on the quality of the content you upload, engagement with your fans and consistency in your account. 

To understand more and learn the tips and tricks on how to make money on OnlyFans, watch the video shared below.

How can you really earn on OnlyFans?

As discussed above, to make money on OnlyFans, you have to focus on the quality and quantity of the content you post. You have to build a strong fan base who are loyal to you and are interested in your content. So, make sure to engage with your fans as often as you can as this develops a kind of relationship and fans become addicted to your content. To earn more on OnlyFans, you have to do the following things:

  • Upload “pay to unlock” content in your profile- You can upload ‘pay to unlock’ content on your profile apart from the paywall. This will increase your earning as the fans who want to see more of your content will pay an additional amount apart from the subscription fees that they have already paid.
  • Additional Tips on OnlyFans- You can ask your fans to leave tips for you if they like what you post on your account or if they want something special in the future content. This way also the earning gets increased. Tips are very effective as an additional source of money as the fans do not feel that you are forcing them to pay you anything but it is their choice of how much they want to pay and if they want to pay.
  • Selling Custom Content on OnlyFans- If your fans have special requests, you can ask them to pay extra for customized content or private shows. This really increases the amount you normally earn from posting content on OnlyFans. Customized content has a lot of buzz in the adult content industry as some people are very specific on what they like to watch and don’t mind paying extra for that.

The most effective way to arrange all of the points mentioned above, you can simply make a ‘menu’ on your account so that your fans can see the prices for the customized options that you have to offer. For example, you can mention in the menu that a striptease video starts from $15 and prices can go up depending on the customization asked.

If you are a beginner and want to learn more and understand the algorithm on how you can earn more on OnlyFans and lure your fans to pay more, then you must watch the video shared below as the creator has explained all the basics of OnlyFans monetization in deep detail. 

How much should you charge on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform on which influencers post their content and monetize to earn money. But to earn money and to understand how much you should charge on OnlyFans, you have to entice the fans to subscribe to your OnlyFans page and keep them interested in buying your customized content. We have highlighted few points which you must understand to know how much you should charge according to the content:

  • Check other creators on OnlyFans- The first thing you must do while deciding on how much you should charge is to look what other creators are charging for their content. So, you have to explore the similar content creators in your niche to understand the price dynamics. Also understand that just by looking at how much anybody else is charging, you can charge the same amount because it does not happen that way.
    You have to check how many subscribers they have and the quality of content that they post to understand why the fans are willing to pay that amount and then you have to bring your content to that level to charge the same.
  • Focus on PPV messages- If you are planning to earn more via the PPV services rather than posting all of your content on the account, then you must focus on the PPV more than the basic content.
    For this, you will have to keep your subscription fees low so that you can charge your subscribers for PPV messages. This way the fans do not get irritated by high charges as they get a subscription for less amount. 
  • Video to Photo ratio- The video and photo ration is very important to plan your price list. So, you must first decide how many videos you plan to post on your account in comparison to the photos.
    It is very clear that the subscribers are more inclined towards videos than photos, so if you are up for posting high quality videos more frequently than photos, you can charge more. 

Check the video shared below to know more about how much to charge.

OnlyFans Pricing examples:

OnlyFans creators have the privilege to customize their price list as per their convenience. A price list or menu helps the subscribers to get an idea of what they can expect if they subscribe to your OnlyFans account. This eliminates the risk of losing subscribers as people do not easily pay money if they don’t know what to expect. Some of the pricing examples to add in your menu are:

  1. Custom content pricing- Fans preferred who pay tips and buy custom content.
  • Standard Custom Video- $8 per minute (varies as per customization)
  • Standard Custom picture- $5 each
  1. Monthly subscription fees- Subscription based content available for all fans at just $7.99 per month.
  2. Premade content pricing- Get Premade PPV content for prices mentioned below:
  • Standard picture- $2 each
  • Standard video- $8 per minute
  • Premium picture- $4 each

Check the video to know about price list.

Frequently asked questions:

Why are there sex workers on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a loved platform for sex workers as there are no restrictions of posting any content unlike other social media platforms. This platform is safe for sex workers unlike the conventional sex industry, and they get to earn more by sitting in their personal space while working.

The sex workers get a freedom of working at their convenience and as per their rules and standards. The best thing about OnlyFans is that you can earn even without showing your face. 

How much safety, privacy and control do you have on your content?

The most loved thing about OnlyFans is that the content creators have a secure place to post their content without restrictions and judgements. The content creator on OnlyFans has complete control on their content and the prices they ask for their content.

The creators can design their business model as per their own thinking and Onlyfans do not interfere in that. You can post your content on OnlyFans without even showing your face and this gives the content creators full privacy on how they want to lead with their account on OnlyFans. Hence, Onlyfans is very secure to use. 

How much does OnlyFans take?

Like every other subscription-based platform, OnlyFans will also take some percentage of your earnings for using their platform. OnlyFans takes 20% of your earnings as a commission. Hence, you will get 80% earnings of the total 100%.

This is a very good deal as taking 80% of the 100% is a lot and you have all the added benefits unlike other camp sites such as a secure place to work, control over your content and working as per your own rules and prices. 

What is the minimum subscription price for OnlyFans?

The minimum subscription price that you must set on your account is $4.99 per month. You can only make money if you have fans subscribed to your account.

Hence, the subscription process plays an effective role in earning on OnlyFans as a content creator. The earnings, however, could be increased by offering PPV messages and customized content apart from subscription fees. 

What are the average earnings of OnlyFans Creators?

The answer to this question varies depending on how famous you are on OnlyFans. There are few creators who earn thousands of dollars in one month while some creators earn very less or nothing. The average earning is around $180-$200 per month for an OnlyFans creator.


To conclude, we hope that you find this article helpful. We have explained all the important points that you must know as a content creator on OnlyFans on how to create your price list and how to earn well on OnlyFans.

If you are a beginner, you must understand the basics of what to post and how to charge for the content so that you can be famous on OnlyFans and earn a good amount of money. Your focus should be primarily on the quality and quantity of the content that you will post because at the end, everything depends on that. 

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