Can You Use a Fake Name on OnlyFans to Stay Anonymous?

January 1, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for how to Use a Fake Name on OnlyFans to Stay Anonymous? then you are at right place

Onlyfans is one of the largest platforms for content creators. Especially those who want to make Not-Safe-For-Work content; find Onlyfans as one of the best and safe platforms both in terms of money as well as privacy.

Since Onlyfans is mainly famous for adult content, creators always have this doubt in their mind that if they can hide their identity on Onlyfans and still can earn money. To hide your identity, you can hide your face and use a pseudo name. 

But how can these practices be implemented and will they be useful or not? All these queries will be answered in this article.


The first and most important thing that a content creator wants to hide is “Name”. Many users have this doubt about whether they can use a fake name or we can say a pseudonym while creating an Onlyfans account or not.

If they will use a fake name for account creation; will there be an impact on the earnings and subscriptions? Such types of queries are always there in the mind of the users. 

First of all, yes you can use a Fake Name or Pseudonym for the creation of the account on Onlyfans. However, you cannot proceed without a real name because the money that you will earn can be transferred to a real person only.

Thus, while creating the platform you will be required to verify the payment details and there you will be required to provide the real name which is there on your bank documents. At the same time, it is also true that your subscribers will not be able to see your real name if you do not want to reveal it. 


Various reasons can be given for being anonymous on Onlyfans. The biggest reason is that the content creator is creating adult content (NSFW) and does not want his/her family and relatives to know about this. They want to keep their identity hidden and that is why a fake name is required.

 However, even if the real name is used; it is not going to reveal everything about you as many people of the same name may exist on this planet. And what if you show your face in your videos; then there is no point in using a fake name for keeping your identity hidden. 

Still, many content creators use pseudonyms or stage names. The reason is branding. The content creator may not find his/her name that catchy so that he can market himself and therefore he/she wants a brand name.

 The same pseudonym is used on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter for postings and creating awareness about the Onlyfans page among the target audience.


There are different methods that you can use for staying anonymous on OnlyFans. Some of the most important and successful methods are discussed below:

Use a Stage Name

The first and most important requirement of being anonymous is not to use the real name. Many people make mistakes while keeping a stage name too. They think a lot about what stage name they should keep.

Well! There are many tools available online that can help you in thinking about a stage name. Secondly, you should avoid keeping a stage name similar to your real name. You can think of a simple name or something with which you find yourself familiar.

Don’t Show Face If you are Not Ready

Even if you keep a stage name but are showing your face; there is no point in being anonymous then. The face is unique; the name is not. If you keep your real name on Onlyfans still people may consider it as a stage name because normally in the adult industry all the models keep their name as a stage name only.

However, if you have revealed your face then there is nothing to hide. Although, in the case of adult content users are more concerned about other parts of your body;

the face does not matter at all if you have a good weight on your back with a nice and juicy hole between your legs. Still, you should reveal your face only when you are ready.

Do maintain anonymous social media profiles

Onlyfans success comes after hard work and good marketing. Almost all the successful models keep promoting their Onlyfans page on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Here, you should ensure that if you want to be anonymous then you have to maintain two different social media platforms – the first one, the real one with your real name and identity, and the second one, the anonymous one for promotional purposes.

You need to be very careful that you do not link the actual account with the anonymous account on the social media platform.

Don’t reveal your actual location

Location is also important information that can inform your users about the actual you. Therefore, you should always keep a location that is not real. Interestingly, on Onlyfans you can keep anything as a location.

 For example, in place of the location, you can mention – “in your bedroom”.

If you are not that creative simply put a location of a different country or city so that if you put an adult content it does not create too much buzz in your local city about you.

Do enjoy

This is the last tip but the most important tip and this is about enjoying the work you do and doing the best you can.

Why do you want to be anonymous because you want to earn money by entertaining your audience; if you do not love the work you do; you will certainly not be able to get the attention and the subscription from them.

 At times we find that a girl without wearing anything is not that hot but another one with just a cleavage makes boys harder. She can do it only because she enjoys doing it.


If you want to sign-up on Onlyfans anonymously you need to put a pseudonym at the time of creating the profile on the website. The name that you use at the time of profile creation; will be used as your display name. You can keep anything here as per your choice for example hotness overloaded.

The website will give you a username that is randomly generated and it becomes a link to your page as well. In case you want to change it, you can edit it too considering the name you want as the username is available. Finally, the website will send an email to the email id you have entered and you need to verify that email.

Onlyfans is mainly known for its adult content and while creating such type of content, keeping the identity hidden is a very important requirement. To keep the identity hidden you can use a stage name and avoid showing your face on Onlyfans.

 You should also avoid revealing your actual location and you will have to maintain separate social media profiles with the pseudonym only so that you can promote your Onlyfans page. Being anonymous on Onlyfans is not a big deal and it does not hamper your growth as a content creator.


  • When should you use your real name on OnlyFans?

A real name on Onlyfans is required only at the verification stage so that the money that you earn can be transferred to the real person.

With the help of bank account details, Onlyfans knows your real name and transfers your payment. However, you can keep your real name hidden and no one will be able to see this if you do not reveal it.

  • Can you make money on Onlyfans without showing a face?

Yes! You can make money on Onlyfans without showing your face. You need to show your face only when you are ready and it is not going to hamper your personal life.

 If you are an adult content creator, people are more interested in your other body parts rather than the face. How you seduce them is more important and it can be done without showing your face.


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