10+ Best Deepnude AI Telegram bots – Fake Nude Undress Bots

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Are you looking for how to create deepfake image of your favorite celebrities and still not finding right answers?

Here we have done the maths for you. As you all know WhatsApp is the most used messaging application among people. However, there is one messaging application that has been rising to be a game-changer and that is Telegram. 

Get ready to dive into the world of artificial intelligence and explore its more scandalous side. Telegram is the messaging app that has become a hotbed for all things naughty.

With the rise of deepnude and deepfake bots, Telegram has become a one-stop shop for those seeking to indulge their voyeuristic desires. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best deepnude and deepfake bots available on Telegram and delve into the ethical implications surrounding these controversial technologies.

Quick Roundup: Top 2 Best Telegram Deep Nude Bots - Undress AI Bots

BONUS: check this  Undress.VIP Telegram Bot  for the best fake nudes ai clothes off bot. In just a few clicks undress anyone

Telegram deepnude bots sometimes get banned and hence a web app is better and recommended. The highest rated recommendation would be to try these Deepnude Apps?

  1. DeepSwap (Highly Recommended)— best of the best
  2. Undress.app:  Easiest way to remove clothes from any image in just few clicks
  3. PornX: Clothes removal web app
  4. SoulGen — best NSFW AI image generator

What are the fake deepnude ai bots on Telegram?

Deepfake bots on Telegram have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to create incredibly realistic and convincing videos. While the technology behind deepfakes can be controversial, there are some undeniable advantages to using these bots on Telegram.

One advantage of deepfake bots on Telegram is their potential for entertainment value.  This opens up a whole new realm of creative expression and allows users to explore their imagination in a visually engaging way.

Overall, while there are certainly risks associated with deepfakes and their misuse, utilizing these bots on platforms like Telegram has its advantages. From providing entertainment value to fostering media literacy, they offer a glimpse into the power of artificial intelligence while encouraging society to remain vigilant in discerning fact from fiction in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Popular deepnude telegram bots are: 

  1. Undress.VIP Telegram Bot(Highly Recommended) This is one of the best undressing bots on Telegram. It is currently active and highly recommended
  2. Astrid AI- This deepfake app is the Editor’s choice and is best for making custom videos with your loved one. With this undressing software, you just need a few clicks to make high-quality deepfake videos with your favorite celebs  
  3. Nubee.ai- This undressing app is currently active and on signing up, you get 1 free credit.  
  4. XXX Ray Bot- Currently active undressing bot on Telegram, it produces high-quality deepfake videos and pictures
  5. Remove Clothes Bot- This is an active deepnude bot on Telegram that produces great output, however, it is a little slow
  6. Fakeudes5bot- This AI undressing software gives 3 free credits on every new sign-up.
  7. SnapDress- Currently an active bot on Telegram, it gives its new members one free image conversion 
  8. AIPIPI-This is one of the best deepnude bots on Telegram that has the fastest conversion time
  9. Deepfakebot- You can skip this deepnude bot and try the above-mentioned
  10. Round DeepFake- We won’t recommend this undressing app. Rather you should try the above-mentioned
  11. Deepfake Nudes- We won’t recommend this undressing app. Rather you should try the above-mentioned
  12. Clothes Remover AI- We won’t recommend this undressing app. Rather you should try the above-mentioned
  13. BikiniBot- Quite popular for generating deepfake pictures in less than 20 seconds, this bot gives you your first nude for free. After the free trial, every picture conversion costs you $60 cents. 
  14. DeepFaker Bot- This telegram bot is also available as a mobile app on iOS and Google Play Store.   
  15. DeepNudesBot-  With this AI undressing app, you get high-quality nudes at just a nominal price starting from $3 
  16. Nudification 2.0- This undressing telegram bot is popular among youth for generating realistic nudes   
  17. Nudify Online- This deepnude bot on Telegram generates the highest accuracy of nudes and bikini pictures
  18. BraUndress- This is the newest undressing bot on Telegram that gives you 1 free try

How to use DeepNude bots on Telegram?

Deepfake technology has been making waves in recent years, and now it seems to have found its way into the realm of chat apps with the emergence of Telegram Deepfake bots. These bots allow users to create ultra-realistic nude images by seamlessly superimposing faces onto adult content. While some may argue that this technology is unethical and invasive, others see it as a form of self-expression or even a tool for artistic exploration. 

What sets Telegram nude ai bots apart is their accessibility and user-friendly interface. With just a few simple commands, users can generate fake nude images within seconds. 

You must have seen many deepfake bots on Telegram these days and you can choose the best among all of them based on your needs. There were many deepfake bots that were closed by the developers after the controversy of how people are using these bots to create deepfake nudes of women, especially underage girls to harm them. 

