How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing Your Face?

January 3, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing Your Face? then you are at right place.

Do you have the talent and skills and want to make money out of it? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have the perfect opportunity for you to earn some good money on Onlyfans where you can showcase and monetize your talent.

Now, you would think, how is this possible without risking our privacy, and personal & professional lives. 

Yes, it is completely possible to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face. Onlyfans has done a great job in some previous years by registering more than 170 million users on its platform. You can take the advantage of this social media platform where there is no obligation to show your face or true identity. 

Here are some simple tips to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face:

1. Use a Pseudo name and a Pseudo identity

Make sure never to use or mention anywhere your real name or identity. The most important thing to remember in remaining anonymous is that no one should know about you. Always use a pseudo name and a pseudo-identity on your Onlyfans account. Carefully choose a stage name to go by on the app. Make sure you do not choose a pseudo name that is familiar with your real name or includes any part of your nickname. 

For example, if your real name is Johnny, do not use a stage name like Jon or Joann. Your pseudo name should be simple, short, and easy to remember. 

In any condition, don't show your Face

This whole article is about you making money and getting successful on Onlyfans without showing your face. Hence, let’s make it a point that whatever the condition is, you won’t show your face on Onylfans.  

No matter, how many subscribers of yours force you to show your face, you won’t give in to them. 

Not showing your face to your Onlyfans subscribers might be beneficial for you as it will pique the curiosity of your viewers. If you do not want to show your face on Onlyfans, you do not have to, no matter how much your fans request you.

And if one day, you want to show your face, then just do not waste the golden opportunity. Do not show your face on the main feed, instead, you can have a paid option where you can charge a higher price for your face. 

2. Take special note of your Tattoos and Scars

Remaining anonymous on a popular social media platform like Onlyfans where millions of people are watching and following you is not an easy task. Hence, you should be more careful and also consider options like hiding your tattoos, scars, burn marks, or birthmarks if you have any. 

All these types of stuff are very specific to an individual and can give out your identity easily. 

Be very mindful to hide all these marks and tattoos in your photos. There are many photo editing apps that you can use to remove all these marks. In fact, there are also available many blending, cropping, blemish, and deleting tools that help create beautiful pictures without these marks and scars. 

3. Use Fake or Faceless Social Media accounts for Promotion

As you have already created an anonymous Onlyfans account, it is time for promoting it and driving traffic toward your page. To promote and market an anonymous Onlyfans page, you need anonymous social media accounts.

Before promoting your Onlyfans page anonymously on social media, take of following things:

  • Never use your real name on the social media accounts that are related to your Onlyfans page
  • Make new email addresses to create new accounts on social media platforms
  • If you are going live on Instagram or other social media platforms, hide your face
  • Use face filters to hide your identity
  • Make social media accounts that match with your Onlyfans account
  • Always clear your browser history after using Onlyfans

4. Use the Geo-blocking feature and Use VPN

Hiding face and real name is only a small part of remaining anonymous on the Onlyfans. To remain 100% anonymous, you need to be more alert and focused. You can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure the privacy of your Onlyfans Account. VPN helps to make a secure connection that not only protects your Onlyfans' privacy but also its data, including name, cover photos, profile picture, and username. 

As soon as you start your browser to surf online, the VPN tool makes your network encrypted. It also keeps all your ongoing uploads, passwords, and emails in an encrypted and coded form that won’t be hacked by hackers.

Other than this, you can also increase your anonymity score on the Onlyfans by enabling the geo-blocking feature on the Onlyfans. This feature lets you block an entire country. This means if you block a specific country or a region, the people residing there won’t be able to see your Onlyfans profile. 

Steps to enable the geo-block feature on your Onlyfans account:

  • Visit “Settings” on your Onlyfans page
  • Click on “Privacy and Safety” and there you will get the tab “Block By Country
  • Clicking on the tab, you will see a list of countries
  • You can choose any country that you want to block to see your Onlyfans profile or you can also select a particular region

5. Choose your niche wisely

Not showing your face to your subscribers and followers might someday affect your popularity and earnings negatively. Hence, make sure you compensate for it with your content. For this, you must first decide your niche carefully. Niche is basically a category you post about on your Onlyfans page. There are many different niches to choose from like feet pictures, cosplay, kinks, nudes, bikini shots, and many more.  

6. Use Props like Mask

If you are a social media influencer who is a dancer, model, fitness expert, or in the adult industry, you need to post full-body photos on your Onlyfans page for your subscribers. However, you would not want to show your face in your pictures, hence correct pose and using props are two saviors for you.

With posing, you can be a little creative, you can turn your face away from the camera, or have your back to the camera, or you can even use your hair to cover your face. There are many different ways to get a full-body photo without showing your face, you just need to be more creative.

Other than this, there are masks for you like masks, scarfs, or stuffed animals to cover your face or a part of your face. Just make sure you choose your props that go perfectly well with your niche.  

7. Avoid Outdoors

It is equally very important to keep your location anonymous on the Onlyfans. You must be very careful while clicking outdoor photos. Even after this, if you have to click some photos outside, you should be very mindful of what is around you. 

Make sure you do not include any landmark or popular building in your frame, otherwise, anyone can track you down in no time. Landmarks in your region can be anything like beaches, gas stations, hospitals, restaurants, clubs, and more. 

