What are the Pros and Cons of Joining the OnlyFans? [2024]

January 1, 2024 in How To

Hey, are you looking for What are the Pros and Cons of Joining the OnlyFans? then you are at right place.

There are always some positives and negatives of each and everything in this world. In some cases, pros will be much higher, and, in some cases, cons would be much higher, and everything has a level of consequences in terms of positive and negative impacts. In this article we are discussing the pros and cons of joining Onlyfans. 

What are the positive things about OnlyFans for creators?

OnlyFans is a very unique platform, and its main aim is to monetize the content of the creator while they build on their relationship with their fans. There are so many positives to talk about Onlyfans for creators. It started in 2016, and it has grown with every passing year.

Biggest benefit of having Onlyfans account is that you get payment for your content based on the likes, views and through your subscribers. In the covid-era, it came as a boon for creators as it helped many people meet their daily needs with this platform.

It doesn’t require any office or any other specific location, one can work from his place of comfort and can devote as much time one wants to devote for their content whenever they get time from their usual stuff.

It focuses on the content and even a person who is a newbie can earn handsome money and can build his own audience with time. Platform doesn’t charge a heavy amount for the registration as its business model is based on percentage basis and subscription amount from the users.

Best part about this platform is the diversity of content and its scalability as in this fast-changing era, it is necessary to be updated with new features, trends and public demands. This platform gives space to their creator to scale up their content syncing with the demand of the industry.

You are free to post any kind of stuff like sexual content which is somewhat restricted in other platforms. Creator gets to decide how to reach his audience as a creator is free to make up his pricing model on this platform to reach out to the diverse audience.

OnlyFans don't keep any capping on the earnings, i.e., creator can earn as much as he can as there is no limit on the amount of earnings. You can start here as a newcomer, and you can join even if you are a famous personality. One can use this platform to connect directly with their fans and deliver their message to their fans. 

After growing up on this platform one has his certain community of the fans which are truly theirs as they are paying for the same. 

Creators can do what they like to do, they can post things which they like, they can share their private moments or whatever they want to unlike working for someone where you have to follow the orders from the higher authorities. 

Lastly, Onlyfans give you an option to make money while you are doing nothing, or we can say while you are on rest. Once you put your content, your exclusive stuff for your fans over this platform, that stuff starts minting money for you while you take a sip of coffee on a vacation or have a good sound sleep. 

What are the drawbacks of OnlyFans for creators?

Like, we have told earlier that everything has some merits and some demerits. We have discussed some of the merits of having an  Onlyfans account for creators. Let us discuss some of the demerits or challenges of having an account on Onlyfans.

Onlyfans gives every creator an opportunity to showcase their talent and in other way round it makes Onlyfans a crowded space. It is filled with so many creators that it is very challenging and hard to keep your presence stand out from other creators. 

It also resulted in lesser income due to intense competition among the creators. OnlyFans has definitely attracted lots of users with popular celebrities, models turning towards this platform and giving away exclusive content.

However, it has come like a curse to the newbies or lesser-known creators as users are turning towards already famous personalities and who have a name for themselves in the industry. Due to this, new creators are finding it hard to keep themselves in the hunt for their name and money.

Some of the models have complained about being threatened by the fans for their content. They have got death threats and have been threatened to be called out in public which compelled some of the creators to delete their accounts. 

They also fear their content being used somewhere which is not the case with the established celebrities. As a content creator Onlyfans keeps you on the toes as one has to come out with a variety of content on a regular basis to make their name and also to hold on to the subscription of their fans. 

Quality of content has to be top notch and fans do expect freshness in every other content. Working on OnlyFans puts you in isolation as you are not able to work with other creators and most of the time a creator is working alone or with his own group of people which kills the opportunity to learn from other creators.

Other than that, you are mostly working for long hours sitting at your desk in front of your computer. Most of the time doing the same stuff which kills the fun out of that thing and leads to boredom. 

Furthermore, we all know how easy it is for a creator to talk to their fans but at the same time, a creator is an easy prey to the criticism as users nowadays don’t hold back if they don’t like anything, they use the same technology i.e., Internet in this case to criticize people and let their emotions and views known to rest of the community. You have to be varied of all the pros and cons before you enter to this platform. 

Should you start an OnlyFans account if you don't have a big following?

Like we have discussed what the onlyfans is all about. It is a platform for all. Whether you are a rookie, established personality, model or a superstar.

Onlyfans welcome them all. If you don't have a big fan following or you are a newbie, then one thing becomes very important while coming into this platform is your intention. As a rookie you should have an intention of showcasing your skills, talent and building on your audience. 

If as a newbie you are only focussed on the earning part, then it will be a challenge. Even if you have zero followers you should start with the Onlyfans with a positive mindset. Definitely the path will be challenging, it will take time to build on your audience but surely it will come into their way.

What onlyfans user demand is quality and fresh content at a cheaper price. If you are focused on your content quality and its novicity and you are providing it at an affordable price, then this is the right platform, and one should definitely start using Onlyfans. 


We have learned the pros and cons of Onlyfans in detail and we have also given an insight on whether a creator with less following can start using Onlyfans.

Before starting on Onlyfans, creators should consider all the points discussed in this article which will help them in making lesser mistakes and help them go in the right direction.

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