How to get verified on OnlyFans: Step by Step Guide on setting and verifying the account

January 3, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for How to get verified on OnlyFans, then you are at right place.

The verification process on Onlyfans is rather quite simple, however, there are some important things that you can’t miss while submitting your application. This article will take you through the entire Onlyfans verification process step-by-step.

Along with that, we have also discussed some common reasons for rejection and their solutions. 

What is OnlyFans and what is the minimum age limit?

It was the time of COVID lockdown in 2020 when Onlyfans received mainstream attention after many sex workers and models began to use the site. Onlyfans is basically a subscription-based platform that helps entertainers, artists, and sex workers to monetize their influence. 

Based in London and founded by Timothy Stokely, Onlyfans is the only social media platform that allows content creators to monetize their content and develop authentic relationships with their fanbase. 

As attractive as Onlyfans’ “monetizing the content” work model sounds, all this comes with some limitations. Anyone who wants to share their content on the platform must be at least 18 years of age. This is verified by the user by submitting a selfie alongside a government-issued ID and a registered address. 

How to apply on OnlyFans as a creator?

Onlyfans is a subscription-based social media platform for content creators. As a content creator, you can apply for a profile on the platform, and once verified you get paid for your showcasing your content through monthly subscriptions from your subscribers. 

Unlike other social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, here, you actually get paid for what you are posting. Before all this, you need to first apply to Onlyfans to be a creator. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step One: Sign up using a Twitter account or email address

In the process of becoming a content creator on Onlyfans, you need to first sign up on the platform using a Twitter account or an email address. 

However, I will recommend you not use your personal Twitter account or email address. You will find it very useful if your account has explicit content or you want to remain anonymous on Onlyfans. 

What you can do is create a new Twitter account or email address solely for Onlyfans. Using your Twitter account for signing up on Onlyfans is a better choice as it is one such social media platform that allows NSFW content and it is great for promoting your Onlyfans account. 

  • Step Two: Verification through the confirmation email

After signing up on Onlyfans, you will be asked to choose a username and display name for your newly created Onlyfans account. Just make sure you choose your username carefully as it will appear in your URL, for example, If you want to remain anonymous on Onlyfans for any reason, choose your username carefully. 

Once it is all done, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address from Onlyfans. This is a necessary step in your verification process. You just need to open your email and follow the instructions given in it to click the verification link and verify that it is you. 

  • Step Three: Identity Verification

The next step in the process is to verify your identity. This is a very simple process and you do not have to worry about any breach of confidential information. 

Here is what you have to do:

  • Scan the front and the back part of any of your government-issued IDs like a passport, driving license, and anything
  • After that, you also need to take a photo of yourself holding the same ID card that you scanned
  • This is done to prove that you are who you are claiming to be

This identity verification step is very important as without this, you won’t be able to link your bank with your Onlyfans account and there will be no earning. 

I know you would be feeling skeptical about sharing your personal information on a social media platform like Onlyfans, especially, when you are trying your best to remain anonymous on the platform. But, do not worry, all this information is only used for the verification process and none of your fans or other people will ever see any of that information. 

  • Step Four:  Submit and Wait for approval

Now, when you have filled out all the necessary information and submitted your government-issued ID scan and a selfie with your ID, it is time for you to submit your application for approval. The approval might take around 24 to 72 hrs. 

Your approval confirmation will be sent to your email ID with all the instructions to set up your Onlyfans accounts. In case, your application gets rejected, they will send you an email with all the possible errors that you have made in your application. You need not get sad, you can easily rectify your mistakes and re-submit your application and there is no time limit for that.  

  • Step Five: Setting up the OnlyFans account

You can make the best use of your time while waiting for approval from Onlyfans. While there is still time to hear your approval from the Onlyfans, you can do some planning, designing, and research on the looks of your profile. 

Till the time you do not hear about the approval email, you can decide upon your profile picture, write your bio, set up your account information, and choose the desires for notifications. Other than this, you can also add your location, Amazon wishlist, and add your Spotify account in the “bio” section. Like this, you will save a lot of time and as soon as your approval email comes, you can launch your Onlyfans account. 

However, you won’t be able to set a subscription charge on your Onlyfans account until you link your bank account to the profile. Linking your bank account can’t be done until you get approval from Onlyfans.

  • Step Six: Waiting for approval or denied mail confirmation

Now, you just need to wait for the email from Onlyfans stating “You have been approved”. The approval email from Onlyfans does not take more than 72 hours to reach you (generally you get the email within 24 hrs). 

If you get the email of approval, you will proceed to the next steps of setting up the Onlyfans account.

However, if you get an email of rejection from Onlyfans, you need to rectify all the mistakes made in your application and re-submit the application for approval. 

  • Step Seven: If approved, link the bank account

If you have joined Onlyfans to monetize your account, you need to link your bank account to your profile so that you can receive your earnings. You need to fill in your personal information and get approved from Onlyfans before you become eligible to connect your bank account.

