OnlyFans Rules: What to follow and what not to follow on OnlyFans

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Hey, are you looking for OnlyFans Rules What to follow and what not to follow on OnlyFans then you are at right place.

Onlyfans is originally a subscription website that brings opportunities for male and female models to earn from home. If you are good-looking and have an amazing physique and looking for a source of earning, then why waste time somewhere else?

Create your fan page on Onlyfans today to earn a huge sum of money. However, just as with any other stream, there are also some do’s and don'ts that need to be followed if you are looking to gain more paid subscriptions. This article covers all those important points that are often overlooked by the users so that you can avoid them.

The following are the crucial factors that you must take care of while creating a fan page on Onlyfans: 

1. Current Adult content Policies: 

A few times back Onlyfans has changed its old policies, thus, there are certain adult content rules that must be followed if you want to remain stick to the platform without getting involved in any kind of trouble.

To begin with your enrollment, you first need to verify your identity with two photographs of yours and an id. Then you need to ensure that you are above 18. This age rule also implies any other person you intend to involve in your content.

handwritten agreement needs to be submitted to your account. Lack of these specific documents can hamper your account, either your content could be pulled down or your account could get deleted at any time. 

Now coming to the content policies for different content types or categories of niche, there are certain rules there as well. For instance, those who are sex workers need to take care that their content doesn’t promote any of the following ideas:

  • Drug paraphernalia or usage of any drugs
  • Videos that project lack of consent or encourage rape culture.
  • Any sort of incest or family porn.
  • Hardcore bondage, violence, sadomasochistic abuse, or violence. 
  • Extreme erotic forms of hypnosis.
  • Rough or hardcore fisting.
  • Urinary fantasies.
  • Prostitution or escort services.
  • Anything that is extremely kinky by nature.

There are also certain policies designed to avoid controversies in society. They are quite easy to follow, you just need to avoid posting any sort of:

  • Suicide or masochistic content.
  • Firearms.
  • Necrophilia.
  • Bestiality.
  • Sex trafficking.
  • Genital mutilation.
  • Revenge porn.
  • Hate speech.

These were some of the rules that are planned based on the acceptance and denial of the society and that can inculcate horrifying ideas in the mind of the viewer. But this is not the end as there are certain other policies as well that are made for maintaining the dignity of the platform.

It indeed seems like a long list of restrictions upon the creativity of the content creators, but in general, these sorts of content ideas can promote wrong ideas and encourage people to practise them in real life, which can further lead to petrifying consequences. The final set of policies for Onlyfans users are:

  • Avoid any activities that are marked illegal both by the website and the administration. 
  • Any cases of fraudulency would not be tolerated.
  • Do not use your Onlyfans platform to criticise others or else you may get engaged into a defamation case.
  • Do not post any hateful content that can disrupt the balance among the communities.
  • Content that stimulates discrimination against any specific community or gender type.
  • None of your posts should seem threatening to an individual, a group, a specific race or any community. 
  • There are contents that promote harassment or seem to be harassing and disturbing to others, those must be avoided.
  • Lastly, any content that can lead to violence and affect the serenity of society is highly prohibited.       

Albeit there are several adult content policies mentioned on Onlyfans, users from all around happened to question them and demanded changes. 

2. What Onlyfans subscribers and users can do? 

The main motive to open an Onlyfans account is to earn money from it. Onlyfans fans or content creators get several opportunities to earn not only money but also popularity and the adoration of their followers.

Users can create direct pages on Onlyfans, they can utilise the benefits of the pay-per-view model by marking a subscription rate for their posts.

This way only those with paid subscriptions can watch their content. Apart from that, users can also use some other premium features like direct private messages for earning a bonus. They can even sell merchandise to make extra money on Onlyfans.

Don’t worry as if you are a subscriber, you are not just spending money here but rather investing to get something exciting in return. Being a subscriber, you have to enter the site and need to pay a one-time fee that is more like an investment.

In return, you can get access to any sort of content you want. If you are a fitness freak or want to learn about fitness, then you can follow anyone who posts fitness-oriented content and can even chat with them directly. Apart from that, you can also get access to other curricula including pornography or sensualising content.         

3. What Onlyfans subscribers and users can’t do? 

People may think that it is a very casual website used for only amusement, but even this platform has certain rules chalked out for both the subscribers and the content creators.

The first thing that the users can’t do is claim the false identity of themselves, especially when it comes to their age. Both the subscribers and the content makers need to be above 18.

In case any creator is willing to volunteer someone with him or her, that person must also be 18+ and submit a written agreement on the creator's fan page. 

Apart from this, neither the creators nor the subscribers are allowed to use any speech or promote any idea that can disbalance the stability of the community. It is strictly mentioned that any idea, concept or comment that can incite violence, defamatory cases, or humiliation among people must be prohibited.

Also, the content creators suggested avoiding any such creation that picturizes dominance, not caring about someone’s consent, sadomasochism, and human trafficking-like culture.

Along with that when talking about nudity, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of in that sector as well. Nude images taken in public places or anywhere illegally must be avoided.

4. What was the Onlyfans ban and what happened after that?

On August 19, Onlyfans announces that they are planning to ban “sexually explicit content” on their website.  According to them, in order to maintain the sustainability of the platform, this decision is a must.

 However, since the area of “sexually explicit content” is quite vague, they publish certain guidelines that should be kept in mind before posting any content.

The list includes several factors like- oral and genital intercourse, masturbation, exposing genital areas, and stimulation of any natural bodily fluids during intercourse are to be banned. Apart from that, advertising any product or service is also not allowed.

Content creators are even asked to avoid anything that is extremely perverted by nature. Nothing forceful, abusive, or hateful is to be promoted on this platform. Anything that falls under the above-mentioned category must be removed by the site within December 1, 2021.

However, later the users of Onlyfans shared their views on opposing the rules and expressed their unlikeability towards the new judgement on various social media platforms.

Right after that on August 25, Onlyfans announced that they are suspending the previous announcement thinking about the concern of the content creators. According to the creators, these limitations can affect their work and narrow down their creativity range.

Since they rely on the website for their earnings, these rules can impact that as well as they won’t have anything new to try to gain more potential subscribers. In order to entertain the subscribers, it is crucial to amuse and keep them glued to something new every time.  

However, as a matter of concern, it is said that they are only suspending the objections. It is very likely that they might imply them again in the future as they did not commit anything about a permanent “cancellation” of the earlier banned rules.

 5. What could be the potential impact of the ban on the adult community? 

There are various possibilities that could take place after the implementation of the ban on Onlyfans. The foremost impact that is going to place is on the earnings of the content creators. The content creators mostly rely on this platform to earn money.

There are even people who are full-time workers on Onlyfans and have no other source of income. However, after the initial announcement of the ban, many users have made up their minds that they must not rely on this platform completely. 

Apart from them, sex workers who belong to the LGBTQ+ community would also have to face lots of problems. According to them, Onlyfans is not just a platform to use sex as fun, rather it is the only source for them where they can find a job for themselves along with embracing their true identity.

Finding a job through traditional ways is a major problem for them as there are still some sorts of unacceptability towards them. Even subscribers tend to invest on some other sites where there is much explicit content due to a lack of creativity on Onlyfans.

Not only subscribers, but content creators could also swap to other platforms where they are given enough liberty.


To conclude these are the essential factors that one must know before entering the world of Onlyfans. This article covers an in-depth knowledge of the platform for your convenience.

Onlyfans is a great way to earn money and popularity only if you know how to do so and gathering information about its policies is the first step.

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