OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas for Creators: How to Create More Money from OnlyFans?

January 1, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas for Creators: How to Create More Money from OnlyFans? then you are at right place.

Subscriptions as you know are a great way of earning on OnlyFans. Is there any other way to earn money on OnlyFans? Yes, there is! Earning is not limited to subscriptions on OnlyFans, you can also earn from tips. Tipping is the same as giving the waiter a tip for his good service in a restaurant. 

Tips are a token of appreciation that a customer shows for the service he/ she has received. So, a tip menu is an important part of online sex work of any sort. This is the first thing one notices when they check out your profile whether you are on any online platform like Chaturbate or OnlyFans

What is a tip Menu?

Tip Menu as the name suggests is very similar to giving a good tip or small tip to a waiter for his or his service to your table. There you might offer him a good tip for anything special you must have found in his/her service. 

A tip Menu is something that talks about you and the services that you offer; hence it is important. It is one of the primary things that any potential customer sees on your page, not only because it mentions what you do but also highlights what more can you do for your customers. Tip Menus have become famous on various camming websites like Patreon and OnlyFans

It is pinned to your profile on OnlyFans where it is supposed to be customized just as you do to your ordered food item. Also, you can option what all you can offer other than the usual stuff. The exciting thing about tip menu is you can also quote your expectations as a tip menu for a specific thing that you do.

Then the user or the customer will have to pay a certain amount as a tip for that special thing, there will be no free will. So, this is all up to you as a creator and then eventually the users will connect with you over the DM describing what they have tipped you as a creator for!

How do tip menus work?

Well, it kind of works both ways. It is simple! When you attach an exciting return gift with the tip, it becomes exciting for the user too.

For instance, after checking out your profile, a user can easily see that a $15 tip will give him a personalized voice message for a special occasion or anything he chooses, and a tip of $25 will give him a rating on his dick. If you think about these, it becomes exciting and encouraging at the same time.

When you get an incentive for tipping, why wouldn’t you do it in such a platform where you are for your alone fun time? This can become a good way to get tipped more and have a connection with your audience over time. 

Types of Tip Menus

Now that you have little idea of what are tip menus, let’s find the types as well and how to create and implement these on your page.

On some platforms, you can put your tip menu as text in your bio. For this, there are two options- you can either put your tip menu as text or you have the option to upload an image of your tip menu graphically created and make this your “pinned post” if the website enables you to do so. 

  • Tip Menu Pinned Post (Images)

If you choose to put the tip menu in image form, there are a lot of platforms that you can use to create this. Some of the bests are Canva and Adobe Photoshop. You can go with your favourite one! All you need to do is open any of these and choose a long rectangle size and start designing! You can add the colours, styles, and fonts of your choice to mix it up. Just make sure you're handwriting there is readable, and everything looks pretty on the profile. 

Once done, just upload it to your platform- go to settings and click “add as pinned post” and voila! It is applied to your profile as you created the image with the information. 

  • Tip Menu as Bip Text

If you want to simply go with the text on your bio, you might as well choose that for your profile. A lot of people avoid this as whatever you write in your bio text and shortened, and the readers have to click on “read more” to read it entirely. Anyways if creating, uploading, or designing an image is not your cup of tea, you can go for it simply. Be careful about the word limit here. 

What is an NSFW tip menu?

This is something entirely up to you. Some of the options are to include your photos, videos, bundles (both), erotic messages (audio), dirty talks, dick ratings, and a lot more.

How do you take this money?

Collecting cash earned through tips is very simple depending on the platform that you are using, and it is as easy as collecting cash for any other thing. As in the case of OnlyFans, you can find it in your private messages where your fanbase will tip you there and you can also send the returns or the goods straight up via messages. 

How to create a good tip menu?

Establish your price- If you are wondering how to establish tip menu pricing, you can check out NSFW content creators with tip menus. You can scroll through various ideas from there and you can make up your mind on what you are going to charge for each service. 

