How To Advertise Your OnlyFans Most Efficiently: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

January 2, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for How to Advertise Your OnlyFans Most Efficiently: A Detailed Guide for Beginners then you are at right place.

Tired of posting content on your OnlyFans profile but still without followers, views, likes, comments or haven’t even earned your desired set of money? Just like in the real world, fans need PR specialists, promotion in the virtual world goes by your timeless friends like Advertisements and Hashtags. 

There are minor differences between Marketing, Promotion, and Advertising. Let us look into the nuances of advertising on OnlyFans as you go through this article!

1. What is Onlyfans Advertising?

OnlyFans provides a platform to content creators, but after that there are a lot of things that the content creator himself/herself has to figure out. One of the most important ones among them is promoting their content which the content creator does by posting the content frequently. However, there is more to this story.

Let's start by first identifying the meaning of advertising. Advertising is defined as the activity or profession increasing the sales of commercial products and services through production of advertisements.

Most of the time if we hear the term ‘Advertising’, the instant thought that comes to our minds is regarding an advertising agency or for that matter, it can also be Mad Men’s protagonist Don Draper. The business of Advertising is entailed with cutthroat competition and only the best of the best can catch public’s attention, thereby nudging them to buy the particular good/service. 

For instance, two of the greatest Ads of the century depicted how lesser words can portray larger and deeper meanings. Volkswagen’s Lemon Ad and Apple’s Think Different Ad should be the standard to form an effective advertising campaign. Whether there are billboards, magazines, newspapers, or the digital world of websites, Advertising is here to stay for quite some time.

2. What is the difference between OnlyFans promotion and Onlyfans advertising?

Both promotion and advertising can seem similar, but they are quite different. Any activity that you perform to get out the word about your product or service comes under the domain of promotion. Hence, simple activities like sending newsletters about your product/service to potential clients and friends, or posting information about it on Discord server, all will be a part of promotional activities.

On the other hand, advertising is a sub-part in the larger world of promotions. It is not so much about what you are doing with your product/service. Rather it is about the message that you want to give people about yourself and your Onlyfans page. At the end of the day, it is advertising that can help you highlight your USP to set you apart from your competitors.

3. Crucial Things to consider running a successful advertising campaign

Here we have compiled a list of crucial takeaways while designing ads for your OnlyFans content. Just make sure to include the maximum of these considerations while broadcasting your ad.

a. Profile Picture is the Game

Profile picture acts as an introduction to your content. Hence, it becomes essential to carefully choose that one photo from your gallery that is able to highlight your personality, interest, USP, yet at the same it could follow the platform guidelines.

Often OnlyFans creators put a shabby, low-quality picture as their display. These are especially their throwaway pictures from photo shoots.

Creators save their best pictures for uploading onto their account as they will provide them with monetary benefits, However, users won’t come till that stage if the profile picture itself doesn't stand out.

Hence, you can consider choosing a profile picture that has elements of professionalism as well as highlights you as an amateur. It will be a key attractive point for both experienced and inexperienced users.

Also, you need to post pictures as per the demand of your audience. If they are into funky models, uploading your blonde version picture won't do the trick.

b. Headline Makes the Head turns

Headline is very important in an Ad since it is the first thing that the user reads and grabs his attention in scrolling down. Headline formation depends a lot on the platform where you are going to use it as well as the audience that you are targeting. 

For instance, if you place your headlines on a subreddit, you will be already competing with millions of other headlines in just an hour of your posting.

Let’s take an imaginary scenario whereby you want to post content in the community of tattoo-freaks. It is highly likely that they are going to see the same kinds of headlines time and again. Hence, before forming your own headline, you should analyse which kinds of headlines are getting more upvotes, are headlines that start with a question getting more comments? which headlines are not being noticed?

Moreover, make sure that the headline is short and sweet. You can also place the keywords in the start and end of your headline where the reader places most of his attention.

c. Sell your USP

Believe it or not, there exists fierce competition on popular fan sites like Onlyfans. Hence, you must stay ahead of your competitors by highlighting your USP.

If everyone in your competition is taking a right, you should take the road less travelled by. After all, nobody became popular by doing what everyone else has already been doing. New ideas always evoke the interest of users.

If your competition is running 5 promos a day run 20, if they promote just on Fridays, you can post all week. It's just about doing something different than others. In these efforts, your ads will help you to talk about how your content differs from those of your competitors

d. Use Your Picture and Ad Copy effectively

This guideline is about aligning and effective formatting of your picture and ad copy (text, headlines etc). You can use apps like Canva to get ready-made templates on designing advertisement posters.

Canva will make sure that your picture is placed in a border and text is aligned at the right place. This will prevent a tacky output where words combine over pictures or vice-versa.

Moreover, you should ensure that your words in the ad copy should come off as natural as they can be. It should not look like that your picture and text have a different story to tell. Both should look like one even if they are put as two different elements.

e. Broadcast your Benefits

You must always remember that you are getting out advertisements in the market with a purpose. And that is to generate more traffic on your Onlyfans account. They can’t do this on the website where the ad is being promoted, and so they will be redirected to your Onlyfans account. Here you need to ask yourself “Why would someone do that?”

A simple answer to the above question would be the incentives that you offer the viewer. These can range from options like Limited Time offer, bonuses when they sign up for the service to the amount of content they can get after subscription. Every benefit will nudge their behaviour towards subscribing to your content. The simple rule is more the benefits you broadcast; more will be the number of people that visit your profile.

f. Sell them even before they make it to Your Page

At times, people are lured by your ads, but you don’t meet their expectations on content offered on your account. To avoid this situation and create long term relationships, it is essential that you try to meet as many expectations as possible through your Ad.

