What is OnlyFans? What all do you need to know about this NSFW site?

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OnlyFans is a subscription-based, online platform that gained huge popularity and attention during the COVID lockdowns of the year 2020. Since then it has become a world of its own where various sex workers, adult content creators, entertainers, musicians, and painters monetize their influence.

It was the crackdown of platforms like Instagram when the OnlyFans became a center of all adults things where the celebrities like Cardi B and Bhad Bhabie used this to monetize their influence. 

It was in 2021 when the explicit content was barred on OnlyFans. As per the founder and CEO, Tim Stokely it was the banks that were responsible for the ban. There was a backlash that the company received from a large number of adult content creators that the company had to take back their policy changes. 

This platform and app were created in the year 2016 where the viewers or followers have to pay for the content be it video, audio, or text via the monthly subscriptions. Here the creators post their content behind their paywall, for which the fans will have to pay their monthly subscription to access any content. 

What is OnlyFans and How much do you need to know about this NSFW site? [2024]

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans was launched in the year 2016 and is a subscription-based platform where users can sell or purchase the content in order to access it. In OnlyFans, creators offer exclusive content to their audience and can make money through the process of it. OnlyFans today has 50 million users that are registered or more and more than 1 million people that are content creators. 

The platform does not have many restrictions which helps the creators to post the kind of content they want. The platform is mostly known for its adult content and creators. When one hears about OnlyFans, the first thing they think of is the adult content or models sharing NSFW content. 

Who uses OnlyFans and who all famous personalities are there on it?

As explained a lot of creative people from the field of music, art, entertainment, and adult industry are on the OnlyFans. Initially, it was the professional workers who began much before the platform existed.

Various porn stars, escorts, and models have expanded their services making the maximum use of this platform. It is also a market for various chefs, fitness trainers, and art. 

Though the platform is vastly used by many sex workers, there are various celebrities that have been on this platform to promote this content. It was the famous celebrity Cardi B that started her account for the promotion of her song “WAP” casting Megan Thee Stallion.

Mostly, she uses this platform to promote her new music on it as she is not very active on it. Other celebrities like Dj Khaled and Fat Joe launched their joint account on OnlyFans in the year 2021.

They used the platform for inspirational speeches to their audience. The Dream launched their account to promote their album. Here you will not find any explicit videos. It was created just to connect with their fanbase and promote their albums. 

From other celebrities, Hollywood couple Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena, reality tv stars like Blac Chyna, and Bachelor Chad Johnson joined the OnlyFans to connect with their fanbase. In 2020, Tyga also joined when he announced that he will be using the platform for sharing exclusive content like videos, photos, and music. Tyga used this medium to connect with his fan and show them a glimpse of his daily life.

A rapper named “Rack City” in December 2020 also announced the launch of Too Raww which was a management company aimed to help people find their careers. Various other celebrities that have joined the OnlyFans account are

  • Tana Mongeau- Influencer
  • Farrah Abraham- Reality TV star
  • Dorinda Medley- Reality TV star
  • Larsa Pippen- TV personality
  • Aaron Carter- Musician
  • Amber Rose- Internet sensation
  • Jordyn Woods- Internet sensation

How to join OnlyFans?

There are two ways to join the account. Visit the official website and create your own account. The other way is to join through your Twitter or Google account. 

When the account is created, it is advisable to go to your account settings page if you wish to change your email, username, and other settings. In the image below, the sidebar will give you access to your profile, notification, and security settings. 

The final step is to fix a subscription price and change the name that you want as the Display name. 

How to make money from OnlyFans? Add payment information, set subscription, and pay-per-view message.

When you have created your account and managed your settings on the account. The next thing you want to do is verify your account, fix your subscription price, and add payment information. Once you have done all that, you will be able to post your content and lock them behind your paywall. 

Add payment information and verify your account

After logging into your account, go to the Menu option then select Add bank.

The account will ask for your personal information like your name, date of birth, address, and ID Proof (passport or driver’s license). You should be 18+ years in order to make an account on OnlyFans. The creators from the United States will have to complete their W-9 form. The platform will also ask if you wish to post porn. 

Fix your account subscription price

The next step is to fix your subscription price. For that, you need to go to the Menu, select Profile, click on your Edit Profile button, and check out the Subscription Price and Bundles. You need to add your Bank account or payment information and then you can set your subscription price. 

What is PPV and how to earn from it?

