Can you buy or invest in OnlyFans Stocks? What do you need to know?

January 2, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for buying or investing in OnlyFans Stocks? What do you need to know? then you are at right place.

Who doesn't want to make some extra money, right? But you can't simply invest in OnlyFans, this huge start-up is owned by a private entity, Fenix International Limited.

However, if there will ever be an IPO of OnlyFans, you must go for it. The future of this not-so-adult social media platform seems brighter than the Sun!

In the fiscal year of 2020, OnlyFans made more than $400 million in profit. And more than 1.25 million creators present on this platform made over $3 billion.

If OnlyFans ever launched an IPO, it would be the hottest headline of that year!

But first, you must research well about this young start-up. Yes, we know, you've heard a lot about OnlyFans and maybe you are its customer as well. However, one thing is always uncertain in equity and that's its success. Just because this start-up is getting popular doesn't mean it will always stay as hot as it is now. Read further to know OnlyFans to its core!

Can You Buy or Invest in OnlyFans Stocks? What You Need to Know?

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform for creators. This London-based start-up was launched in 2016, and it is famously known for its adult content.

However, OnlyFans does not promote itself as an adult social media platform. At the start of the year 2024, OnlyFans cause the mayhem in the lives of its 130 million creators when it declared that it would ban sexual content on its site.

However, adult artists are still running their OnlyFans pages, and nobody's sure whether they'll ever ban NSFW content on their site or not! Since 2016, OnlyFans has given golden opportunities to hot models to live a luxurious lifestyle by showing off their hot bodies.

Are there any OnlyFans stocks?

Not yet, however, we are hoping that it will go public someday. The company has grown to a substantial level and after a few years or maybe more it will go public for sure. The name of its parent company is Fenix International Limited (FIL), a private limited company.

You can't buy it directly as we mentioned earlier. However, if you are an employee of FIL or OnlyFans then you can purchase its stocks easily, as private limited companies sell their stocks to their staff.

Do you invest in start-ups? If yes, then as an Angel investor, you can invest directly in OnlyFans. But you have to be careful while investing in private limited companies like OnlyFans as they are not registered with The Securities and Exchange Commission.

Remember, you are investing in OnlyFans only based on its evaluation and reputation in the market. Private limited companies do not share significant information such as financial soundness, historical sales, and profit trends.

What are the potentials for OnlyFans stock as a Public Company?

According to Axios, OnlyFans is in talks with multiple companies and SPAC, as they have shown interest in going public. The year 2020 was a lucky year for OnlyFans or if precisely put, millions of sex-deprived people stuck at home with nothing to do, joined OnlyFans to explore its adult content and its profited company.

OnlyFans put a lot of effort into fixing their notorious reputation as an adult social media platform, however, it requires more than some claims and advertisement. And because of this, SPAC is no longer interested in launching an IPO for OnlyFans. But it doesn't mean that they won't go public!

Few things have gone wrong for the OnlyFans, else, OnlyFans would have gone public by now. OnlyFans has launched OFTV, a platform where they can create more professional content. This move of OnlyFans turned out to be beneficial for them and more such tactics are needed to turn the table.

Recently, OnlyFans has hired a team of executives because they want to scale up now. In hope of better results, they have replaced their CEO and the founder, Tim Stokely with Amrapali "Ami" Gan. Amrapali is an Indian, and before becoming the CEO of the company, she was the chief marketing and communications officer.

Points to consider before investing or buying:

1. Who owns OnlyFans? 

Before you invest in their company, shouldn't you be aware of them? Timothy Christopher Stokely is the majority owner of OnlyFans. Timothy is a British businessman, and before founding OnlyFans, he had multiple porn businesses. He started his career with sites like Glam Girls and Customs4U. The Sunday Times once called him the "king of homemade porn".

OnlyFans' parent company, i.e., Fennix limited International is a British-based tech company. They have invested heavily in this newfound start-up. Fennix limited is a very mysterious company, the only information about them is that they own OnlyFans. Although they call themselves a British company, it is based out of the UK.

2. Do OnlyFans stocks fit into your portfolio? 

Ask yourself, would you prefer playing safe in stocks or adventurous? If you said adventure, then OnlyFans would fit into your portfolio.

OnlyFans is in talks to go public, as we already know. However, it was launched recently, and it has already been 6 years since the day of its launch. We don't know if it would continue behaving like this or not.

If you want to invest in a long-term stock, which would benefit you for several coming years. However, if you like playing risky and investing in short-term benefits. Then, this stock would fit into your portfolio!

3. How much should you invest in OnlyFans stocks? 

Investing in some companies is very subjective and it doesn't have any straightforward answer. If you wish to invest money in this app then we would suggest, waiting a bit, in case of an IPO. Because, at the time of IPO, the stocks are sold at overvalue and after a while, they lose their value substantially to balance themselves. And because of that, you can lose a big sum in the beginning. Wait for a while, let others buy them first, then try investing!

Who Are OnlyFans Competitor?

1. Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

As many already know, Zoom is a video conferencing app which is used primarily for conference meetings, live chats and webinars. It can be operated through PC and mobile as well.

It is considered a potential competitor of OnlyFans because you can connect with your favourite creators here as well. And it is somewhat better because, here, you won't catch any nude models.

2. Meta Platforms, Inc.

Meta Platforms include popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

They are the biggest threat to OnlyFans because they do not have any adult content on their platform. Therefore, it has a bigger audience of various age groups than OnlyFans.

3. Snap, Inc.

Famously called Snapchat, this social media platform moved the whole market back in 2016, because of its popular filters.

Everyone was busy creating streaks for months, dedicating each day of their lives. Also, the dog filter used to have a separate fan base. Even now some are using it.

All these platforms have control over the market substantially. And if it wants to grow more like these giant apps, then it'll have to eliminate adult content from its platform.


Porn sells itself; it doesn't require any advertising. The same thing happened with OnlyFans as well, they wanted to create a social media platform for creators where they could connect with their fans. Little did they know that OnlyFans would someday become such a huge name in the adult industry. 

If you are huge fans of OnlyFans and want to support your favourite platform by investing, you'll have to wait for a little while. Nobody knows when it will happen, but we are certain that someday it will! 

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