How to Sell Onlyfans Posts and Add Previews?

January 1, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for how to Sell Onlyfans Posts and Add Previews? then you are at right place.

OnlyFans as you know is an online content-sharing and subscription-based platform that can help you earn a lot of money.

You can earn money on OnlyFans not just by the means of your subscriptions but also when you utilize your posts and the content to get money.

You can use it to kind of sell your content and make money in doing so. To use the platform in your best interest, you should know about the ways and means to maximize your reach, earn big, and look attractive at the same time

How to sell Onlyfans Post and add Previews: Explained in Easy steps [2024]

How to set up preview: Step by Step

If you are looking for ways to get cash through your posts and previous, you have landed in the correct place!

Here, we will take you through the step-by-step instructions to set up a preview and make money by the means of it. By setting up previews, your posts will look more appealing and attractive. Let's go into it without any further ado. 

Upload your post

to set up a preview, the first step is definitely to upload the post you want to upload on your account. It can be a picture, video, text, or whatever you choose.

It is advisable to recheck if that is the post that you wish to upload. Once you have uploaded the post, attaching the price to it can be the next step. 

Set a price to the post

Now there are two ways in which you upload. One is to upload it for free so everyone can see it and the other is to lock your content and associate a price to unlock your content.

Through that, the user will have to first pay the amount then he can unlock and check out your posts. You can choose wisely which content to give away for free and for which it would be beneficial or profitable if you set a price to it.

When you have fixed a price for content, you will see a blue box that will highlight the content you wish to lock with the price.

Setting a preview

It is another important and easy step when you are planning to sell your content, be it audio, video, or text.

Once you have fixed the price for a particular text/ content you will see a blue box and next to it there will be an arrow, just click on it. It will highlight the content that it will fix with that price.

Choose the media that you want to use as a preview and confirm with the checkmark button. Once you are done with this step, the blue box will go away. There is nothing to worry it is confirmed now that content will be unlocked only when the user pays the price connected with it.

Write an attention-grabbing caption 

Now the caption that you are looking for need not rather, should not be long and boring. It has to be captivating enough that the user should want to know what's in it when unlocked also it should be in sync with the content inside.

Choose a caption that is short, sweet, and precise to the content. One more thing that you can do is add a tip if the users are satisfied with the content. Check our article for best captions.

The content should get more likes, as the more the likes, the better the standing on OnlyFans. 

Cross-check everything 

Before you jump the gun of hitting the post, it is always better to recheck everything that you are about to post, the caption, the price, the preview, and if everything is fine you can go ahead and click “post”.

As once it is Live, it is for the public to view it and give you likes based on it all. 

Tips and tricks for selling post and previews

After finding the best ways to set up a preview, let's go to the next step and learn about some great tricks that are going to benefit you as a content creator on OnlyFans. The more you implement these in your content, the more you are going to benefit from it. 

Choose your most attractive photo

Each time you are uploading multiple media, finding the perfect photo can be challenging. It is of wide importance to cross-check the image or the screenshot that you wish to upload and make sure it is not blurry.

Also, ensure that it is the best that is going to attract a lot of attention. It should have the potential to look different and attractive.

If you are into adult content on OnlyFans, you may not want to upload something that is very much revealing but it should be enough to titillate the people should want more. Viewers will buy based on what they see. Give your best shot here!

If you are not an adult content creator, it is suggested to upload a special thumbnail and choose a text in a way that teases your audience. You can use thumbnails and apply them to your photo albums, video series, and a lot more. 

If you are not great at doing it, you can always choose to outsource the task, but try your best to make the cover of your content the best! For more info, check this article.

Don’t overthink a caption

It is suggested always to not overthink the caption. You are not here to put the best of your intellectual side. It could be a catchy line, a humorous play of words, or a bawdy line based on the content that you are putting out.

Sometimes these things work great with the human mind, and you tend to want to look into the post and that's what we all want! Do not be afraid to put a little risqué as it goes a long way. 

Always make your caption in line with the content and your potential buyers and viewers. 

Come with creative content ideas

When you are on a platform like OnlyFans, the key is to be consistent and creative about the content you are posting on your account. You can read about the content idea, search for YouTube videos, and creative people- who know what could give you an even better idea.

Finally, if nothing works, you can ask your potential subscribers o followers about the content they want to see. This works in a great manner! It gives a feeling of value to the subscribers and at the same time, you will know a lot about their tastes, expectations, and ideas.

If you find any idea bizarre or a violation of your personal boundary, you can choose not to go with that. Otherwise, if you find something great, it is good to hear them out and who knows what one good idea could do to your following. Be selective yet open to creative ideas when marketing and promotion is concerned. 

Regular promotion is necessary

Apart from putting the best picture, the perfect caption, and the creative content, regular promotion is a key ingredient to your success on OnlyFans. You should know where and how to promote and choose to stick to long-term benefits.

The most popular platforms for promotion are Instagram and Twitter. Before you choose the medium, it is better to know the rules beforehand so that there are no violations. You can always take a screenshot preview and post it to maximize your reach and promote your content. 

Another thing that you can do to promote your OnlyFans account, is by posting the link of your account every time you post anything on any other platform. Make sure to do it each time. A paid shoutout is also a good way to promote your content and help your social media grow.

Formulate a pricing strategy

A fair pricing strategy will take you a long if you want your OnlyFans account to grow consistently and have a good standing on social media. You should be fair in implementing the best fair price for your buyers.

Mostly, the buyers are going to pay a price for subscribing to your page. For example, if your base price is $16.99, then you should aim to sell your stand-alone content at a cheaper price.

In this case, you can aim for stand-alone content to go as low as $6 to $10. If you choose to make changes in the base price, you should make adjustments in the stand-alone content price as well. The idea is to look fair to your potential buyers. 


While your goal is to earn extra money on the OnlyFans, your aim should not overthink the earning part of it.

When you look good, consistent, appealing, and fair, people as buyers will fall into your lap (no pun intended) as the result of posting your posts. In short, upload the best picture, keep your previews short, simple and precise, and appealing at the same time.

Make the best use of other social media platforms to promote your page. If you have fewer followers, all this may take a while, but your consistency and quality of the content is going to decide the most of it!

Also, you should remember that whatever you earn from it should be regarded as the side income, especially in the initial phases, and then down the lane who knows it gets better than the primary income sometimes. Make the best use of all the points that you have read above and go long- go creative!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give some OnlyFans content ideas to attract more people?

There are very many ideas that you can implement to attract a lot of people into your account.

You can upload how-to videos, if you have any ideas that can appeal to your potential buyers, sometimes giving them a bit of behind-the-scenes moments may also help you in getting people interested in your account.

How much can I earn on OnlyFans?

There is not straight or a fixed answer to this. A lot of factors come into play when the earning part is concerned.

It depends on what is the base price of subscriptions on your account, what price have you fixed for the tip, items, paid content, etc.). Generally, on average, if you have around 15,000 followers, it is seen that 1-5% may turn into their subscribers.

What kind of content will one find on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans, as you know, is a content-sharing platform that gained huge popularity, especially since the coronavirus lockdown. The kind of content here varies from creative writing and photography to recipes and even adult content.

Having said that, OnlyFans is famous for adult content. There you can find a lot of pictures, and videos that contain nudity or sexual acts. The minimum age requirement to post such content is 18 years of age. 

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