This can be done by using photo editing apps that offer the options of making collages. Or you can simply insert a box below your picture in the Ad and mention all types of content that you’ll be offering through your OnlyFans account. This is not very hard to do, and it won’t block your stunning pictures also.

g.    A proper call to action

A proper Call to Action is a must for your Advertisement.  Your OnlyFans link is not included in the call of action. Rather it is included in every post or promo with some piece of information. People are oblivious about the content hidden behind the paywall of your OnlyFans page.

Hence, an appropriate call of action would give the users something worthwhile to go to your page and subscribe to.

Some examples of call to action are- 

  • Sign Up Now for an Exclusive Video
  • Find my Exclusive content only on OnlyFans
  • Only 20 spots left for a free 30 days of my OnlyFans
  • Subscribe now for 90% off

h. Remove their hesitancy to take action

OnlyFans hosts an active user base of more than 130 million users. It's like every second person has an OnlyFans account. You might be tempted to persuade your occasional visitor to subscribe to your account. But it's the other way round. For maximum benefits, you need to target the people who are already having an OnlyFans account. Your ad should try to answer the question of “‘How can I convince them to take this action?”. You have to try to remove their sceptical attitude in trying something new.

This can be done by offerings like no PPV or no locked content. The ads can also mention ‘You will get X number of pics and videos’ as soon as you follow.

i. Limited time offer

The limited time period offer starts the clock running and people are in the window of time pressure. It’s sales technique 101 that people get a wakeup call when they think they are getting a profitable deal and time is running out for the same.

We have also seen that most OnlyFans creators advertise 100 spots in a limited time offer ad. But these are too much and do not create the same level of urgency as created by a smaller number. Unless you are Taylor Swift, this number won't be of much significance for your promotion. Hence, you should go for headlines like ‘20 spots left before time runs out’.

j. Support of Testimonials

Testimonials are a sure shot way to build your brand image and goodwill in the eyes of the viewers or first-time visitors. They portray the experiences of other customers and users which build trusts among the viewers. You can also screenshot of good comments of subscribers and how you replied to them back to maintain subscriber relationship. Testimonials are another way of removing hesitancy in the minds of people and convert their reluctance to willingness for your content.

These testimonials are also beneficial as most people have this bias that Onlyfans accounts are nothing more than scams. Hence, testimonials can be an effective way to alleviate people’s negative views about the platform.

k. Narrate your Story

Remember as a child, we were so fond of bedtime stories? Well fast forward to adulting, we are the same child who was fascinated by the plot, characters and mystery behind the story. OnlyFans creators should know how to capitalize on this curiosity in their Ads as it can be a novel way to gain potential subscribers.

Your pictures and text can be aligned in such a way that the start the story whose end will be found after subscribing to the content’ creator account on OnlyFans. Your hobbies, activities, clothing, makeup, text, all will play a great deal of role in deciding your mind-numbing story

l. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

This is the basic requirement of sales. Use your marketing skills to design an offer that your viewers can’t stay away from too long. But even after putting in all the hard work on content creation and marketing a great offer, some people might not give you due credit for it or even go into the ignorance mode. But that is exactly where you must not stop and keep your spirits high above the sky.

You need to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul to the thought that your loyal customers will definitely lunge into your content. You have to redirect your focus to those who are willing to give a chance to your content. Only then you would stay motivated enough to create amazing content and ads for the same.

m.   Take care of your Links

At last, we have reached our final guideline in this long journey. Those of you who have dedicatedly read all the advice so far are one step closer to their success on Onlyfans.

This last step involves adding hyperlinks on your ads that will redirect the viewers to your account. It must be emphasized that typing the text of hyperlink is a big irritant and nobody has so much time to do this in their busy schedules. It acts as a major turn off for the user and he won’t be willing to go to your profile. Hence, you must double-check your ads whether the links are working properly or not.

4.  Can Onlyfans advertising really help in bringing success?

There are no second thoughts on this question if advertising could bring success to OnlyFans creators. It's a big YES to invest in OnlyFans advertising in order to boost your popularity on the platform. Advertising is all about ensuring that your message is portrayed to your audience in the same way that you intend it to be.

To make sure that your fans' curiosity gets monetised into your subscription, it is important that your ads must contain all the required information about your service. These ads are put across OnlyFans free website or its Paid OnlyFans promotion. As a result, they broadcast you as a trailer to the long-drawn content on your account.

You must remember that not many creators have a strong advertising game. Most of them are lagging behind with their sloppy, long, and unprofessional ads which gives you the requisite space. Hence, your potential fans will place a keen eye on attractive, interactive, and out of the box ads. This will help them to take an informed decision about subscribing to your content and account. In the process, you will come out as the winner with the trophy of your large fan base.


●   Are there ads on OnlyFans?

Yes, there are loads of Ads on OnlyFans. In fact, it is the next tool in a creator’s arsenal after hashtags, paid DM messages, subscription charges, etc to gain success on OnlyFans.

●   Where can I advertise my OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has started running its ads on Facebook. It cunningly showcases hot OnlyFans creators but in full bodied clothes to avoid getting blocked by Facebook platform. Apart from this, you can also use Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat etc to place your ads without violating their guidelines.

●    How do I secretly advertise on OnlyFans?

The strategy to secretly promote your content on OnlyFans is based on having two accounts- one free and other one paid. You can use the free account to gain followers and post exclusive content on it as your introduction. For the paid account, you can post priced content whose content is visible after subscribing to the account. In this way, you will gain followers as well as money.

●   How much does it cost to promote on OnlyFans?

This will depend a lot on the OnlyFan promotion service that you will be using. There are some services that will cost $20 a month, but there are also some out there that are going to cost you $200 a month. Hence, depending upon your budget, you can plan out your promotional campaign and start broadcasting your ads.

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