However, there are still some bots running on Telegram that generate deepfake nudes and you can search them online easily. 

We will take the Undress.VIP Telegram bot for example. It is a free AI undress generator, and it generates nude images highly accurately and quickly. Other than this, this bot also ensures privacy and data protection as it claims not to save any data of the users. 

Here are simple steps to use Undress.VIP Telegram bot:

Step 1- Open the Telegram on your device. It is compatible with all types of devices including Apple and Android phones, laptops, and tablets.

Step 2: On the screen of the Telegram app, you will see a search icon. Type Undress. VIP in the search tab and click on it to use it

Step 3: The result will appear on the screen as soon as you click enter. Click on the telegram bot to open it. 

Step 4: There will be a message from the admin of the bot regarding the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy that you need to agree on for using the telegram bot.

Step 5: Once you accept the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, you will be allowed to generate deepfake nudes. Just upload any picture that you want to generate a deepfake nude of on the telegram bot and the result will be generated in a few seconds.

Step 6: You can save this deepfake image on your device or share it with your contacts.

Top 5 nudify Deepnude Telegram Bots

  1. Deepswap

What makes Deepswap get listed in our top deepfake telegram bots is its hi-tech technology. 

This deepnude bot on Telegram is integrated with the most advanced AI technology that generates face swap videos, photos, and GIFs online. This is an online face-swapping tool that you can use to create your own customized realistic porn work in just a few clicks. This online deepnude tool has made it quite easy to put any face on a porn video, image, or even on a GIF.

It is quite popular among youth for generating ultra realistic fake nude images. The advanced AI technology integrated into the bot allows the user to swap at least six faces in a single picture. 

  1. Undress.VIP Telegram Bot

Underess.VIP Telegram Bot is the most trusted name in the AI industry. It is the best deepnude tool for beginners as it has a very simple interface that anyone can use. There is one feature that is distinctive in the Undress.VIP bot and that is apart from generating accurate nudes of any image, it also lets you customize any specific part of the image.

This telegram bot is simple to use, you just need to upload any of your photos and select your preferred style. Undress.VIP is capable of quickly and accurately removing the clothes from the picture.  

  1. Astrid AI

This is one of the best deepfake telegram bots you will ever find on the internet. This telegram bot creates high-quality deepfake videos quickly and easily. This telegram bot provides an excellent and easy-to-use platform for users to create deepfake videos. 

This deepfake telegram bot provides you with an excellent opportunity to create free deepfake videos with celebrities and custom videos with your crush.

This deepfake bot is integrated with advanced artificial intelligence technology that delivers highly accurate and realistic deepfake content as per your preferences.   

  1. Nubee.ai

Nubee.AI is revolutionizing the world of artificial intelligence with its groundbreaking deepfake bot technology. This innovative platform allows users to create incredibly realistic videos by seamlessly swapping faces and manipulating facial expressions. 

What sets Nubee.AI apart from other deepfake tools is its user-friendly interface and advanced AI algorithms. The platform's intuitive controls make it accessible even for those without technical expertise. Moreover, Nubee.AI stands out for its commitment to ethical practices in the ever-evolving landscape of deepfakes. The company places a strong emphasis on responsible use and promoting awareness about the potential risks associated with the misuse of this technology. 

  1. XXX Ray Bot

One of the standout features of XXX Ray Bot is its advanced image recognition capability. This powerful technology allows the bot to analyze and interpret images with remarkable accuracy, making it ideal for industries such as e-commerce and advertising.

By simply uploading an image, users can receive detailed information about objects, colors, patterns, and even emotions depicted in the picture. This feature not only saves time but also opens up exciting possibilities for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies or improve their product catalog management.


In conclusion, deepnude and deepfake technology continue to advance and evolve, with Telegram bots being at the forefront of this innovation. The top deepnude and deepfake Telegram bots offer users a wide range of options for creating realistic and convincing manipulated content.

While these bots may have their benefits for entertainment purposes, it is crucial to recognize the ethical implications they bring along. With the potential for misuse and harm, it is important for society to engage in discussions about the responsible use of such technology. 


Can I trust Telegram bots?

Yes, you can trust telegram bots. There are many reliable and trustworthy Telegram bots available on the internet and it is crucial to exercise caution and use them with discernment. One important thing that raises concerns is the security of personal data. With access to messages, private conversations, and potentially sensitive information, it's essential to ensure that the bot you are using respects your privacy. 

How to recognize bots on Telegram?

One way to identify bots on Telegram is their lack of online status. While most active users will display an online status when they are actively using the app, bots often do not show any indication of being online or offline. They operate silently in the background, carrying out automated actions without any visible presence. This absence of human activity can be used as a key indicator to spot a bot.

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