Who runs OnlyFans? All you need to know about the CEO and Founder of the company?

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Hey, are you looking for Who runs OnlyFans? All you need to know about the CEO and Founder of the company? then you are at right place.

Intro OnlyFans has become a pioneer in the world of paid adult content in the past few years. It has almost monopolised the market and given the audience an amazing platform to watch exclusive and customised content presented by their favourite creators. This was all a fantasy of many that OnlyFans was able fulfil the fantasy.

Who owns OnlyFans: All facts and details about the Founder, Company and its operation [2023]

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a website that serves as the perfect medium for creators and their fans to connect with each other. The platform has grown a lot since its inception and the majority of credit goes to the improving technology, and the pandemic that forces people to stay at home and connect with the outer world through electronic gadgets.

The website allows the creators to put up a subscription model where they can sell their intimate pics and videos with their fans at a nominal price. In return, the fans get access to exclusive and customised content from their favourite creators.

It has more than 100 million users all around the world who are getting entertained by more than a million creators who upload sensual content regularly. Apart from this, the site also lets the creators send and receive private messages to their followers directly, without any third-party intervention.

There are a huge number of celebrities who have an account on OnlyFans. For many of them, OnlyFans has become the main source of income. The paid content system of OnlyFans is so good that no creator wants to stay away from this platform.

When was it created and who founded it?

We have talked enough about the brilliance and beauty of OnlyFans. The platform needs no promotion as the 130 million large user base of the website does enough word of mouth to bring in even more users.

Apart from this, more than 1 million of creators are also who attract even more creators from a variety of fields. OnlyFans was created in 2016 by British entrepreneur, Tim Stokely in London, the United Kingdom.

The main idea behind the creation of OnlyFans was to let the creators give access to paid content to the users without any advertisers in between. In the beginning, the company was doing good business as it was one of the rarest companies doing the business of its own kind.

Everything gained traction and when COVID pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, it was like a jackpot for the company. OnlyFans grew exponentially during that period.

Who is Timothy Stokely: A biography of the Founder

Often considered as the “king of homemade porn” due to the success of OnlyFans, Timothy Stokely is youngest of his four siblings, and was born to Guy Stokely. Tim seems to have gotten his business acumen from his dad who is a retired ex-Barclays investment banker. Tims’s entrepreneur traits were visible from his childhood.

He used to take orders for the local fish & chip shop and deliver them. He completed his graduation from Anglia Ruskin University. As Tim had an entrepreneurial mind, he noticed that the porn industry is gaining a large number of users with the increasing use and access of the internet. He also observed one more thing that the porn industry was not addressing.

He saw that, though the number of porn sites were increasing and the daily viewers of porn were increasing, it was always difficult to find the exact type of content one wanted. So he came up with an idea of customizable porn content, a kind of content where the content was shown to the user as per her/his exact preference.

Firstly, it was sites like Customs4U that Tim created and sold for a hefty amount. Later, in 2016, he thought of creating a platform where creators could connect with the fans in a paid yet ad-free environment. He succeeded in the same when he invented OnlyFans.

Timothy was interested in the adult business from the beginning and had his first business with websites like GlamGirls and Customs4U.

In his book named Warren Buffett on Business, Timothy expressed how much he was influenced by the world-renowned investor, Warren Buffett. In 2018, he sold away 75% of the shares of the parent company of OnlyFans.He is currently living a comfortable life in a mansion in Hertfordshire.

He stepped down as OnlyFans CEO in 2021. He also uses OnlyFans and has followed James Haskell and Chris Robshaw, which showcases his interest in the rugby sport. He is also a football fan and is an avid supporter of Westham’s football team.

His stint of 5 years with the company is one of the major reasons behind the company’s grand success.

Who is the current CEO of the Company?

As Timothy stepped down as CEO in 2021, the new CEO for the company was decided to be  Amrapali Gan, who is an Indian-American businesswoman. She joined the company in 2020 as chief marketing and communications officer, but as fate had it, she was announced the new CEO of the company.

Before this she was Vice President – Marketing at Cannabis Café where she helped the company in rebranding and launching the first cannabis restaurant in the US.

For Amrapali, Stokely has the following words “Ami has a deep passion for OnlyFans’ business and I’m passing the baton to a friend and colleague who has the vision and drive to help the organisation reach its tremendous potential. OnlyFans is still a new company and Ami brings a fresh energy and reflects who we are as a business”.

She is currently heading the company towards another successful year with more than 120 million users on OnlyFans. Amrapali is an amazing CEO who has a history of working with companies like Red Bull and Quest Nutrition.

She hails from the financial capital of India, i.e., Mumbai and graduated from California State University, Los Angeles. Amrapali also has an OnlyFans account where she shares pics and videos of her daily life regularly.

Amrapali, as a CEO focuses on online safety aggressively and under her leadership, the company has been ensuring that there is nothing on their platform that violates any online safety law.

She also feels proud of the adult creator that is present on the platform and considers them as an integral part of the company.

What are the current stats of the company?

As stated multiple times in this article, OnlyFans is going strong and it is expected to grow further as more and more people are getting accustomed to using laptops and smartphones while sitting inside their homes.

OnlyFans Net Worth

$ 1 Billion

OnlyFans Parent Company

Fenix International Limited

Number of Users

120 million

Number of Creators

2 million


Amrapali Gan




Timothy Stokely

Number of Employees


Global Headquarters

Kean Street, London

The company’s net worth has increased and reached a whopping $1 Billion. The credit for this goes to the creators and their loyal fanbase who regularly consumed the exclusive content and paid their hearts out whenever the creators came up with innovative campaigns that supported the society during the pandemic.

The pandemic proved to be a great launchpad for OnlyFans. Before the COVID pandemic, the number of employees was 150. However, after the rapid growth during the pandemic because of the increase in the number of audience, the company’s employee count rose to 400. 

Who is the current CFO of the Company?

Lee Taylor, and Keily Blair are the current CFOs of the company. While Lee Taylor joined OnlyFans in 2019, Keily Blair joined OnlyFans in January 2022. Both the CFOs have been working hard and the results have shown that their efforts are paying off quite well.

Lee Taylor has been an integral part of the OnlyFans family since 2019 and played a major part in the success of the company during the COVID lockdown. If we put in numbers, then the $3 billion creator earnings are something to boast about. This clearly shows that the public is still in love with the amazing platform and will pay for the content that they are offered on OnlyFans.


In conclusion, all we can say is that OnlyFans has grown at rocket speed and seems like there is no stopping it. There seems to be no strong competitors to this giant of a paid content site.

OnlyFans is not a site for porn only anymore. It is a website where people from any profession can create an account and share their life’s beautiful moments with the fans.

A majority of the credit goes to Timothy who founded the company and took it to an epic high level. 


Where are OnlyFans Headquarters?

OnlyFans has their headquarters at Kean Street in London. It is the main headquarters of the company where all the major decisions and strategies of the company are created. 

It is located near Angel subway station and has a lot of restaurants and hotels nearby.

Who made the most money within 24 hours on OnlyFans?

The audience needs to be really invested in a creator for her/him to earn a high amount of money. Bhad Babie, a teenager rapper earned a whopping $1 million in mere 6 hours making her the personality who made the most money within 24 hours on OnlyFans.

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