How much money is Blac Chyna making from OnlyFans platform? [upd 2024]

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Hey, are you looking for How much money is Blac Chyna making from OnlyFans platform? then you are at right place.

In this article we will be learning about what Onlyfans is and who its users are. We will know how it transformed the lives of creators.

We will talk about one of the celebrity who has raised many eyebrows with her earning from Onlyfans platform. We will be discussing the whooping amount earn by Blac Chyna, how she earns that much money through only fans and many more.

1. What is OnlyFans and who uses it?

Let's just understand what “Only Fans” platform is all about and who its users are.

Only Fans is a popular online platform which came into existence in the year 2016 where one can post uncensored content on their account and showcase their beauty, talent, exclusive videos, and photos to their fans.

Only fans are used by models, influencers, Adult actor/actress and most importantly used by people who want insights and exclusive videos, photos of their favorite models, actors which can only be seen in their only fans account. Users can access all the exclusive content for their choice of models by signing up into Only Fans.

2. Who is Blac Chyna? How much net worth she has?

When we are talking about only fans and earnings from this platform, it is mandatory to talk about Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna is a 34 year old well renowned model who came to popularity with her body double for the stunt for well renowned pop singer Nikki Minaj in her song “Monster”.

Blac is a popular American model, stripper, Entrepreneur and a socialite. She is one of the top earning stars in only fans and her income has grown exponentially since she has joined this platform and made her fans go bonkers with her racy contents she posts for her fans.

Blanc is a diversified model who has multiple sources of earning. However, it is learned that since she has joined only fans she has been earning close to 20 million dollars per month which is much more than the second placed top earner through only fans which earns close to 8 million per month which is still a huge amount.

Apart from only fans, she has cosmetic endorsements, clothing endorsements, her own show on Zeus network which has a paid subscription along with her personal website to go with all these projects.

3. How does Blac Chyna earn on OnlyFans?

It is evident that Blac’s most of the earning comes from only fans accounts but one must be wondering how she earns that much through only fans accounts. It is no brainer that Blanc is a famous model who started her career as a stripper and does have more than 16 million followers on Instagram.

Since her introduction to the only fans platform in April, 2020 her fans showered their love in only fans as well where. Her only fan subscription comes with a cost of around 20$ per month and it has around 18k subscribers. She posts racy content on a regular basis and has content exclusive for her fans over only fans.

Her Onlyfans picture is sexy enough to make someone excited to see the exclusive content and subscribe to her account. She has more than 174 posts on her Only Fans account and 112 videos exclusively for her fans.

She has a special category of foot fetish where she adores herself and amazes her fans making her one of the topmost and top-earning models over only fans.

If you still have any doubt how she is the top-earning star over the platform, it is recommended to subscribe to her Only Fans account and get all the answers.

4. How much money Blac Chyna makes on OnlyFans in a month?

Like we have mentioned above, the monthly earning of Blac Chyna has been around 20 million dollars per month since her introduction to the platform. Certainly the pandemic did come as a blessing for her as she took advantage of the situation and made a huge amount of money through Onlyfans account.

Through the subscription from her fans on only fans she earns hefty amounts which is filled with amazing videos and pictures which keeps the number of subscribers increasing and adding up to the ever-growing bank balance of this model.

Though she has other projects well which constitutes to her income but still amount earned from only fans is the major source of her income even though 20% of the total earning is kept by Onlyfans itself.

5. What made Blac Chyna so famous on OnlyFans?

Till now, one must be wondering that there are many models and stars available on Only Fans but how does Blac Chyna manage to earn that much of the amount while others are nowhere close to her.

Answering the above question, the first and foremost thing which helped Blac Chyna was her timing when she entered the Only Fans platform.

 People had time and were excited to see her exclusive content on this platform as she already kept posting exciting content over Instagram which made people curious about her.

There is a little doubt that her superstar image helped her gain fans in the huge numbers within the 24 hours of her appearance over the platform while other models need time to get them established among the people.

However, the key to her success due to which she is able to sustain her success is the quality and frequency of her content which never lets subscribers go away from her.


We have explored how Blanc Chyna earns such a hefty amount from Only fans and what is her income from this platform along with a little sneak peek into her other projects as well.

It can be observed that people have a huge craze for the Blac Chyna and she also never disappoints her fan which keeps the cycle going. 

We have also learned about the secret which made this star so successful in this platform over a very short period of time. We would recommend to subscribe to her account if you haven’t done yet and deep dive into the work of Blanc.

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