Some inclusion in the tip menu-

  • Dick Ratings- Here your client will send a nude photo and you rate them on a scale of 1-10 scale based on your honest feelings
  • Videos- You can choose to go for personalized or custom that is not available to the public. 
  • Photos- Here too, you can choose to go for personalized or custom that is not available to the public. 
  • Video & Photo bundles- As the name suggests, it included multiple photos or videos like a “set” where you are in the same lingerie or a hot dress. 
  • Erotic Audio- Erotic audio can again be a personalized or custom that is not available to the public, it could be dirty talk audio, sex audio, etc
  • Sexting- It is $2 per minute and a 30-minute long maximum.
  • Mix & Match- You can mix and match any 5 items from the list to get the discounted price.

Fixing a price for these is subjective and it should be based on your comfort level, the size of your audience, etc. Some of the common prices for these things are-

  • Dick rating: $5-$10
  • Erotic Audio: Up to 2 minutes it is $10 (dirty talk)
  • Erotic Audio: Up to 2 minutes it is $15 (orgasm)
  • Custom Photo: $5
  • Custom Video: Up to 2 minutes it is $15
  • Custom Video: Up to 5 minutes it is $20

Be clear in your offering

As you can see, you can charge more for things of long duration. You can also mix & match these things and charge accordingly for both. This will keep your fans interested in you and maintain a connection with you. At the same be very clear in your offering. It should have clear prices and processes. If someone orders custom audio, or video, it should state clearly if they will get it within 24 hours or 48hours, so that there is no false expectation or a gap. Make your delivery widow reasonable. Like, if someone wants an erotic orgasm video, a 24-hour timeline seems reasonable but if you do not state it clearly, your fan may be watching out for your video immediately. Make sure you both are on the same page and their expectations are met reasonably. 

Few of the tip menu ideas which can be successful for you

If you want to make more money with your clients, your tip ideas should be attractive enough for someone to want to spend their money. It should sound reasonable and exciting at the same time. Please ensure that whatever you are offering on the tip menu should not appear on your casual content.

Else, people will restrain themselves from tipping you. At the same time, make sure that you offer what you state on your menu. Do not go for things that you won’t be offering eventually as it will make them anxious, and you will lose money. 

  • Tips for your grooming

    Let’s learn about a few tips that you can follow. Viewers want to see creative, modern and at the same time attractive creators. For instance, you can add a tip name” spoil me” for your fans. In this, you will ask them to tip you for your grooming. You can choose from the options like-
  • A manicure/ Pedicure for me for $5
  • Help me style my nails for $10
  • Get new hot lingerie for $15
  • A relaxing foot massage for $15
  • Get me a new lip colour or a lip balm for $20

    You can choose money wisely and as per your choice. Once done, you can send them an attractive picture of yourself highlighting what you did with the tip. 
  • Tips for cheesy content

    If you are offering erotic videos as an adult content creator, you can make your tip accordingly. A long video can have a high price attached to it in comparison to a shorter one. You can also choose to offer pictures that are not available on your casual content. 
    You can also, make mentions like you will wear something of your fan’s choice and charge as per your choice reasonably. You can also go with Whatsapp chat or Snapchat as an option for sharing some cheesy content as the tip.
  • Offer them to be their girlfriend or boyfriend

    There are a lot of people who are ready to pay as much to feel a personal connection with their creator. So, you can choose to offer them what could cater to that feeling of theirs. You can play the role of their girlfriend or boyfriend for a day or two. This is going to sound very exciting to the viewers to get a chance to develop or go into a role-playing mode. You can text them good morning or good night and act as their partners in the distance and get little naughty on texts. For that while, you could send nudes, and erotic audios on text acting as theirs. This could add a good amount of money and will incite a lot of people to get into it. 
  • Get tips by sending them your stuff

    This is another exciting thing you can do for your viewers. Many would want the stuff that their creators wear. You can offer them your clothes, and underclothes and ask for a tip. Many people would be interested to pay a lot for you under panties, polaroid pictures that they can carry in their purse with them, your socks, your used lipstick, any fetish could be pleased by giving them your used stuff. 

