Patreon Vs OnlyFans? Which site is Better for Adult Content Creator and Why?

January 1, 2024 in How To

Are you here to find out who is better among Patreon vs Onlyfans? You are at right place.

With the growing usage of the internet in the modern era, various subscription-based online platforms are coming up. One such old player in the market is Patreon where there are various celebrities and influencers and content creators generating money out of it and expanding their reach. 

It is the same as OnlyFans where content creators upload various content and make money out of it. It helps them connect with their audience. There is one prime difference between the two online platforms; OnlyFans does allow the adult content to be uploaded while Patreon does not.

Let’s know about these in a better way.

Onlyfans vs Patreon | Which Site Is Better For Adult Content Creators? [2024]

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based online platform where you can monetize your content as a creator.

It has helped a huge deal to the adult industry in expanding their influence, increasing their business, the mass message with their users, and earning through Pay-Per-View based content (audio and video). OnlyFans is based out of London and has helped the creators earn through pay-per-view and tips received by their users. 

The site comes with an easy-to-use interface and various features that will help you to create your profile, add video, audio, or text, and directly engage with your fans as a creator. Here you can follow other users if you want to like Instagram. These features will help you in making things easy to make money. 

What is Patreon?

Now, Patreon is based out of America. It also acts as a business tool for various content creators. It provides rewards for its subscribers and has proved to be a successful platform for generating sustainable income from your posts and creations. 

It is a well-known subscription site where once you subscribe to a creator’s page you can access his/ her content. Here the payments can either be monthly for a subscription or once.

Here, you can engage with your users and ask them to support you for your work and become your long-term Patreon. Once you have plenty of followers, you can offer your fans some special deals or content personally. 

Features for Content Creators

Onlyfans Features

  • A kind of platform that is used by influencers to sell their content (videos or pictures)
  • It is a monthly based subscription platform where you need to subscribe to a celebrity or a content creator’s page to access their content. 
  • There is no restriction on the type of content that you can post here. The restriction was put during October 2016 but was lifted due to severe backlash from the porn and adult industry.
  • Since its launch in 2016, the amount the company has paid to its users is $600 million
  • There are various digital channels through which the subscribers can pay
  •  You can interact with your audience through Live video streaming as you can do on Instagram or Facebook.
  • It allows you to share your posts or stories on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • Tipping- It is a new feature that has been added. It is a great way to motivate a creator to always come up with new and interesting content for their users. 
  • Top Fan badges-Now this is something interesting! You can reward your loyal customers with some exclusive services. This will help you to retain your customers. 
  • PPV- PPV stands for pay-per-view. You can send your fans some content with some price attached to it and they have to pay the price to check that media out. 
  • You can also schedule your posts, and share your everyday stories as you do on Facebook and Instagram. You can pin your favorite creators. 
  • You can also purchase content from your favorite content creator. You can make payments n OnlyFans through any digital mode of payment. 

Patreon Features

  • A platform that connects creators and their fans. This works on a tiered basis. The higher the tier of your fan, the more perks they get. This is flexible for you as a creator to set limits as and whenever you want. 
  • Whether you are a podcaster or a youtube content creator, it is a place for many kinds of content creators. 
  •  You can set various levels of tiers- among which your fans can choose depending on the budget. 
  • The site has various features to help creators manage their patrons, connect with their fans, keep a track of income and make payments.
  • You can make payments via Paypal for easy funds transfer
  • Discord feature- With this, you can add your fans or patrons to a separate private channel.
  • Vimeo- Integrating Vimeo, will help you select your audience and experiment with your content to make it more innovative. 
  • WordPress Plugin and Patron Plugin - These plugins combined will help you convert your profile visitors to become your long-term subscribers. 
  • MailChimp-This is a sort of emailing feature where you can share all the information with your patrons and keep them updated. 
  • Discourse-A place for private discussion, Q&A rounds, and discussions
  • Patronizer-This one will help you bring together the names of your patrons if you wish to add them to the end credits of any video.
  • There are many other features like TubBuddy, Patreon Lens, Crowdcast, and a lot more when integrated will you be creative and innovate your content to its best.

Target Audience and Payment method

Payment, Pricing and Payout frequency



Fees and pricing

The fees are 5-12% plus 3% of the processing fee

The fees and pricing are 20% (payment processing fee inclusive)


There is integration with various sites like Steamlabs, Mailchimp, and Converkit which makes it easier to promote on many social accounts

One can find it relatively less convenient to promote as sometimes TikTok or IG could ban if someone is promoting OnlyFans profiles

Payment Method

Payment can be done via Paypal, Payoneer, and Stripe and can be drawn manually or automatically every month

Payment is done via bank account, Venmo, or Paypal as per your location (monthly)

Payment time

1st of every month

On the very first day, you sign up

Restriction on content

Explicit content is restricted.