Other than this, while shooting in your room also, make sure to take care of the windows, sunglasses, mirrors, or anything that might have a reflective surface as that can also give people an idea of your location.

8. Provide a subscription service 

You can also make money from Onlyfans by using it in the place of Patreon or something like that. You can set a monthly subscription to your Onlyfans page and provide your content to your followers and fans. 

There are many famous personalities and celebrities who have set their Onlyfans page on a monthly subscription to sell their exclusive and premium content including behind-the-scenes.

Some of the top earners on Onlyfans who are using this subscription feature are:

  • Cardi B
  • Chris Brown
  • DJ Khaled
  • Amber Rose
  • Jordyn Woods
  • Bella Thorne
  • Bhad Babie

9. Be Smart with your Camera and its angles

While shooting videos, short stories, or photos, you must be very careful so that you do not reveal anything related to your identity. Make sure you shoot at an angle that does not show your face. Other than this, you should also see if there is a mirror behind you while shooting as it can reflect important details about your location and identity. Be smart with hiding all your scars, tattoos, or anything that can let people recognize you.

10. Use Voice Modulators

If you are a content creator who regularly posts videos or does live streams for your fans, you must consider some voice-changing apps. You can also use good-quality voice modulators to change your original voice. This way, you can further increase your anonymity score on the Onlyfans account. 

In the end, compensate for the absence of Face with good content

People, as your fans and followers might sometimes feel detached from you as they can’t see your face. Not showing your face to your subscribers can also create some serious trust issues with them. All this can give the whole subscription experience an impersonal vibe. 

In order to compensate for the absence of your face, you can be friendly and fluid with your followers as much as possible on Onlyfans. 

Other than this, if you can’t show them your real face, you should entertain them with some good quality content, reply to their DMs, answer their requests, and be more receptive to them.

11. Why do some creators hide faces on Onlyfans?

There are millions of content creators on Onlyfans who are successfully earning good money without even showing their faces. The prime reason why they choose to hide their identity and face can be their privacy. They do not want their family members or their friends to know about them, while they also want to earn some extra money through Onlyfans. 

There are many advantages of remaining anonymous on Onlyfans:

  • Being anonymous on Onlyfans will protect your professional life. It won’t jeopardize your current career as Onlyfans is not popular as a very ethical place to be on
  • Hiding your face will conceal your identity from your fans and the trolls won’t be able to harm you or your family members
  • If you remain anonymous on Onlyfans, your family members, friends, coworkers, or even obsessive exes won’t know about your secret plan

12. How to make an anonymous OnlyFans Account? 

Anyone can create a free account on Onlyfans, however, you will need to provide some basic information to complete the process. For example, you have to link your real bank account to the Onlyfans account, otherwise, you won’t be seeing any money arriving in your bank account. However, all this information will not be visible to other people, so your identity is still protected.

13. Easy steps to make an anonymous Onlyfans account:

Step 1: Create a fresh Email ID

It won’t be very difficult to create a new Email ID with some fake information. You can use this email ID to register an account on Onlyfans. Along with this, you can also use this new Email ID to create other fake social media accounts to promote your content.

Step 2: Create your account on Onlyfans

Use a pseudo name while creating an account on the Onlyfans. Choose your profile picture carefully, it should not show your face or any of your tattoos, marks, or scars.  

Step 3: Fill in your Bank account information

While submitting your bank account information, make sure you use your real name and not your fake name. Any of this information will not be visible to other people. 


Onlyfans is one such social media platform, where you are not obligated to show your face and still you can make good money. The only key to being successful on Onlyfans while remaining anonymous is creativity and consistency. 

However, as an anonymous creator, you might take a little extra time to see the money coming than other content creators who are taking a risk showing their faces.


Can you make money on OnlyFans with just pictures?

Yes, you can definitely make good money on Onlyfans by just uploading pictures. You can set a monthly subscription on your page so that your fans pay you monthly to get access to your content. Other than this, you can also offer your fans an option to pay to view one photo at a time.

Other than this, there is a pay-per-view option where you can send your fans some exclusive content. This can be a photo, video, voice message, or anything else and people will pay you to unlock it. The minimum price you can set for your pay-per-view message is $3.

How much money can you make on OnlyFans?

The amount of earnings you can get from Onlyfans majorly depends on your niche. Along with this, there are other factors also that contribute to your Onlyfans earnings, how often you post your content,  your fan following, your subscription rate, and more. 

According to recent statistics, it is found that an average creator on Onlyfans earns around $150 per month after deducting the 20% share of Onlyfans. 

With dedication and hard work, you can be on the list of the top earners of Onlyfans who are earning from $5,000 to $100,000 per month. 

Can you stay completely anonymous on Onlyfans?

Yes, you can stay completely anonymous on Onlyfans for a long time. If you follow all the tips and tricks discussed above in the article, use a VPN to secure your connection, and do not disclose any of your personal information in your content, you need not worry about anything. 

Can you use a Fake name for Onlyfans?

Yes, you can use a fake name for Onlyfans. If you want to remain anonymous on Onlyfans, you should definitely go with a fake name on Onlyfans. However, while creating an account on Onlyfans, you need to provide your real name and information. After that, while setting up your profile, you can with any fake name.

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