Three marketing tips for creating a solid tip menu

Some of the best tried and tested marketing techniques to create a solid tip menu are

  • List prices that end in .99

This may sound unreal, but it isn’t. Have you ever wondered why products or services priced at .99 or.69, in the end, play a trick on your mind psychologically and you end up believing that it is a fair price? What happens in this is we focus more on the left digits and when we see the end digits like this, we tend to believe that it is a fair deal. Think about it!

  • “Price skimming” works

Now, this again is something that works on the psychology of the human mind. It means introducing a new service or a tip menu in this case at a higher cost and then reducing it to some degree. What will it do for you? It is going to make a lot of people believe that the price of this has gone down and splurge right into it. It is indeed a great way to capitalize on a new item or service. 

  • “Bundle pricing” is necessary

“Bundling pricing” is as simple as it sounds and exciting at the same time. It involves mixing and match of various services and pricing them based on that. It makes your fans believe that you both are on the same page and at the same time makes the price higher by compiling two or three services and their prices together. You can include photos, videos, audio messages, etc.  

Few things to keep in mind while creating a tip menu

There are a few things that you can ensure when you create a tip menu, and these will be specific to the NSFW content field.

  • Check if the menu works with your platform

You have to check the criteria of your tip menu are in sync with the platform that you are using. For instance, on platforms like OnlyFans, and Patreon that are pay-per-service, it is fine to mention the price. However, if it is like a camming website where tokens are mentioned instead of price, there you need to convert the price you wish to mention to token price.

  • Ensure both the parties get a fair deal

You have to ask yourself two questions before fixing a price for the tip menu. First, if you are getting a fair price for what you have promised, and second, if to the client or the fans is it going to look exciting and fair at the same time for them to spend their money. 

  • Check if your tip menu needs to be altered regularly

Why not! You have to be in sync with the changes, and new services that you are offering on your page, or you may stop a certain service after some time. Perhaps you should not do this regularly as this makes it difficult to build trust with you. Your tip menu should grow and adapt with you each time. You may want to put a few things on sale as it may help! Also, changes will make the viewers look different and exciting from time to time. 

  • Put your style into it

Your tip menu should not be boring. It should have your style to it. You can add colours, or be minimalistic, bright, or pale whatever your style is. Above all, it should be easy to understand and read and should represent you in its feel. 

  • Placing your tip menu on more than one platform

You can choose to utilize many platforms apart from just OnlyFans to promote your page. You can post your tip menu on OnlyFans and promote it on your Facebook, and Instagram pages and promote it as much as you can and have a broader reach. 

How to earn more money from tips?

Here you can find some ways which can help you to earn more money from tips-

  • Create good quality content- The quality of the content is prime when a viewer or a fan checks out your page. Ensure to put good quality photos, videos other content mentioned on your page. Be engaging and impressive to your niche. 
  • Be friendly and engaging- Attitude counts a lot. If you are friendly and engaging with your subscribers, it is going to have a personal connection and have a long-lasting impression on them which will help you get a good tip from them. A little note of gratitude takes you far!
  • Invoke your subscribers-You can also use this platform as a trade-off thing when you can ask your subscribers to help you pay your bills in exchange for some customized content.
  • Go Live’- Real-time talent has its appeal and feel. Engaging with them separately gives them a very special and intimate feel with you as a creator. 
  • Free subscription- You can consider making your account free which will help you get more tips on your live stream, posts, and messages from the subscribers. 
  • Their opinions matter- Be open to feedback and respond to their suggestions. This will make them look important. And in turn, they will engage with you more.


OnlyFans can help you earn good just with your dedication and consistency. Putting it all together, if your work is unique the subscribers will keep coming to you. Other than earning money, getting a good tip can also help in adding up to your bank balance. Send them your stuff, add personalized content and look updated to them. 

Mention all that you can offer very clearly, do what you mention, and be engaging. Make your tip menu interesting in such a way that you as an audience would want to spend your money on it. 

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