No restriction on the content

Target Audience

The audience can be from YouTubers to podcasters. The audience here is general and not specific

The audience may vary from a cook to a beautician to a motivational speaker. But OnlyFans is mostly famous for its adult content.

Various channels of revenue

Monthly subscriptions of your users

From monthly subscriptions plus tips and pay-per-view content

Final Verdict- Now to say which one is better, there is no clear answer! If you are into adult content strictly then definitely OnlyFans is the one for you.

While if you already have many followers and just are looking for a platform to engage with your fans and ask them to support you then you might want to choose Patreon.

Traffic and promotion 

With Patreon

Patreon being the online subscription-based platform, it targets the general audience. You can find a variety of accounts from YouTubers, writers, and adult content creators to musicians.

 Relatively, the guidelines are stricter than that of OnlyFans. It was launched in the year 2013 and by now there are 6 million users on the platform and more than 2lacs content creators.

With OnlyFans 

OnlyFans primely targets the adult industry. Other creators are catering to other audiences as well but majorly it is for the adult entertainment industry.

Since its launch in the year 2016, it has paid more than $600 million to its content creators and has more than 50 million users and about 1 million content creators overall.

Promoting your Patreon account on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is easier than OnlyFans as you do not need to fear being banned for your content there.

Who is better?

Based on the above information, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that OnlyFans is better to incase of Traffic and promotion. It has reached and diversified itself since its launch.

It has been a better option than Patreon in this sense. For the promotion of your account on other platforms, Patreon is better for sure. However, in the case of OnlyFans promotion might take a toll because of the adult content which may not be allowed on every social media platform. 

Payout and its frequency and payment percentage

With Patreon

Any platform that you use to promote your content takes a part of your earnings. Patreon takes 5% and 12% of our earnings depending on whether you are using a basic, pro, or premium account.

With OnlyFans

This also being the subscription-based platform, the payout rate exists here also. On OnlyFans it takes up 20% of whatever you have earned and the reaming 80% is your earned share.

Who is better?

OnlyFans takes 20%of your earnings while Patreon takes around 5 to 12%. This data is self-explanatory that Patreon is better in terms of processing fees and pricing rates. 

Content and censorship

With Patreon

Patreon is a content monetization platform, one should know about the kind of content you can put up as per the guidelines.

You can put all kinds of content here except for the explicit adult content.

This in no way means nudity is not allowed on Patreon, it is the explicit sexual content that you cannot put here.

With OnlyFans

OnlyFans gives you liberty and freedom to put any kind of content. It is home to many subscribers and content creators from a wide range of niche audiences.

Mainly it is known for its explicit adult content catering to the adult entertainment industry, porn stars, sex workers, etc.

There is no restriction on the content here.

Who is better?

It depends on the purpose of your account. If you as a content creator are from the adult industry or want to post explicit sexual content then OnlyFans, hands-down is your answer!

While if you are a general content creator and want to engage with our audience in your live sessions, promotions, or announcements, then it does not matter really. As the prime difference is that you can use OnlyFans for the adult and lewd content while on Patreon such content is not allowed explicitly. 

Final word and the winner is!

We are sure, this is not a head-scratching question anymore to you. It will answer you for yourself when you ask yourself the purpose of your account on the platform. If you are someone, who believes in no restrictions, no questions being asked, and being all out (pun intended) then of course OnlyFans is your go-to place. 

At the same time, if all you want is a genuine connection with your audience and them supporting you in any way they can, Patreon is the one for you. It is going to work well for you if don’t mind keeping track of different tiers from time to time.

Having said this, nothing works like a magic wand in the air. Whether you choose OnlyFans or Patreon, good things take time. You won’t become rich in a day or two, it will ask for your consistency, authenticity, hard work, and engaging content- no matter the platform you use!

The successful people have worked their a** off on these platforms to reach where they have reached. They have incorporated the best marketing techniques, cross-promotions, shout-outs by various influencers and everything else put together has paved their way to reach where they are. 

With little differences here and there, both the platforms are superb in their way. OnlyFans is not only restricted to NSFW content and the Patreon is not limited to just podcasters or YouTubers.

Both are extremely helpful for all kinds of content- it is up to your discretion and analysis to find out what would suit better for your account and fans. 

Analyze and find for yourself!

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