Now, PPV is pay-per-view as its name suggests. There are additional tools on the platform by which you can earn money. Pay-per-view is the content that you send to your viewers, and fans to access which they have to pay a price attached to it.

You can send PPV to individual fans by sending a message to them and attaching your media with the price tag in the bottom right corner. The user will have to pay the price in order to access that content or media. 

There is also a way through which you can mass send PPV to all your fans. 

Go to messaging page- Select New Message- All subscribers-Add your text-Attach media-click the price icon to fix a price-Click SEND 

What content can you post on OnlyFans?

You should know the audience you are catering to and the kind of content they would want to pay for. It is a subscription-based platform and there is no restriction as such on the kind of content you can post here. So, you can post any kind of videos, or content that you think will love to watch be it explicit or otherwise. 

However, OnlyFans is famous for its lewd and crude content. You can check out the top accounts on OnlyFans and explore the kind of content they are posting on their accounts and the response they get. 

Some creators choose not to show their faces on their content and that is perfectly fine. But many may not subscribe to them for this reason. So, you can research by literally checking out various accounts and their niche audiences.

It is not only confined to the adult industry if you are a fitness trainer, a chef, or a dancer, but you might also as well utilize it to connect with your fan and promote your work. For instance, there are many celebrities already here like Mayweather not posting any nudes but sharing rare pictures and not seen before content. Cardi B too chose to share some real pictures, sharing some bits about her life. 

There are many who use it as an adult account and many choose to see it differently and utilize it in that way. 

Moreover, as most of the content is adult, there are ways you can ensure that your child below 18 is not watching it. There have been reports that have shown that children have created fake identifications and have used their family member’s id proof to create their accounts. And in the case of bank details, there have been reports when kids have used alternative modes like Cash App to set up the account. 

Ensure a parental lock and make sure they do not have access to any of these. Also, set privacy controls on their devices to manage what they can access. Also, filter and block certain sites with your broadband service provider. Make your internet a safe place for the entire family. 

How do you subscribe to creators?

This is very simple!  In order to subscribe to any creator, you need not be a creator itself on the platform. It is the same as Instagram where you can follow anyone you like with some differences. 

All you need is an account on OnlyFans>go to Home Page> Find people you may like> check out their subscription price and select the kind of bundle you would be interested in paying. You also can tip a creator if you liked his/ her service or content and also pay for messages that are pay-per-view.

The price of a pay-per-view message totally depends on the creator but you can always check the price and choose not to view it. If you are a budding creator, you can always support new creators by subscribing to their account and they can subscribe to you back.

What is the recent controversy related to OnlyFans?

Being the kind of platform it is, there have been various controversies relating to content leaks, copyright infringements, a ban on explicit content, and allegations by underage content creators. 

The recent controversy was during October 2021, when the platform announced banning and blocking all the explicit, lewd content on the platform. However, after that, there was a lot of backlash and reaction from the adult industry which forced the platform to continue like before and allow the adult content to be posted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnlyFans mostly used for?

OnlyFans as you are well aware by now that it is an online platform and can be used by anyone. There are a lot of poets, chefs, speakers, celebrities, adult industry people, and models to which OnlyFans is home.

It is a subscription-based platform where you will be required to pay a monthly price to check out the content of the people that you are following. Having said that, OnlyFans is mostly famous for the adult content and its creators.

But that was not the motive when the site was created. The creators from all niches joined the platform and made the best use to connect with their fans and share content and got money from it. 

Is it illegal to have OnlyFans?

The platform was launched in the year 2016 and most of the content here is sexual. There are a few legal concerns attached to it and those are Fake profiles and copyright infringement which is alarming.

So, if you are looking for some kinky stuff to watch, you can try checking this platform out. Here creators get the money from selling their content. If you are concerned about whether this is legal or not, then it is legal in the USA, UK, and Canada.

There are few countries that have banned it due to its explicit content, few haven’t. 

Can you screenshot OnlyFans?

Yes, you can take screenshots on the OnlyFans and the creator will not be notified of it, unlike Snapchat.

So, the answer to this, it is not against the law. However make sure, you do not post it on any other picture or any other social networking platforms as that would be copyright infringement.

Is OnlyFans anonymous?

Yes, as a creator on OnlyFans you can choose to be completely anonymous. You can use a fake name while creating your account on this platform and not upload any of your pictures.

The account, however, will be linked to your email address and your bank statement will show OnlyFans if you make or receive any payments.  

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