Easy Steps to get the OnlyFans App on your iPhone

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Hey, are you looking for Easy Steps to get the OnlyFans App on your iPhone then you are at right place.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get the OnlyFans App on your mobile? 

Currently, there are more mobile phones than desktops, that is why Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have their own mobile apps. The mobile applications do have an edge and merit over web apps like personalization, notification, and additional features. 

The real OnlyFans app cannot be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. However, there is a quick and easy way around this. And you can easily add this as an app icon on your homepage which will help you access one profile per day without the subscription fee. 

The OnlyFans app with iPhone too has a very simple way to upload pictures and videos. You can just use your camera and your recorder on the phone to take the picture or the video and upload it on OnlyFans. 

When the content is uploaded, you can save the images and the content. With the application, you will get updates of the app. With the app, you can download the uploads from the OnlyFans app and once it is done you can share these with all your friends on the app. If you are new to this, you need to download the latest version to have the latest features of the app. 

The one point to take note of is you will not be able to access the older versions but that shouldn’t be a problem as the newer ones are personalized and updated as per the latest changes that you will enjoy.  

Easy Steps to get the OnlyFans App on your iPhone

Steps to get the OnlyFans app on your iPhone

Well, there is no one-stop answer to this. It will depend on individual circumstances. However, you can find some tips when you sign up for the account on the website. You can download the app from there by following the steps given on the website.

You can use Safari to create a custom link on your home screen which will directly take you to the OnlyFans page. You can choose to click on remembering your password if you want to.

There is one issue with this that you will not able to upload any video or image using your mobile, you will need the help of a desktop. This one is a problem for the content creators however if you wish to just check out the images and videos, this will run perfectly.

Let’s learn about the steps to make it easier and handy for you-

Step 1- Go to OnlyFans.com on Safari.

This will not be possible on any other browser except for Safari as this is not available.

And as Safari cannot be found on any of your android devices, like your one plus, Samsung, or Google Pixel. 

Currently, you will be able to use the OnlyFans trick only on the Safari browser. 

Step 2-  Click on the “Share” icon and then “Add to home screen”

Check the image for your reference and click the share icon.

Now, once you have clicked “share”, a navigation drawer will appear in which you will find a lot of options such as Copy, Add to Reading List, and a lot more.

To add OnlyFans to your home screen and click the “Add to Home Screen” option that you can see.

Using this feature, you can add any website to your home screen like an app icon with a single click.

This will make your visits to a particular website much handier with a click without having to enter the complete URL to open the website. 

Step 3- Rename the app

Here, you can rename the application and click “Add”. Renaming is not necessary, you can if you want it else leave it. It is like an added feature.  

Whenever you add any website to the home page of your iPhone, it will display the whole title of the web source. This can be a little irritating but in the case of OnlyFans, you can keep the short name as it is or change it as per your choice. 

Once you have selected “Add”, exit Safari. Now, your OnlyFans website will appear as an app icon on your home screen. Once you click on that icon, it will directly land you on the website of OnlyFans.

When the app is added to your iPhone, all you need to do is signup for the subscription through the Fansly website or the website.

You need to add the payment information asked after signing in to the account. Once you have paid, you will be directed to the Home page. You can customize your Account Settings on your app as per your needs. 

Is there any official app for OnlyFans for iOS?

It is a very great question if there is an official app for iPhone users? Well, the answer is, unfortunately, No. OnlyFans does not support Apple Pay. You must have your Apple ID to purchase it.

The interesting thing about this app is that it has no ads. There is no option to buy it on the Play Store or Google store. This app is free to download. 

Let's talk about the Apple store now. Is this available in the Apple store? Well, the answer is a yes and a no. As the app is not an official app, it is not there on the Apple store, yet you can access it via Safari. But you need to install the OnlyFans website to access it.

You can download it from the AppValley website with just one click.

What is the real OnlyFans App?

 The name might be a little misleading, but yes the app is legitimate. You can subscribe to various videos, music, and x-rated content of your choice here and share it with your friends and family of your choice. Although this practice is looked down upon

And is seen as illegal by many. 

With a base of 130 million users, it is still banned in Google play because of the explicit sexual content that Google has against the app. 

There was a verification process launched in May 2019 that required users to upload their selfies with a valid user ID before they could post anything. However, users tried to manipulate this by using other people’s selfies or user names. So, OnlyFans is not safe for work purposes. 

You can download the real OnlyFans app for free, still, the website is more secure. You might as well add the extension that will enable the OnlyFans without the browser. 

Why isn’t there an OnlyFans app?

OnlyFans has a limited user base which is the prime reason why it does not have an app. In such a situation, there will be no ads for promotion. Even if they put ad, most of the time the content, and visuals will be hidden from the public view. So, relatively the website sounds still viable for the users that they know what they are looking for in the OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans gained huge popularity during the pandemic in the UK so much that it helped the country cope with the situation at that time. However, the app isn’t available on Google Store because of the guidelines issued bGoogle regarding the 18+ content

So, either they can develop or create a system with which they can block that kind of content within the app store or invest directly into making a separate app. Having said that, it is unlikely that they would invest in an app as the website itself has not been updated in the past 7 months.

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