Here are the simple steps to link your bank account to your Onlyfans account:

  • Click on the profile icon on the top right corner and click on the “add bank”
  • Add your country of residence and verify your age (you should be 18 years or more to be eligible for monetizing your content on Onlyfans)
  • Click “Next” and you will be directed to another page where you need to add more personal information such as your legal name, address, city, zip code, and date of birth
  • Next, you will be directed to the banking page, where the default payment method is Visa or Mastercard, known as Original Credit Transfer
  • With OCT, you can withdraw a minimum of $20 at a time that you will get within three business days
  • If you do not want to opt for the direct deposit payment method, you can click on “Other payout options”
  • The other payment options you get are Direct Transfer or International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)

  • Step Eight: Setting rates and bundled discount packages

In the end, it is time for you to set up your subscription rate and bundle discount packages. The subscription rate is the charge that your fan has to pay on a monthly basis to get complete access to your Onlyfans page. While bundle rates are the discount charges that your fans get if they choose to get the subscription for a long period of time such as three months, six months, or annual. 

Choosing the right subscription charge is a difficult task to do and you need to put a lot of work into it. However, it is important to remember that you can change your subscription charge at any time. Hence, if you are a beginner, you can start with a low subscription rate and gradually increase your subscription rate as you garner more followers. 

The subscription rate you set for your Onlyfans account is on the monthly basis and the most important thing to remember is that 20% of your earnings is deducted by Onlyfans. Say, for example, if you set your subscription at $10 per month, you will get $8 as your earnings and the rest of $2 will be Onlyfans’ earnings. 

The minimum subscription charge you can set for your Onlyfans account is $4.99 per month while the maximum you can set is $49.99 per month. Other than this, you can set the price for your private messages and a tip request. A minimum of $3 can be set for a private message while a tip request costs a minimum of $5. 

You should put a lot of work into marketing your Onlyfans account along with setting the right subscription charge in order to be on the list of top-earning creators section of Onlyfans. 

Setting the subscription charge for an Onlyfans account must include all important factors like what kind of content the account is offering, how regular you are in posting content, and how much engagement you will be having with your fans.  

The right way to start is to have a subscription rate anywhere between $5 and $9. Along with this, you can also offer bundle discounts to people who subscribe to your Onlyfans account for a long period of time. 

Can you bypass the verification in OnlyFans?

No, as a creator you can’t bypass the verification in Onlyfans. If you do not want to submit your ID or any other personal information and still want to establish an Onlyfans account without verification, you won’t be able to do so.

However, if you are joining Onlyfans just to subscribe to your favorite Onlyfans creators, you do not need any type of verification to get started. You just need to link your debit or credit card to use Onlyfans. 

Bypassing verification on Onlyfans is not possible for any content creator as they can’t add a paywall or link their bank account to their Onlyfans account unless they are verified by Onlyfans.

If you want to set up a legal Onlyfans account, you need to provide a photo ID and go through the entire verification process, otherwise, your account as a creator won’t be authorized. 

How to avoid rejection on OnlyFans? 

Onlyfans has been practicing a very strict verification process to ensure that all its creators are legit and over the age of 18 years. Along with approvals, many users’ applications get rejected on Onlyfans due to some mistakes and errors in their details. 

We have gone through all the possible mistakes one can make to get rejected from Onlyfans. Here are the solutions to all those common mistakes:

  1. Avoid inaccurate information

Inaccurate information on the application like spelling mistakes, a missing box, and some similar mistakes are very common to occur while filling out the application form. Make sure you proofread your application once completely filled in and check all the information carefully. 

You can also give your application to your friends or a family member to cross-check once again for complete assurance.

  1. Expired identification

The most important thing while submitting your government-issued ID is to check for its expiration date. The Onlyfans can also reject your application based even if your ID has not expired yet but will expire within the next 30 days. Choose your ID carefully that has an expiration date far in the future to avoid being rejected for this reason.

  1. Blurry ID selfie or illegible ID

One of the most common reasons why the applications of creators get rejected is the bad quality of photos submitted. Your application will be automatically denied if your photo is not high quality or blurry. The picture quality of the photo should be good enough so that one can read your ID card details in the selfie you submitted. Along with that, your entire face has to be covered in the frame to verify your identity.

Taking a good photo with all the details in high resolution can be a tricky job. The easy solution to this problem is to use the back camera of your phone instead of the front camera. Although the front camera is more comfortable to use for selfies, the back camera has a high resolution. You can use a tripod and a timer to click the highest quality picture on your phone. 

Apart from this, while scanning your government-issued ID card, make sure that the writing is legit and it’s not cropped incorrectly. 

  1. An incorrect file format used

There are very common cases in which the user has submitted all the right things and yet their application got rejected. The most common reason for this is that you did not upload your files in the right format. You just need to go through the denial email and follow the instructions from them to correct the mistake and re-submit the application.

  1. Front and back images of the ID not scanned

Many people make the mistake of scanning and uploading only the front part of the ID. however, you need to scan both the front and the back part of the ID and upload them in the right format. 

What data is required for verification on OnlyFans?

Here is the list of complete data required for verification on Onlyfans:

  • Date of birth
  • Legal full name
  • Real address
  • Selfie photo along with an ID to make sure you are who you are
  • A scan of a government-issued ID


If you are a creator and want to sell your content on Onlyfans, you need to first get approved.

Unlike many others, who do not know about it, you now know exactly what to do to get approved for Onlyfans. Just follow all the steps discussed above and you will be earning in no time on Onlyfans. 

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