How To Promote OnlyFans Secretly [2024]

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Hey, are you looking for How to Promote Only Fans Secretly then you are at right place.

In the present era, social media platforms are considered by the majority of individuals for promotion purposes. But there are other ways to promote only fans secretly. Onlyfans is the best out of all the platforms to earn a handsome amount for the cam models. This platform provides its best features, which has enhanced its reach among the target audience.   It keeps the identity private and looks after the complete privacy of the content creators.

Let's discuss here how the content creator could promote it secretly.

1. How to promote Onlyfans Secretly?

a. Create two Onlyfans account

Promoting onlyfans is not so difficult. You just need to follow some criteria, or you can say you just need to follow the procedure.

At the first, you just need to create the Onlyfan account. For the better promotion you can create the two onlyfans account for free and the paid account. Just keep it in mind that you have to create the content on the computer instead of using mobile phones.

Just keep using the free account to keep getting the more viewers and the seekers, which will help you to promote the onlyfan account on the big scale.

You can use both accounts moderately. Just create the regular content on the free account just to reach a good audience or the followers. You can upload the exclusive and the appealing content on the paid account.

Promotions depend on your activities on how you respond to your viewers or the followers and audience in the comments and the message section. You need to regulate the contents continuously to achieve the attention of the followers which will help you for the promotions of your page as your contents will continuously appear on the screen.

Coming live on the platform will also help you in promoting the page, and your response to the comments on the live streaming will also help you out to achieve a good relationship with the audience. 

b. Create unique social media accounts

You can create social media accounts to promote the onlyfans page. You can create a unique id on twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms.

Just keep in mind not to create a unique account with your real name as the social media influencer sharing your link on the platform will not get to know your identity.

This will help you to keep your social media accounts separate from the daily using accounts because if any of your friends or the relatives came to know about the accounts will possibly spam your promotion account which will trouble you to promote your page.

  • Things you should take care while creating new accounts

It is important for you to know that at the time of creating a new account never disclose your actual name on your profile. Secondly, always focus towards following the privacy and policies given by the company. 

c. Turn off geolocation

Locations are the best way for today's technology to trace the subject. So, for promoting the content on the social media platform, the creator should turn off the location while creating the content.

We can show the different locations while uploading the content. Just avoid the original location while creating the content or while live streaming, this will help you to keep secure with all your stuff and the identity of the present place.

While promoting your content on the onlyfans account you can turn on the geolocation.

It will help you to avoid the viewers you don’t want to reveal your content.

d. Engage Service providers

There are also some of the service providers who offer you the services for promoting the content and the onlyfans account. You can see the number of service providers in the comment box who will offer you the followers and the content sharing.

You can see these engaged service providers when you find it quite difficult to promote the content and the page promoting secretly on your own. When you appoint the bloggers or the providers for the promotions, you have to share with them the link which will contain the commissions from the referrals.

When you create the account, you should find the influencer first. Finding them early will help you to promote your page or account in the short time rather than taking a long time to promote it.

e. Turn off contact syncing

Obviously, if we are promoting the content or the onlyfans account secretly we are required to turn off the contacts syncing. It will stop or you can say it will block your contact list to see the contents and your promotions. It will help you out as after turning off the sync, your contacts will not be able to see your posts.

Just get sure that after turning off the contacts syncing, it will only avoid your contact list to see your posts. Your onlyfans followers who are already there in your followers list will be able to see your posts.

Your onlyfans account is directly linked with your social media account so it will be beneficial for you to be regularly promoting it with good accuracy from the starting.

f. Don't Refer anyone

When you are promoting your onlyfans account secretly you are not supposed to post anything on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. You are not required to share the links in the mails too. Just keep in mind that the links from onlyfans page are not allowed to share and are not shareable even. If you mention yourself in the links or any of your identity, then how will it be called secret. So, you are not supposed to reveal your identity in any sense to anyone.

Just install the onlyfans app on your mobile phone. Just start following the people you don’t know.

Only the people you will refer to your post will be able to see your posts. Friends and family if already added in the list will not be able to see your posts unless you refer the post to them.

2. How to promote Onlyfans secretly by using paid promotion?

Paid promotions are the best way to promote your account quickly and fast.

There are many bloggers and famous pages or accounts on social media which do shoutouts for the promotions of the accounts or the pages. Obviously by achieving a large number of followers they do it for the particular packages for the limited time.

It's difficult to collaborate with them for free as they already have wide followers. Also, it's quite difficult to find the bloggers and the influencers with free shoutouts on their page. But the amount you pay for the promotions will be efficient for you for promoting your page fast and quick.

  • a. Use Fiverr for hiring the promotion services

This is one of the popular mediums through which you can promote your services, or you can have the good option to select different promotional services from many options. 

  • b. Promote your account through promotion agencies

Promotion agencies are also the best which can help you increase the reach and also the followers. Through this, you can easily grab more subscriptions. 

  • c. Paid shoutouts on social media

There are many followers who are already ready with the packages for you according to you. But just be aware that you are not required to pay for the fake followers. Like there are many pages who pay for the fake followers which are of no use. How they can be useful, when you are not getting any benefits from them as they are inactive. The choice is yours and the money you spend should benefit you.

So, for the paid promotions you should look for the secured bloggers with good followers. They will work fast for you as they will mention your page in the stories or post, then they will ask their genuine followers to promote by themselves too which will create a long chain for your promotion.

3. How to find the best influencers on Onlyfans?

Simply, you can search for your best influencers by referring to the site linked with OnlyFinder. In this you will be able to find out the people or the influencers of your choice. 

4. Why is Instagram better for OnlyFans promotions?

Instagram is a better option for finding the influencers and the bloggers. There are a large number of bloggers on Instagram who are good at the promotions.

So, we come to the conclusion that there are many ways to promote the only fans account secretly. One of the best ways is the paid promotions. But if you are short with the budgets, there are many more ways discussed above.

Our main aim was to help you about getting you know the different ways to promote your only fans secretly.

Hope this article will help you out to resolve your queries!


● Where can I promote OnlyFans anonymously?

    You can create the free and the paid account on the onlyfans. Both should be used regularly and continuously as it will appear in the feeds of the followers. Paid accounts can be used for posting the exclusive contents.

● Can you remain anonymous on OnlyFans?

    Yes, we can be regular on the onlyfans by promotions and the activities like live streaming and updating the posts in the continuous period of time.

● What is the fastest way to promote OnlyFans?

    By hiring paid promotions by the influencer and the bloggers with paid shoutouts will help you to achieve the followers in a short time.

● How do you get popular on OnlyFans?

    You can get popular on OnlyFans when you focus on creating good content for your followers. Also, focus towarding investing in paid shoutouts.

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