OnlyFans Fetishes: What is being liked on OnlyFans [2024]

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Hey, are you looking for OnlyFans Fetishes, then you are at right place.

If you are wondering what OnlyFans is, then we are here to spill the beans. OnlyFans is a social media website which has been created keeping in mind the creators and their audience. The site provides a platform to both creators and their audience where they can interact with each other.

If you are a fan of a creator, then you can follow their OnlyFans account and get access to their exclusive pics and their videos.

These exclusive videos and pics can be accessed by fans after paying a small subscription amount. This subscription setup is a total hit among the fans and the creators, and everyone is totally comfortable with the same, and have taken it well.

The payment structure is pretty simple, and you get what you pay for. OnlyFans currently has more than 120 million members in the world which is very large considering it is a paid platform.

Many big celebrities like Cardi B, Belle Delphine, and many more are present on this platform and regularly treat their fans with amazing pics and video contents that their fans love and adore. So, if you love to watch exclusive content of your favourite creators, then OnlyFans is the place to go.

OnlyFans Fetishes: What is being liked on OnlyFans?

Why is fetish content getting popular on OnlyFans?

As OnlyFans give the creators the access to share exclusive content with their fans on the basis of the demand, they have to create really adult content to cater to the fans. As the content is premium and exclusive, the adult content reaches only to the people who creators allow.

Because of this demand and supply of content, there has been a rise in a variety of fetish content that is adult and serves the audience needs. As the number of adult creators on OnlyFans is pretty high, the number of fans is higher. People demand their favourite creators to perform specific acts that fulfil the inner desire.

This gave rise to a large-scale increase in fetish content getting popular as people like to watch their favourite creators do things, they have always imagined them doing. Many people have many dirty fantasies in their mind that they want to be real.

When they visit OnlyFans, they get access to many creators who are ready to do things as they want, in return for the required payment.

The number of creators who are females is higher than men as expected. But, the number of men creators is also large, and they also get work on the site that involves raunchy and fetish content.

What are the different fetishes that are churning money for the creators?

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish is one of the most unique but popular fetishes in which people feel turned on by watching the feet.

Many creators sell exclusive pics of their feet on OnlyFans that their fans love to see.

Cuckold Fetish

Cuckold Fetish is something where a person enjoys watching their partner getting fucked or loved by a third person.

This fetish is something that is commonly done by couple creators with a third person.

Dirty Underwear Fetish

Dirty Underwear Fetish is also something that is popular among the audience. People love to connect with their favourite creators in one way or another. 

So, when a creator, whether male or female, sells their dirty underwear that has stains of them cum or vaginal discharge, the fans are the first one to claim it.


There is no doubt that for feeling arousal, sound also plays a major role while you are watching a porn movie or any adult scene.

Auralism focuses on the audio aspects. Sometimes, we need no visuals and audio is good enough for arousal.

Spank the Ass Fetish

If you love watching porn movies, then it can’t be that you don’t like asses. You can find all kinds of asses on OnlyFans, ranging from big juicy ones to smaller ones.

Spank the Ass Fetish is something that focuses on asses only.

Navel Fetish

Navel Fetish is something that involves the non-sexual organ of the body, i.e., navel.

The navel is a body part that is something that arouses many and it is among the few points over body where we can feel maximum arousal. 

People love to watch sexy navels and love to play with them, whether it is a curvy person or a petite one.

Roleplay Fetish

Roleplay Fetish is one of the most popular fetishes all around the world.

We all know how popular Johnny Sins is, one of the major reasons being the variety of roles he plays in videos.

Not just that, as per the reports as well, if we include role play in daily sex, it gives more pleasure and variety to both the partners.

This shows how popular the Roleplay fetish is. 


BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.

This fetish is a bit violent, and you can watch a glimpse of it in the “50 Shades” movie series. 

Violence is a kind of kink that is somewhat popular and involves hurting your partner so that they are sexually aroused.

There are many creators who love to do BDSM and treat their fans with their amazing BDSM content.

Real people having sex

Real people having sex is something that is the most intimate thing creators do for their fans.

The real sex videos are one of the most demanded contents and loved by all.

Where can you see the Fetish content?

It is not difficult to find fetish content on the internet. There are plenty of porn sites that have videos that are categorised on the basis of fetishes only.

Popular sites like Pornhub and Brazzers are some places that you can consider. However, these sites don’t offer you custom content that you can get on OnlyFans.

So, if you are looking for a customised content that is as per your fetish, then OnlyFans is the way to go. Just choose a creator who can perform your favourite fetish and have a fun time.


So, we hope you are now aware that the best place to visit for fetsih content is OnlyFans.

The variety of fetishes show that every individual has a different fantasy and there is everything for everyone. The only thing that now separates you from your lovely fetishes is a subscription on OnlyFans.

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