OnlyFans payment methods: What can be accepted as a payment mode for OnlyFans?

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Hey, are you looking for OnlyFans payment methods and What can be accepted as a payment mode for OnlyFans? then you are at right place.

OnlyFans is one of the most popular and among the fastest growing content sharing platforms on the internet worldwide. It is a subscription-based service platform where users subscribe to the content creators for a specific amount of money on a monthly basis and the creator earns through subscriptions as well as tipping money provided by the subscribers and users. 

it is well known to get the premium content on the internet through the subscription and the payment methods on every subscription-based service are different. In this article we will take a look at some of the payment methods which are accepted and not accepted on this platform.

OnlyFans Payment Methods: Different Payment mode for OnlyFans explained

What are the accepted payment methods accepted on OnlyFans?

There are several methods which are accepted by the platform and some of them are described in details below like

Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards:

Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are widely used cards for payment across the globe. People prefer to use the debit cards on this platform as they do not want the credit history on the adult platform. There are some of the different cards provided by these providers which can be used for the payment on the OnlyFans like: 

1. Brinks Mastercard

Mastercard is accepted as a payment option on the OnlyFans platform and if you are a user of the Brinks Mastercard then you can use it to pay for the subscription on the platform. Here are some points which provide the benefit of the Brinks Mastercard:

  • One of the oldest prepaid card companies established in 1859.
  • You can use the direct deposit of the Brinks Mastercard to get paid earlier.
  • There are no late charges and interest as it is a prepaid card not a credit card.
  • There is also a mobile app with which you can manage your account and get the message and email alerts for the transactions and updates.

2. PayPal prepaid Mastercard

PayPal wallet is not available as a payment method on the OnlyFans platform, but you can always use the PayPal money in your account by using the PayPal prepaid Mastercard as we know that prepaid cards are acceptable on the platform. Here are some of the points which can make sure that it is a good method to use for the payment:

  • You can transfer the money from your PayPal wallet to the PayPal Mastercard and then use that for the payment for the subscription.
  • You can transact the money on application and get the cashback to increase your wallet money.
  • You can always use the direct deposit to get the payment earlier.

3. Other Example of Visa Credit cards

There are other Visa Credit cards available in the market for the payment on the OnlyFans accounts like: 

  • Chase Freedom United
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit card
  • Ink Business Preferred Credit card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve

4. Other Example of Mastercard Credit cards

There are several other Mastercard credit cards in the market which can be used for the payment on the OnlyFans. 

  • Chase Freedom Flex
  • Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card
  • Aspire Cash Back Rewards card
  • Fortiva Mastercard credit card
  • Capital One SavorOne Cash rewards credit card

Discover Credit and debit cards

Discover credit and debit cards are also another method to use for the payments on the OnlyFans and it is also one of the most popular methods after the Visa and Mastercard.

Maestro credit and debit cards:

Maestro debit cards and credit cards are also allowed as a payment option on the OnlyFans platform, and it is necessary to check the logo of the Maestro on your card before submitting the card details in your subscription section.

Some prepaid Visa cards 

There are some prepaid visa cards which are also accepted as a payment method on the OnlyFans and the thing that you need to check is the logo of the Visa on your prepaid card and it will work. Here is an example of the Visa prepaid card

NetSpend Visa prepaid Card:

You can use the NetSpend Visa prepaid card for the payments on the OnlyFans and it is safer and secure than other cards.

You can also use the direct deposit on this card to get paid faster.

You also do not have to pay any late charges and interest on this card as it is a prepaid card not the credit card. 

Which payment methods are not accepted on OnlyFans? 

There are some methods of the payment that OnlyFans does not accept for the security and privacy reasons. Some of them are listed below:

1. PayPal: 

PayPal is among the most popular methods for the payment around the globe, but it is not accepted as a payment mode on the OnlyFans platform. However, if you still want to use the PayPal then you can use the PayPal debit/credit card as the debit and credit cards are accepted as the payment mode on the OnlyFans platform.

2. Gift Cards:

Many people have issued the complaints for the gift cards not being the payment mode on the platform and it is still not a way to pay on the OnlyFans which is a bit let down as they have a policy which makes them not to use the payment modes which are less secure and safe for the payment methods.

3. Prepaid Cards: 

Prepaid cards are also not accepted as a payment mode on the OnlyFans platform but there is an exception of Visa prepaid cards which you can use as a payment option on this platform. 

How to sign-up for a subscription using the payment method?

For the subscription on the OnlyFans, you have to follow the given steps provide below: 

  • Open the OnlyFans account on your Mobile device or laptop and desktop.
  • Go to the bottom right corner and click on it or on your laptop and desktop find my account option and click on it.
  • It will open a new screen/window where there will be multiple options.
  • Find the “your cards” option, which is the only way to pay on the OnlyFans platform and select it.
  • On next screen find the “Add a new card” and select it
  • Fill all the card details that are required on this screen
  • Now you have a subscription for OnlyFans premium account.

Can I purchase OnlyFans by using a Virtual credit card? 

Yes, you can use a virtual credit card to pay for the OnlyFans. It needs to be a credit or debit card whether it is physical or virtual it does not matter.

 There are many companies which provide virtual credit cards and if you have one you can buy the subscription on the OnlyFans. You need to fill in all the details needed of your virtual credit card on the add a new card option on the OnlyFans account and after the payment is done you will have a premium subscription of your favorite OnlyFans creator.

The virtual card is a relatively new and digital way to keep your credit and debit cards on your digital wallets. There are many kinds of online or digital banks which issue digital credit cards and these cards work similar to the physical cards.

You only need to fill in the details of your card which are on the digital card like card number, name and others and you will be ready for the transaction through your digital credit card. It is an easier way by keeping the digital cards on your digital wallet and there is no risk of losing it or getting stolen like the physical cards.

Can OnlyFans payment be anonymous? 

OnlyFans payment is only anonymous if only you have the access to your account statement. Anyone with your account statement can see the “OnlyFans” written for all the transactions on the platform.

It does not matter if it is for the subscription or PPV and tips on all the transactions done for the OnlyFans will show “OnlyFans” on your bank statement. So, it cannot be said as anonymous for the payment of the OnlyFans services.

It is rather easier to keep your bank statement or account activity to yourself and you can still remain anonymous for other people by not showing them your account details.


We hope that you have found your answer to your query regarding the payment methods on the OnlyFans.

We all know that there is no policy on the OnlyFans platform which allow you to use any kind of digital wallets for the payment but we all know that it is growing platform and there are regular updates of the platform so who knows when it will be started to using the digital wallets and PayPal as payment methods.

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