Why is your Money still Pending on OnlyFans? [upd 2024]

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Hey, are you looking for Why is your Money still Pending on OnlyFans? then you are at right place.

Who thought making money was so easy with OnlyFans? All you have to do is create an account over the platform, add pictures and videos, and then decide the pay scale for your services. Once you choose this, you can link the account with your bank account to get the money into your account. 

Despite the simple process, you may not get the money, and there are charges your payment can be pending. This might cause a bit of trouble. But you do not have to worry; we will guide you entirely through the process. Read this article to know more about it!

What is a pending balance on Onlyfans?

OnlyFans allows users to earn money through various segments such as subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view, so whenever someone makes such a purchase, the money you get adds up to the pending balance. These earnings usually stay there for eight days; after eight days, the money is transferred into your account. 

You can check your earnings by going to the earning section present in your account. You will get a history of all the transactions made and how much amount stays in your OnlyFans account. You will also notice a tick in front of your payment which specifies that this payment has been made and is no longer pending. 

What is the minimum payment requirement?

Several channels have a minimum threshold amount that you must have in your account to transfer the money into your account. OnlyFans has a minimum threshold of $20 for making a withdrawal. If you do not have this much money in your account, then you cannot make the withdrawal.

If you have a total combination of $20 from your video, pictures, subscriptions, pay-per-view, etc., you can withdraw them quite easily.

What is the current balance in Onlyfans?

Once you receive the money into your OnlyFans account, it goes into your OnlyFans pending balance and stays there for the next eight days. Once the timeline is over, the money is transferred to the creator's account. 

In case you have an automatic payment transfer that takes place weekly on a monthly basis, the money is transferred in accordance with that timeline once the payment has completed the eight-day cycle. Also, the payments are made within the next three to eight days in case of manual transfers. You can withdraw money as per your choice by selecting the Pay-out Request options in your account. Once the payment is made, you will notice a tick specifying that the payment has been successfully processed.

What is an Eight-day time period?

After the creator begins earning, their money will display on their pending balance for eight days before transferring to their current balance. Over time, this cycle repeats itself. After eight days, the funds contributed to OnlyFans by the fund's founder will be added to the creator's current balance.

OnlyFans allows authors to publish whatever they want, whenever they want. However, to make money with OnlyFans, the creator must put in the effort. A creative can begin earning money immediately by posting photographs or movies. Creators will only have to give the platform 20% of their revenue and keep the rest.

How does the Onlyfans creator withdraw money?

If you are a creator on OnlyFans, you would like to be paid for your services. Being a subscription-based website, the creator profit by charging the subscriber for subscription packages, responding to private messages, pay-per-view, tips, and so on. Some of the ways of transferring the money to your account are as follows:

1. Automatic Transfer

Automatic transfer is the most common way of payment on OnlyFans. OnlyFans transfers money directly to your account with the help of automated transactions, and the money is sent to the account associated with the OnlyFans account.

2. Direct Transfer (OTC)

You may also utilize the direct transfer option to deposit funds into your account. The money is received via the OTC via the direct transfer mode. When selecting this option, consider that OTC demands a minimum transfer amount of USD 20. The money also does not appear in your account immediately; instead, it takes a business day for the funds to be transferred into your account. Every day, you can make as many withdrawals as you desire.

3. Manual Transfer

Manual payment is another option for getting money. This technique allows you to obtain payment from your OnlyFans account anytime. You must indicate the amount of money you want and make a "Pay Out Request" using your OnlyFans account. The funds will be deposited into the account associated with your OnlyFans profile. You should also be aware that there are no expenses involved with the free transfer.

4. International Bank Transfer

International bank transfers are another common method of depositing funds into your account. The funds are transferred through SWIFT payments, and the funds are deposited immediately into your account. This payment method typically takes 1 to 3 working days for funds to be transferred into your account. The benefit of employing this approach is that there are no daily limitations on the number of withdrawals you may make. The payment is made to a UK-based bank since SWIFT supports these transactions.

5. E-payments

E-payments have grown in popularity as a method of receiving money. The money is instantly put into your account using any e-wallet in this approach. The minimum amount required to carry out e-payments is $100. In addition, the request will be processed in one day. You can transfer funds immediately into your account when you get the funds in your e-wallet.

How to make money as a creator on Onlyfans?

The platform offers several ways by which you can earn money. You can charge your subscriber from a basic picture to conversing with them. You get the opportunity to create and sell every type of content. Some of the ways are:

1. Paid Posts

Another option to get money is to place posts on your account. You may freely post on your budget and set up a paywall to make revenue.

2. Subscriptions

You may make money by subscribing to any model's profile on the network. The platform operates on a pay-per-view basis, and you can also choose that your subscription pays you monthly, quarterly, or annual.

3. Tipping 

You may also earn money if a subscriber tips you. Your subscriber can tip you using the tipping option. Even if you have a free account, you can tip. They can also tip you during live sessions, direct messaging, or if they see you.

Other than this, once you have established a presence over the platform, you can release a mini teaser of your upcoming videos and keep your subscriber engaged in your profile. You can even market your content over other social media platforms and use it to develop a fan following. The larger the fan following, the larger the number of subscribers, and the more prominent you will be in your profit. So do not leave any stone unturned to use this platform.       

Why is earning money so much easy on OnlyFans?

No doubt OnlyFans has become popular in the last few years as subscribers can get access to thousands of videos and images in exchange for money. No other social media platform pays you money to post pictures or to communicate with someone.

Therefore, the platform offers the most straightforward way of earning money. You can charge people for talking to or having a video session with them. Also, as soon as your launch your account on Onlyfans, you start earning money. You do not have to wait to hit a certain number of followers before you can begin to start earning on this platform. Creators start to make money as soon as subscriber subscribes to the channel.

The creator on this platform earns more than the average wage individual gets by doing a low-paid job. You must be patient and calm throughout the process.

How to get started on Onlyfans?

You cannot become a creator on any platform without a complete plan. Launching yourself on social media requires an understanding of the platform, and you must know the type of content that you can share on the platform will impact the growth you will witness over the platform. 

Once you decide on your content strategy, you can think about the money you will charge your subscriber. You even decide the payment cycle, such as monthly, weekly, yearly, etc. You must also link your OnlyFans to your other social media platforms. Moreover, if you have a fan following other platforms, it can help you establish yourself better at MIT.


All the options we've outlined can assist you in withdrawing pending funds from your OnlyFans account. In addition, we have discussed different methods for withdrawing money and the types of content that will help you with money. So, what are you waiting for? Begin transferring money right immediately!

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